Which Ad Format is Recommended for Building Awareness?

You may have a great product or service available to your target audience.
You are considering creating a Facebook ad and selling it to people you think might be interested in your product.
When creating a Facebook ad, what kind of campaign should you choose? Campaign Objectives?
Should you use Awareness, Consideration, or Conversions for your Objective?
Depending on the nature and price structure of your product, some people may buy the product from you immediately.
However, most target audiences do not know who you are, so why should they buy from you?
The correct way to convert a cold audience or stranger in order to get to know your brand or business is to target them through Awareness, the goal of the Facebook campaign.
As the name suggests, this type of advertising will make people aware of what you are offering.

What is awareness:

In the Awareness Facebook campaign, you can choose Brand Awareness and Reach campaign goals.

Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness’s basis for selecting target audiences: By evaluating the time people spend watching different advertisements, Facebook determines who is more likely to watch and recall your advertisements, and optimize advertising campaigns accordingly.


Let more people see product advertisements, which is the role of Reach advertising marketing Objective.

Brand Awareness VS Reach

Brand Awareness and Reach, although the two are very similar in nature, Brand Awareness ads will be shown to users who may be interested in your business, while Reach ads will show ads to as many target audiences as possible.

The best thing about Reach campaigns is that you can split comparison test ads (Brand Awareness ads don’t have a split comparison test option).
This helps narrow the best advertising ideas, placements, ad placements, and audiences, resulting in higher conversions.
Once you know the Reach ad with the best conversion, you can create a Brand Awareness campaign and use the winning ad in your Reach campaign (that is, the ad with the best conversion).

The ad formats suitable for building awareness are:

Through the previous introduction, we can clearly see that the most important thing about Facebook Awareness Objective is to leave an initial impression on customers and let potential users remember your brand. According to statistics, every time a user browses a Facebook ad, they stay for no more than 5 seconds. Therefore, if a brand wants to achieve the effect of publicity, the most important thing is to leave a visual impact on users in a short time. The unique memory point is the beginning of users’ attention to the brand.
In order to make your brand memorable, you must make your ad stand out. Remember, you are competing with many other competitors for the attention of your target audience, so you must find a way to grab their attention immediately.
Facebook allows you to choose from 4 different formats to try to capture your audience: carousel, single image, single video, and slideshow. Use the best format you think best suits your audience.

Single picture:

In terms of brand awareness, you want to create visually appealing and eye-catching advertising content. Remember, this is to attract potential customers and keep your brand and products fresh.
Image advertising is the best advertising format to build brand awareness. They have visual advantages. Moreover, they come in many shapes and sizes.

Advantages of image ads:

If you have a new product and want to make some publicity and promotion around the product itself, the most direct and effective way is to choose a clear and pure picture to express it so that all attention can be focused on the product itself. This type of advertising can be regarded as a perfect interpretation of Facebook advertising, because it can help you reach more customers and quickly build their interest. You don’t need to spend too much budget, and don’t need to invest a lot of time and energy to think hard about how to make ads. From the perspective of advertising production and effects, image advertising is still the mainstream market and the main way of brand promotion.

BigSpy counted the changes in Facebook’s advertising format in the first and second quarters of 2020. Image ads accounted for more than 50%, which is still the mainstream method in the market.

How to create image ads that attract users:

1. Pictures of smiling women
This is a small trick, because smiling or happy faces have been proven to be an important factor in increasing the click-through rate of images. So how to combine your products? You can bring a smiling model next to the product for display.

smiling women ad - BigSpy
smiling women ad – BigSpy

2. Add a logo
Logo pictures that are too easy to recognize Even if you combine with girls, a lot of colors is used, cute animals or babies are actually attractive. Especially when the main purpose of your advertisement is brand promotion, it is necessary to highlight your logo.

3. Use some funny or peculiar connotation photos as materials
Nowadays, young people are more and more interested in using words or songs with special symbolic meanings to express their feelings. Using some funny or peculiar connotative photos as materials can truly reach users’ hearts.

If you are still worried about making image ads, want to be creative, and want to quickly see the user’s participation in the pictures, then BigSpy can help you. Here, you can search for the users’ favorite pictures of the same type.

Single video:

All businesses can place video ads regardless of their budget or goals. Whether it is your first contact with video advertising or subsequent major marketing actions, you can find useful video solutions from Facebook.

Although video ads are more expensive than images, they are more attractive. In-stream video ads are particularly powerful. In addition, Facebook has recently increased its video promotion efforts. In September 2020, all versions of Facebook are mandatory to update. The main column Watch is added to the new version to increase the intensity of the video. This move is directly against TikTok, trying to be in the new Rapidly seize the market in the field of live broadcast and video development. So video advertising is the future development trend.

For video advertising, brands should appropriately increase their promotional efforts and try new advertising formats, because video advertising has more advantages in brand conversion and loyalty. However, do not lower the quality requirements for the sake of making video ads. If it is a crude video, it is not as good as a beautiful picture.

video ad - BigSpy
video ad – BigSpy


Carousel ads can be used more flexibly, because you can run up to 10 pictures, videos, or slides in the same ad, and all of these components can be connected to different pages, and your audience can Very rich scrolling through all the content on their devices. Sounds great, doesn’t it? For example, if your goal is to get the promotion and sales of catalog products, you can link each picture to a different product on the catalog page.

However, this type of advertisement has requirements for the purpose of advertisement creation. The goal of the advertisement is set as participation. That is to say, the expectation for the effect of the advertisement is Facebook Page like, including immediate response to event participation, or video viewing. These advertisements Under the target, the carousel advertising format is not applicable.

Carousel ads are relatively easier to attract viewers. It combines pictures and videos. Each ad can tell a story. If your product has many features, the story content is very complicated. , Through the combination of images and videos, the story can be divided into small pieces, which is more conducive to the understanding of the audience.
So, if you have a wonderful brand story, or want to strengthen brand product promotion, then carousel ads are more suitable for you.

Carousel Ad – BigSpy

How to find successful awareness of advertisements?

Judging from the introduction of the above three different advertising formats, we can easily find those image ads are still the most suitable choice for building awareness, because it is relatively simple to produce, and can be tested in different ways and quickly replaced. In addition, if you are still worried about successful awareness advertisements, you might as well try BigSpy, an ad spy tool that can help you quickly find successful picture advertisements on the market, and you can also download the picture.