PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy

Advertising marketing is a constantly changing world. If marketers want to achieve greater success in this constantly changing field, they need to constantly understand the latest marketing knowledge and constantly study competitors' advertising strategies. And marketers can't do without ad spy tools if they want to understand the dynamics of competitors. There are many spy tools on the market now. After comparing ad inventory and advanced filtering methods, we found that there are 2 good tools. They are PowerAdspy and BigSpy. Which of these two tools is the best? Let's compare.


PowerAdspy is a mature ad spy tool for monitoring competitors' ads. Here, only a simple search can analyze and learn from competitors' ads. PowerAdspy can monitor a total of 50M ads in 20 countries. It is used to help advertisers find successful ads and learn and use them. In addition to spy competitors, PowerAdspy also has powerful search and filtering functions to help affiliates understand the market and quickly start making money without testing.

PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy
Home page in PowerAdspy - BigSpy


BigSpy is a social ad spy tool. He can grab advertising data from 40 countries, 76 languages, and 14 networks. BigSpy is committed to helping more advertisers get more revenue in the marketing field, and impress users with the most creative materials. Whether it is an advertising designer, media buying, ads agency, BigSpy can help you break through your existing situation and open up new marketing markets. In addition, it is also a source of product inspiration. BigSpy monitors and analyzes billions of ads from multiple angles such as creatives, ad copy, and ad audience, and tracks the user performance of each ad. BigSpy uses big data analysis capabilities to help advertisers improve ad data performance from multiple dimensions, optimize creatives, and increase ROI.

PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy
Home page - BigSpy

The above is a brief introduction to the two tools. For the ad spy tool, the three aspects that users need to pay attention to when using it are: the total amount of advertising data, the filtering function, and the data analysis ability. Below I compare PowerAdspy and BigSpy in detail from these three aspects.

1.Comparison of advertising data volume:


A total of 50 million ads
Advertising data crawling in 20 countries
Add the latest 10K ads every day


1 billion advertising inventory
Analysis of advertising data in 40 countries
Crawl creatives in 76 languages
Facebook channel adds 10K of newest ads every day

Comparative analysis: BigSpy is tens of times larger than Poweradspy's advertising data, and BigSpy's daily increase is more and more.

2.Comparison of the number of monitored social channels:

Poweradspy has 4 main channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Quora

BigSpy has 7 main channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • AdMob
  • Yahoo

Comparative analysis: The mainstream channels of these two tools are similar, with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Google. BigSpy has more channels and is more focused on social channels. PowerAdspy focuses on Q & A type of channel.

3. Comparison of search and filtering functions:

Poweradspy's search and filtering are divided into three modules:

Search Mode

  • keyword: keyword,domain,Advertiser,Text in image
  • Ad text: Search content in comments
  • Likes:
  • Sort:
    • Sort By Newest
    • Sort By Running Longest
    • Sort By Like
    • Sort By Comments
    • Sort By Share
    • Sort By View
  • Date:
    • Ad Seen Between
    • Post Date Between
    • Domain Registration Date

Filter Mode

  • CTA:
  • country:20 countries
  • Ad type:Image,video
  • Ad Position:News Feed,Side Column
  • Gender:Male,Female
  • Language:50+ languages
  • Ages:6 age groups

Lander Properties Mode

  • Tracking tools:Voluum,AdsBridge,TrackingDesk,BeMob
  • Ecommerce:Shopify,WooCommerce,Magento
  • Funnel:
  • Source:Desktop, Android, IOS
  • Search by niche:15 categories(eg.health)
PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy

BigSpy's search and filtering are divided into three modules:

Search for:

  • Keyword search: Enter keywords related to any advertisement
  • Keyword location search: advertising title, text, advertiser, landing page URL
  • Keyword exclusion search: enter excluded keywords
  • Keyword search by category: Prompt the subdivision of these three categories (Game, Ecom, APP)

There are a total of 13 filtering methods, which are divided into 4 types according to the needs of different users. They are:

  • Basic:
    • Page Categories:According to the industry selected 50 commonly used page classification
    • All Languages:76 languages
    • All Countries:40 countries
    • All Creatives:image,video,carousel
    • Device Types:IOS,Android,PC
  • Marketing:
    • Marketing Objectives:PPE,WC,COD,App Install and other
    • All CTA Types:All used CTA
    • ECommerce Softwares:Shopify,WooCommerce,Magento,PrestaShop,BigCommerce,OpenCart
  • Advanced:
    • Total Likes:
    • Affiliate Networks:9 Affiliate Networks
    • Affiliate:Enter Affiliate ID or Offer ID
  • Date:
    • Today,7 Days,30 Days,90 Days,Optional time
    • Only by created time
  • Sorting: 6 sorting methods
    • Sort By Last Seen
    • Sort By Created Time
    • Sort By Like
    • Sort By Comments
    • Sort By Share
    • Sort By Heat
PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy
Adspy page - BigSpy

Comparative analysis: The search and filtering functions of PowerAdspy and BigSpy are very detailed, but in terms of practicality, BigSpy's filtering is the winner. Because BigSpy has a richer selection of advertising countries, languages, creativity, Affiliate, and ECommerce Softwares. It provides a more subdivided choice for advertisers in the game, app, and Ecom industries. Compared with BigSpy, PowerAdspy provides screening for the source of crawling ads, and the gender and age of the audience. But the source of advertising is not important data for users.

4.Comparison of advertising analysis and tracking functions:


PowerAdspy analyzes each ad and displays the specific information of the ad as follows:
Ad collection: Save any ad you like
Ad time: shows the start and end time of the ad
social engagement: advertising likes, comments, share over time curve
country: the country where the audience is located
age: the age distribution of the audience
gender: audience gender

PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy


Click on any searched creative idea, we can see some basic information about this ad, including:
Advertising analysis:
Advertising classification: APP, Ecom, Game, other
Ad duration: the start and end time of the ad
Advertising performance and advertising popularity: Likes, comments, shares and advertising popularity
Language description: 76 languages
Countries where ads are served: 40 countries
Advertising devices: IOS, Android, PC
Advertising creative types: image, video, carousel
Ad creative download: Click "Downland" to download any creative
Advertising Tracking: Click "Get Access" to track and view the performance of this ad in the last 7 days and the last 30 days

PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy
Ad Details page - BigSpy

Landing pages: BIgSpy tracks the landing pages of every ad.

Audience analysis: BigSpy analyzes the gender ratio, age division, and country proportion of each audience in detail.

PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy
Ad Details page - BigSpy

Comparative analysis: Both PowerAdspy and BigSpy have a basic analysis of advertisements, such as: time of advertisement, demographics of the audience, country of residence, social engagement obtained by advertisement, etc. But BigSpy has a more comprehensive analysis of advertising. BigSpy can also download creatives, and any competitors ’advertising pictures and videos can be downloaded. And tracked the demographic information of competitors.
BigSpy's advertising analysis is not limited to the advertising idea itself, it also monitors the advertising copy to help advertisers find the best ad text.

PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy
Ad Ideas page - BigSpy

5. Spy on competitors' function comparison:


PowerAdspy can find competitors' ads through a variety of filtering methods.


In addition to the normal search method, if you search for any competitor ’s advertisement on BigSpy, you only need to click "search" in the upper right corner of the advertisement to see the advertiser's advertisement collection. And BigSpy analyzed the advertising creativity and copywriting, advertising audience, advertising time, and user response of each advertisement. By comparing all the advertisements of the advertiser, we can judge the advertiser's advertising strategy and find successful advertising ideas.

PowerAdSpy vs BigSpy -BigSpy
Adspy page - BigSpy

6. Comparison of usage methods:


PowerAdspy must install the chrome extension before it can be used, and its registration process is complicated. It requires you to provide detailed personal information such as phone numbers.


BigSpy is an online tool that can be used after opening the website, and its registration process is also very simple, just a mailbox.

7. Pricing comparison:


$ 49/month: Facebook search function
$ 99/month: Some features of Facebook and Instagram
$ 149/month: full functionality of the three channels
$ 249/month: full functionality of the four channels
$ 299/month: full functionality of the five channels
$ 349/month: full functionality of the six channels

Free: Most functions can be used for free after registration
$ 9 / month: Facebook and Instagram channels are available
$ 99 / month: all channels are available
Invite 2 friends to use BigSpy to use the $ 99 function for free for a week

So what's the difference between BigSpy and PowerAdspy?

BigSpy PowerAdSpy
Website type online website chrome-extension
Number of countries 40 20
Facebook ads
Instagram ads
Twitter ads
Google ads
Pinterest ads
Yahoo ads
Youtube ads
Ad Search
Filter ads
Exclude ads
Tracking ads
Ad sorting
Ad download
E-commerce software filtering
CTA type filtering
Categories filtering
Ad copy spy
Top Charts analytics
Featured Ads
Pricing free,$9,99 $49~349

Conclusion: BigSpy and PowerAdspy are good spy tools. But by comparing the two tools, we can clearly see that BigSpy's price is more advantageous, and its functions are more comprehensive than PowerAdspy.