Minea VS BigSpy: Which Is the Best Adspy Tool for Product Research?


Conducting a thorough analysis of competitors is paramount in the dynamic landscape of marketing. The use of spy tools emerges as a strategic choice to gain profound insights into industry changes and stay abreast of the latest marketing practices. The effectiveness of these tools can significantly impact our understanding of the competitive terrain.

Enter Minea and BigSpy—two formidable players in the realm of AdSpy tools. As the most popular choices, the question arises: which AdSpy tool reigns supreme? In our quest for answers, we delve into a comprehensive comparison between Minea and BigSpy, aiming to decipher their features, functionality, and overall effectiveness in empowering marketers to outshine their competitors. Let the battle of Minea and BigSpy unfold as we unravel the mysteries of ad intelligence.

1. What are MINEA and BIGSPY?

minea adspy

1.1 AdSpy Versatility with Minea

In the realm of ad intelligence, Minea stands as a tool with AdSpy capabilities. It offers dynamic features that serve as a product and ad search tool. Its functionality provides marketers with the tools to navigate the evolving landscape. While not overstating its prowess, Minea allows marketers to stay competitive by adapting to industry changes.

1.2 BigSpy: The Creative AdSpy Powerhouse

BigSpy is a social ad spy tool, which is committed to helping more advertisers get more revenue in the marketing field, and impress users with the most creative materials. In addition, it is also a source of product inspiration. BigSpy monitors and analyzes billions of ads from multiple angles such as creatives, ad copy, and ad audience, and tracks the user performance of each ad.

2. Main function comparison between the two products

2.1 Exploring Database Landscapes

Delving into the heart of their capabilities, both Minea and BigSpy proudly present expansive global databases. However, the devil lies in the details.

# BigSpy Minea
Main channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob,
Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo, TkTok, and unity
Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok
Coverage Global coverage Global coverage
Data pick Intelligent technology Intelligent technology
Open API available
Language supported English English
Ads volume Over 85million Over 15million

Minea, holding its ground, might find itself trailing in certain aspects compared to the vastness and intricacies that BigSpy's database offers. The nuances in their basic characteristics become key differentiators in understanding the scope and depth each tool brings to the table.

In the exploration of database landscapes, BigSpy appears to showcase a more comprehensive and detailed approach. This intricate database structure contributes to a more refined and nuanced understanding of the competitive landscape, giving advertisers a broader canvas to paint their strategies. Minea, while functional, may need to amplify its database prowess to keep pace with the depth BigSpy provides.

2.2 Precision in Search & Filtering: Elevating Ad Intelligence with BigSpy


In the domain of advanced search and filtering, BigSpy takes the lead with its advertising location search. Users can finely filter based on Landing page URLs, ID, Advertising Info, Title, and Text. Noteworthy is BigSpy's support for Call-to-Action (CTA) and marketing objective filtering—a capability that sets it apart from Minea. This precision equips advertisers with tailored insights, offering a competitive advantage.

BigSpy Minea
Industry ✔ (Ecom, Game, App) ✔(Ecom)
Keyword Search ✔ (Ads Info, Ads Text, Advertiser) ✔(keywords)
URL/ID Search ✔ (LandingPage, Fan Page ID, Facebook Post ID) ✔(Domain)
Targeted audience
Like/comment/share ✔(Like/comment/share) ✔(Like)
Media type ✔(Video/image/carousel) ✔(Video/image/carousel)
Seen time ✔(seen time/create time)
Marketing objectives
CTA types

BigSpy lets you perform an advertising location search. You can see search based on Landing page URLs, ID, Advertising Info, Title, and Text. With the keyword exclusion search, you can input unwanted keywords to exclude ads related to that keyword.

Minea- search
Minea- search

Filtering for both products is very similar, but BigSpy supports CTA and marketing objective filtering while Minea does not.

2.3 In-depth analytics

BigSpy Minea
Engagement ✔ (like, comment,share) ✔ (like)
Landing page
Original ads
Ranking selection
Bigspy - Tracking Feature

BigSpy's tracking feature emerges as a triumph in ad analytics. It goes beyond mere discovery, providing insights into ads from the past 7 and 30 days. Continuous tracking of likes, comments, and shares offers a real-time understanding of audience engagement. In contrast, Minea prioritizes the analysis of changes in engagement trends. While both tools deliver data-driven insights, BigSpy's granular tracking sets a higher standard for optimizing marketing activities.

In this comparison, the strengths of BigSpy in precision filtering and detailed tracking are evident, providing advertisers with a robust platform to refine their strategies. Minea, on the other hand, may find areas for improvement in offering similar detailed functionalities and nuanced analytics.

3. Pricing

Both BigSpy and Minea both support free usage for a limited number of requests.

BigSpy sets up two packages for different functions according to the number of queries that $9/month and $99/month. Minea has two standard packages $49/month and $99/month. BigSpy's low price is cheaper, but their high price is the same. BigSpy not only outshines in functionality but also in affordability, making it the go-to choice for advertisers looking for unparalleled value.

BigSpy Minea
Pricing Free/ $9/ $99/VIP Free credits / $49/ $99
Monthly payment
Query-based ✔(credit)

BigSpy supports refunds within 24 hours, but Minea does not. In addition, BigSpy also supports VIP packages and services.

bigspy pricing
Bigspy Pricing
Minea Pricing
Minea Pricing

4. Disadvantage

Advantages of BigSpy:

  • Robust Free Plan: BigSpy offers a free plan with a range of features, making it accessible to users with varying budgets.
  • Extensive Database: Boasting a vast database, BigSpy provides comprehensive insights across platforms, including Twitter, AdMob, Yahoo, and Unity.
  • Versatile Analysis: BigSpy supports integrated multi-channel activities, giving marketers a broader reach and a versatile platform for strategic planning.
  • Industry Focus: With specific support for three industries, including a dedicated emphasis on e-commerce, BigSpy caters to diverse business needs.

Disadvantages of Minea:

  • Limited Free Plan Features: Minea's free plan, while available, comes with restrictions, potentially limiting users' access to essential features.
  • Lack of Platform Diversity: Minea provides data only from Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok, limiting its scope compared to BigSpy's broader platform coverage.
  • Ineffective Filtering: Minea lacks the ability to filter ads based on marketing goals, potentially hindering marketers seeking precise insights.
  • Absence of Copy Analysis: Minea falls short in supporting copy analysis and featured ads, a feature available in BigSpy, limiting its analytical capabilities.

5.Comparative Summary: Minea and BigSpy Unveiled


In wrapping up our comparison, both Minea and BigSpy prove valuable in providing marketers with essential campaign data. However, a nuanced examination reveals distinctions that can influence decision-making.

BigSpy, boasting an expansive database, emerges as the preferred solution for integrated multi-channel activities. Its versatility extends to platforms like Twitter, AdMob, Yahoo, and Unity.

Crucially, BigSpy caters to three industries, emphasizing e-commerce—an aspect absent in Minea's unified data approach. It's noteworthy that, despite its robustness, BigSpy currently lacks support for store and influencer analysis.

BigSpy's colossal repository of over 100 million advertising data sets it apart, providing marketers with extensive information for filtering and querying. In contrast, Minea, though functional, may need enhancements to match BigSpy's capabilities.

In the intricate landscape of ad intelligence, the choice between Minea and BigSpy depends on marketers' specific needs, considering factors like industry focus, database depth, and analytical features.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

BigSpy's vast database provides unparalleled insights across multiple platforms, including Twitter, AdMob, Yahoo, and Unity. In contrast, Minea's unified approach may limit its scope.
BigSpy caters to three distinct industries, with a specific emphasis on e-commerce—a feature absent in Minea's unified data strategy.
BigSpy's ability to support integrated multi-channel activities gives it a broader reach, setting it apart from Minea.
BigSpy's tracking feature provides real-time insights into ad performance, contrasting with Minea's focus on analyzing engagement trends.
BigSpy's affordable pricing and a repository of over 100 million advertising data make it a compelling choice, while Minea may need enhancements to match this value proposition.


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