2021 Mother’s Day Ads Marketing Guide

There is still one month before Mother's Day in 2021, and Google Trends shows that the search volume for the keyword "mothers day 2021" has risen sharply. Every year, Mother's Day is the peak sales season for e-commerce sellers. Whether it is Mother's Day gifts or health-care products, it will be a good bonus one month before Mother's Day. Advertising and marketing must be indispensable on Mother's Day. Mother's Day advertising hides huge profitable business opportunities. Every year, Mother's Day is the best time for the marketing of well-known product brands. Reasonable use of festivals will add a humanistic touch to your brand, and good advertising will often make a lot of money on Mother's Day. This article will provide you with 2021 Mother's Day marketing strategies from four aspects: Mother's Day creatives, ideas, audiences, and costs!

Update Your Mother's Day Ad Creative

Add a gratitude story to your ad

Grateful for mothers is not just on Mother's Day. Incorporating gratitude stories into your brand is a common marketing method for well-known brands. Advertisements that often convey the warmth of humanity will be loved by more people. Mother's Day is the best time to advocate gratitude. The Mother’s Day advertisement of City Centre Suhar made me feel warm. It recorded the process of the little girl choosing gifts for her mother. Every detail of the little girl’s careful selection of gifts conveyed her deep love for her mother. The product implantation was added at the checkout, which is very reasonable and does not affect the beauty of the story of the advertisement. This is like the iPhone advertisement, high-end and connotative.

Animals may also need Mother's Day

Humans thank their mothers on Mother's Day, and the animals are also expressing love. Mother’s Day advertisement of Edgar's Mission starts with animals and tells the gratitude of the little animals. They suggest that the animals on the farm should also receive the love of their mothers. So start a gratitude event, as long as you promise the kindness that every mother can enjoy. All pledgers will receive a free recipe eBook and ⁣a printable Mother’s Day card, and even have a chance to win a hamper for mum. This is an interesting charity event, and your brand will be known to more people.

Bring some happiness for your mom

When people choose gifts, they often choose according to the hobbies of mothers, or prepare some interesting things for them, so that they can experience happiness. Facebook currently has a Birds Stained Glass Window Hangings ad, which has received 97.1 K likes after only 15 days of advertising. This product is novel and often makes people like it at a glance, which can make mothers more happy. If you are choosing a product for sale, perhaps this will be a good dropshipping product. Its advertising content is also very simple. As long as your picture is attractive enough, this is a successful advertisement.

Improve Your Mother's Day Ad Ideas

Is your mother's day copywriting still mediocre? A good copy can make your ad attract more audiences, not just your target users. Using Bigspy's ad ideas function, I got a batch of the latest ad ideas. They can provide you with inspiration.

A surprise for the sweetest woman of your life!

Hey, your mother is not only a mother, she is also a beautiful bride 👰, she will be your sweetest woman. I have to say that although such a copy is short, the love it conveys is very obvious, and the user click-through rate will be very high.

From showers that look like torture chambers to playgrounds that would give modern day mothers a hernia, here are 30+ everyday items from the early 1900s vs how they look today.

Or write your ad copy as a poem, which makes people feel like it is spring breeze. This does require a certain degree of literary accomplishment. Texts with rich connotations often make people want to click.

In addition, don’t forget to add a Mother’s Day tag to your copy, which will reach your target users in a wider range. In addition, the use of some emojis is also very necessary. Beautiful emojis can be used in Mother's Day copywriting, which is very effective. More competitor advertising content can be viewed in bigspy.

Find Your Mother's Day Ad Audience

Portrait of your audience

Have you considered the audience of Mother's Day advertisements and what is their age range? Are there more women or men? Which countries pay more attention to the ritual sense of Mother's Day? You really need to consider your target audience profile before advertising. AdTargeting is a facebook interest targeting tool. By entering keywords, you can quickly understand your audience.

From the search results of AdTargeting, we can understand that there are about 116.7M people on Facebook who follow Mother’s Day, of which 74.2% are women, and more than 30% are 25 to 34 years old. In addition, the crowd pays more attention to Mother's Day is married. Therefore, design the advertisement more in line with the aesthetics of young women. Your advertisement will have a very big effect.

Some other data shows that the United Kingdom and the United States are major countries of concern for Mother’s Day. If your advertising budget is sufficient, I think these two countries will be the most-chosen countries for your advertising. More detailed portraits of advertising audiences can be viewed in AdTargeting.

Find the interest that suits you best

When advertising, you need to choose the right interest to place your advertisement in front of your target audience. Then, except for "Mother's Day", what other suitable interests can we refer to? AdTargeting has given the following interest list, please check here for details.

Reduce Your Mother's Day Ad Costs

When your ads are all ready, you should start to budget for your ads. But often we need a long-term AB test to get the most suitable solution. But in this process, we often cause too much money loss and the advertising effect is very poor. Therefore, you need to first understand the interest-based advertising cost benchmark you choose, and make a better budget based on the benchmark.

According to ADCostly data, the average CPM for the interest of "Mother's Day" is about $16.12, and the average CPC is about $1.78. This is not a very cheap price. When you start advertising, you will find that advertising costs are very high, so you need to choose the right country. The data on the right shows that the average CPC price in the UK is lower, and using CPC bidding to place ads would be a good choice. India and Egypt are also better choices, neither of which will cost a lot of money. More advertising cost benchmarks can be viewed at ADCostly.


Hurry up and take action. You can easily enjoy the Mother's Day bonus by following the methods mentioned above. Still don't know how to do it yet? Quickly use Bigspy to view the advertising information of your competitors. Believe me, if you carefully prepare your Mother's Day advertisement, you will get a lot of clicks and purchases before Mother's Day. About advertising marketing and advertising strategy content, you can quickly inquire here.