Adbeat vs BigSpy

Adbeat provides unparalleled insights into the complex world of digital advertising. 

With Adbeat, advertisers can see what direct competitors are doing and how they’re doing it. Besides just seeing ads and the messaging being used, we’re also able to show you the sources of traffic including how the media was purchased and what publishers the ads were running on.

BigSpy is a free facebook ad spy tool. It is a powerful product that helps users to understand the marketing and advertising patterns of competitors from multiple angles, dimensions, and levels. It also helps us to produce better advertising ideas.

Bigspy is a free ad spy tool, it makes ads more transparent, and spy on competitors facebook ads. It can monitor facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads, Instagram ads, Yahoo ads and other types of ads to find the latest ads.

So what’s the difference between Adbeat and bigspy?

  BigSpy Adbeat
Data History 2 years 3 months
Country  40  20
Display ads  ✅  ✅
Desktop + Mobile Ads  ✅  ✅
Platform Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest  networks like Taboola
Browser Google, yahoo  ❌
Search title,text,advert meta Keyword
Search result unlimited 1000
Marketing Campaigns Facebook Campaigns
Categories  ✅
Advanced filter Time, ad creative, industry, CTA type, E-commerce software, country, time  ❌
Download ads  ✅
Ads track  ✅
Competitive Intelligence  ✅  ✅
Free  ✅ ❌ 
Pricing  $9 and $99 $249 and $399