5 Super Affiliate Spy Tools in 2023

Affiliate marketing is a new twist in the old idea of a suitable product or service, recommending it to a blog reader and making a portion of the profit from each sale.

Many people wonder if affiliate marketing in 2023 will still make money, and the answer to that question is yes. In October 2019, Entrepreneurs on Fire earned $66,537 from the affiliate. In 2023, affiliate is still an effective method of marketing, but to make more profits, we must choose the networks that best suit us.

The best way to choose the affiliate networks that best suit you is to use the affiliate spy tools to see the affiliate networks used by your competitors. By monitoring competitors' affiliate marketing methods, you can quickly learn more about the market and benefit your marketing promotion.

Here's an introduction to the 5 most popular types of super affiliate spy tools in 2023.

1. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is one of the world's most popular advertising spy tools. It divides ads into 6 categories, and users can purchase the spy tool that's right for you. AdPlexity's ads include mobile advertising, desktop advertising, native advertising, e-commerce, push ads and adult ads.
AdPlexity was one of the first advertising spy tools. AdPlexity contains more than 700k of ad creatives in 31 countries. AdPlexity has 100 networks.
AdPlexity finds successful campaigns and filters them by keyword, advertiser, publisher and member network.
Date range
Types of ads
Type of device
Traffic source
Affiliate Network
After screening the affiliate network, AdPlexity can see the ad analysis include: landing pages, external web sites, advertise activities.


AdPlexity pushed $149 per month
AdPlexity Mobile $199 per month
AdPlexity Desktop $199 per month
AdPlexity Native $249 per month
AdPlexity Adult $199 per month

2. AdBeat

AdBeat has access to data for 4 device types from 120 ad networks in 20 countries.
AdBeat discover competitors' most profitable publishers, ad copy, and login pages.
With Adbeat, you can see trends that are not visible in any other way. Easily see when advertisers increase spending on other affiliate networks and publishers. If you're an ad network, you'll appreciate how Adbeat will show you ads when competing networks add new powerful publishers to their products.

Standard: $249 per month
Advanced: $399 per month

3. Anstrex

Anstrex is a native spy advertising tool. Anstrex contains data from more than 50 affiliate networks and 17 million ads from more than 90 GEO sites. Filtering options include: affiliate network, country, platform, language, category (local only), tracker and sort filter.

Anstrex can instantly preview the landing page. You can have the details of your ad network. You can continue to filter ads by different metrics, such as (Alexa ranking, days run, ad intensity, and gravity).
You can even download the login page. It covers both mobile and desktop platforms. You can analyze local ads in different countries, categories, and languages

Standard: $59.99 per month
Custom: $79.99 per month
Ultimate: $129.99 per month

4. Advault

Advault is a native advertising spy tool. Specifically, we monitor the content discovery of native ads to collect useful data about them. If you're planning to run your native ads, it's an essential tool because it lets you see which ads other advertisers are serving and whether they're successful.
Affiliate Ads
Affiliate ads point to landing pages (usually pre-sale member offers for blog posts/ads), and sometimes even directly to the affiliate Offer/Product page. Their goal is to sell and get a commission.
Filtering method:
You can also make a smart choice by when your ads are running, specific ad networks, countries, and your device is filtered, and if you're looking for affiliate ads, select Redirects Only.
Once you've found some interesting ads, save them. Then click View all ads to the domain, which will show you more ads pointing to the same product/target page.
Advault 16,130,971 Native Adverts. 13 Networks. 19 Countries.

Pricing: $97 per month
$1499 per month: Contact The Advertiser (LeadFinder)

5. BigSpy

5 Super Affiliate Spy Tools in 2020— BigSpy
Home page — BigSpy

BigSpy is a popular ad spy tool in recent years.

BigSpy currently has 160 million creatives for search, and BigSpy has more than 500 million data in its library. BigSpy quickly became popular with users for surpassing a large amount of a competitor's ad material data. BigSpy currently monitors six social platforms, including Facebook, and 10 affiliate networks. BigSpy affiliate supports searching for competitors' ads through id and offers id.

Filtering options supported by BigSpy:
Marketing goals
CTA type
E-commerce software
Ad first time
Last time ad
network affiliates

BigSpy features:
Exclusion options, submit excluded keywords, more conducive to search
Download your creatives
Track 30 days of ad performance
See other people's favorite ads
5 sort ways to find the ads you want

Free version
Basic: $9 per month
PRO:99 Monthly

These are the five super affiliate spy tools for 2023. Other tools will be slowly replenished later.
Member marketing can still gain a lot of benefits, to be a leader in marketing, the use of affiliate spy tools to monitor competitors' advertising is necessary.

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