August 29, 2021

5 Best Dropshipping Tools in 2021 - Bigspy

Dropshipping tools allow you to deal with your e-commerce business more effectively and gain an edge over your competitors.
June 29, 2021

2021 Native Ad Spy Tools Collection - Bigspy

When the advertisement can be paid to be placed on a separate platform, such as facebook, YouTube, and this form is suitable for the browsing environment of this platform, the advertisement is called a native ad. Native ad is a profit model based on the user experience of the website and app. It is driven by advertising content and integrates the visual design of the website and the app itself (in simple terms, it integrates the advertising of the website and the app itself. This kind of advertising will become Part of the content of websites and apps, such as Google search ads, Facebook’s Sponsored Stories, and Twitter’s tweet-style ads all fall into this category).
June 17, 2021

15 Hotel Ad Creative Analysis - Bigspy

How to create the best hotel ad? Have you ever been attracted to an advertisement at the first sight? The same is true for hotel ad, you need to create an ad that makes people stunning all at once. When choosing a hotel, customers often pay attention to the following aspects: hotel environment, comfort, geographic location, service conditions, and user feedback. If your hotel is good enough, you need to carry these elements in your hotel ad. In order to bring you the hotel advertising construction plan, Bigspy has analyzed 15 hotel ad cases and brought you 15 hotel ad creative strategies.
June 05, 2021

5 Effective Ways to Make Beer Ad Work Better in 2021

Summer is coming, and it's the peak season for beer sales. Beer, as an indispensable drink for parties, has become particularly important in daily life. But with the popularity of beer, people have a greater pursuit of high-quality beer. For the marketing of beer brands, beer ad has become particularly important. The creation of advertisements is the most direct way to create brand effects.
June 02, 2021

6 Effective Ways To Make Weight Loss Ads Work Better In 2021

Want to stand out among many weight loss advertisements? Is it just spending a lot of advertising budget to put weight loss ads at will? Today we are learning weight loss ad techniques through detailed data analysis. First of all, we need to understand the market for weight loss advertising.
June 02, 2021

Eye-opening Clothing Ad Examples Research And Clothing Ad Tips Summary

Clothing Ad is a fiercely competitive market. How can it stand out among various apparel brands, quickly occupy the market, and gain users' love? Let's first look at the excellent clothing brand advertising case.
June 02, 2021

BIGSPY VS ADSPY: Which One is the Best?

With the increasingly fierce competition in digital advertising, advertising marketing data analysis tools are increasingly used by advertisers.
June 02, 2021

5 Super Affiliate Spy Tools in 2020

Affiliate marketing is a new twist in the old idea of a suitable product or service, recommending it to a blog reader and making a portion of the profit from each sale.Many people wonder if affiliate marketing in 2020 will still make money, and the answer to that question is yes. In October 2019, Entrepreneurs on Fire earned $66,537 from the affiliate.In 2020, the affiliate is still an effective method of marketing, but to make more profits, we must choose the networks that best suit us.The best way to choose the affiliate networks that best suit you is to use the affiliate spy tools to see the affiliate networks used by your competitors. By monitoring competitors' affiliate marketing methods, you can quickly learn more about the market and benefit your marketing promotion. Here's an introduction to the 5 most popular types of super affiliate spy tools in 2020.
June 02, 2021

How does the Ad Creative Help Advertising Better?

As we all know, the material is one of the most important factors in order to create successful ads when advertising in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. We are all working hard to increase the ROI and complete better advertising creatives. Many people want to know how to create successful ad ideas? What are the necessary conditions for an excellent ad creative? As an ad spy tool, BigSpy provides a large number of good advertising materials.I hope to  solve this problem: When you get an ad spy tool, how does it directly help you with your ads?
June 02, 2021

How To Use Facebook Ad Create A Survey & Promote Facebook Survey

Now is an era of big data. We need to use more survey methods to obtain data and use data to help better accomplish tasks. Creating surveys is suitable for companies and individuals. This is a quick way to get popular ideas. Enterprises can collect data and detailed information through surveys, make products closer to the audience, and listen to users’ opinions to better optimize products.The survey is an effective means of data collection. There are many ways to investigate. How to create an effective survey and obtain more effective data through promotion?And Facebook is a global social platform with 1.5 billion users, there is a sufficient number of audiences, and Facebook supports various forms of survey advertising. If you use Facebook ads, you can get high-quality survey data on Facebook in a short time. Below we guide from two aspects of how to use Facebook ad create a survey and Promote Facebook survey ads.