Frequently Asked Questions

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1. About BigSpy

BigSpy is an ad spy tool for people to draw creative inspirations for their new marketing campaigns.
Our mission is to make the advertising market more transparent and productive, and our vision is passionate to create data tools for business and the public.
We currently cover  46+ countries and 76+ languages all over the world.
We currently cover seven platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Admob, Pinterest, and Yahoo.
We only have the English version currently. Support for other languages ​​will be considered based on the magnitude of the target language users, so stay tuned.
BigSpy has a huge database that covers more than 160,000,000 ads from over 46 countries and is still growing. It allows you to obtain advanced searching with its various filters. As well it would help you to discover advertising strategies and track trends at an affordable price.

2.About Features

You can go to "TRACKED"—“Featured Ads” which are picked by big data and intelligence, and you can discover new ideas tracked by thousands of users from "TRACKED"—“People Tracked” as well.
You can exclude these results by filling the keyword in the “Exclude in result” field, then “Submit”.
Free-plan users can view only Facebook ads. If you want to view more platforms, please upgrade.
It can be sorted by filters like ”Last Seen”, "Created Time", “Likes”, “Comments”, “Shares”, "Heat" and "Duration".
We just offer Featured Ads on Facebook. But People-tracked ads are based on all seven platforms.
You can click the title of ads that interest you and it will turn to the original ads on the platform.

The used quota won't recover even if you delete some ads from your tracked list.
After tracking, you can access the trend of ads easily, like the period and performance variation.
Sorry only VIP Enterprise users can access "TOP CHARTS" where they can acknowledge the rank and performance of advertisers.
Yes. VIP Enterprise version has more advanced and tailored custom features, in the meantime, it accepts simultaneous login with multiple accounts and multiple devices. 
Interested in the VIP Enterprise version? Feel free to request a demo at https://bigspy.com/pricing, or contact our online support. Our marketing team will reach out to you soon.
Each time you search, filter, sort, or page, the number of queries is counted once. So when you try to search for something, you'd better set keywords first, then set filters, it would be more effective. 
Each time you download creatives, the number of downloads is counted once. When you run out of daily quota, you will not be able to download until the quota is reset in next day. Or you can get more downloads by upgrading.
Each time you track an ad, the number of tracks is counted once. When you run out of daily tracking quota, you will not be able to track until the tracking quota is reset in next day. Or you can get more tracking times by upgrading.
At present only some Facebook ads with engagement data (such as likes, comments,  shares, etc.) can access their original posts.
If you are using a VPN or Chrome extension (like AdBlock), please disconnect the VPN or disable the extension, then refresh the page.

3.About Account & Billing

You are automatically granted Free Plan when you complete your account registration. Free Plan provide 5 queries and 20 Ads saving on Facebook platform daily.
For monthly and yearly subscriptions, BigSpy accepts payment via credit cards and Alipay.
Here're 2 ways to change your password.
1.Enter your email address at https://bigspy.com/user/forgot and click on "Send verification mail", then follow the steps in the Password Reset Request On BigSpy email you receive.
2.Click on the username at the top right and go to Profile, then click on "Change Password". Remember to submit all your changes.
Please kindly check our refund policy. https://bigspy.com/refund-policy
Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you'd like and continue to use BigSpy for the remainder of your billing cycle. We will not charge after the expiry date.
Simply log in to your account and go to My Plan after clicking the username in the top right corner, click on “cancel the subscription” to confirm each step. No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!
After cancellation, please do recheck your account status and ensure there is no upcoming payment.
We only offer digital invoices. You can click on the username in the top right corner – Profile – Invoice, to check/download your invoices.
The list is not in alphabetical order, so please check it carefully. Or you can feel free to contact us.
You can go to My Plan and click the “Upgrade” button, or visit the Pricing page directly, choose a more advanced plan and pay for the price difference, then it'll work.
Sorry, you cannot downgrade your plan directly. If you want to change your plan, please cancel your current subscription first, then resubscribe another one next month.
Sorry, you cannot update your card information directly. If you insist on doing so, you can cancel your current subscription first, then resubscribe it with updated card info.
If you have some other questions, Please contact us
or view our