Who kicked off the Apple logo? It was Apple itself.

On April 17th, Apple made a link-up with the US Soccer Federation (Major League Soccer, Major League Soccer) for the implementation of Apple tv.Andreas Ekelund, Apple's Executive Creative Director, shared this striking image.

In the image, players from various clubs are ready to kick the Apple logo as a "ball". The classic, bite-sized logo shifts its angle as the players kick the ball to make it look more realistic.

I have to say, the "kicking" of the logo makes the whole picture dynamic, and you can't help but look at the picture for a few more seconds, as if the logo is going to fly out of the picture in the next second. The advertisement was not only displayed on the giant screen at the ball game, but also met with consumers on the big screen in the street and shopping malls.

The idea was praised by netizens. Underneath the image posted by Andreas, one person commented, "I love this idea. After all, what other brand would allow you to kick its logo?"Coca-Cola has always been a bold brand in terms of creativity. Sometimes, it is even willing to "destroy" its own brand image in order to present its ideas.

On April 18th, Coca-Cola officially launched a new global campaign, "Recycle Me", initiated by WPP Open X and led by Ogilvy & Mather New York. The campaign encourages consumers to recycle Coke cans after drinking them by showing the Coca-Cola logo being "squashed" during the recycling process.

The deformed logos were captured by the creative team after the cans were crushed using various techniques including mechanical presses and vacuum cleaners. In the series of morphing logos on display, each logo mimics the pattern one gets after squashing a can in different ways. A documentary showing the process will also be released later this month, they said.

The campaign is in line with Coca-Cola's "World Without Waste" strategy. The beverage giant aims to make all of its packaging recyclable by 2025, with a 1:1 recycling rate by 2030.

"Encouraging the world to recycle by 'shredding' the world's most recognizable logos is an important call to action." Guillermo Vega, head of Ogilvy & Mather's global creative network, noted, "The logo is so recognizable that even if people see a logo that has been 'crushed' in the recycling process, they immediately know what they are seeing."In fact, whether it's Coca-Cola or Apple, whether it's "crushing" or "kicking," they're both using an action that seems to damage the brand image, but in fact achieves the effect of better interacting with consumers or demonstrating the intent of the campaign. If creativity is a journey through boundaries, then for brands, letting go and allowing a little bit of "destruction" of the brand's image may be the first step on the journey.