Five simple tips to create an effective Facebook ad

With the wide popularization of the internet and smartphone, people devote more time to living online, an increasing number of people get accustomed to social online. According to the latest data from Statista, it says that there are 2.5 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide. 

From the data of Facebook, it presents that 1.6 billion users interact with small businesses on the Facebook social network all over the world. 

With such a huge database, no one would doubt the leading role of Facebook among the social media network. As for business owners, they can’t ignore the power of Facebook in social media marketing. Almost every business owner needs to pay attention to Facebook advertising and look for potential customers with that largest worldwide social media platform. 

Brief instruction about advertising on Facebook 

As its leading role within social networks, Facebook is quite user-friendly to advertisers and provides a fairly easy way to create advertisements. So make sure you have your own Facebook public homepage, then just follow the steps from the professional guideline on FACEBOOK for Business. 

  • Choose target
  • Select audience
  • Decide where to place ads
  • Set budget
  • Choose format
  • Place an order
  • Measures and manage advertising

As there are detailed directions with each step, so just follow it and you will not meet difficulties to make an ad. While in order to create an effective ad, you may think about how to gain good returns with a limited budget. Here are some tips prepared for you to enjoy your advertising practice. 

Five tips for creating Facebook ads effectively

The instructions from Facebook are quite professional and detailed, it’s easy to reach when starting a new Facebook advertisement. While intending to make a better ad, there are some tips you need to consider when dealing with each step. 

1. Identify the targeting audiences

According to the guideline, the second step is to choose the target. With that step, you must identify their audiences in advance. You can get information by analyzing the products or spying on the performance of their competitors. Generally, with complete product analysis, people would gain a picture of their audiences, like age, gender, and location. 

2. Know something about the budget

After the first two steps about how to choose the audience, you have to know the budget about placing the ad. Definitely, the returns of the advertising are important, while saving the cost is also significant. You can choose tools to check the Facebook ads cost. Such as SocialPeta, it provides the function to check the cost of ads placement on Facebook, so you can obtain the cost of each CPC/CTR and CPM, it would be impressive for you to save money. 

3. Choose the right format 

There are eight advertising formats on the Facebook platform, such as photo ads, video ads, snapshots, messenger ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads and playable ads, so advertisers can choose any type to match their marketing campaign. 

With the research from FACEBOOK for business, it presents that video advertising has the potential to draw 82% of mobile traffic by 2020, so advertisers may expect more to promote their business with different types of video ads. It would be proved by the new function of Pinterest. As a collection for people to upload and share images, Pinterest also upgrades to upload videos, it is also a hint for us to pay more attention to video advertising. 

While it should be noticed that different format should match different products. In the successful case of Danbury Mint, it also proves that image ads and carousel ads also work well with some products. As a jewelry provider, Danbury Mint chose to use attractive pictures and festive colors to create ads for Valentine’s Day marketing, it achieved great success with a big 5x return and 5 million reaching. 

So please think twice previous to the setting the format, enough researches would be necessary and highly recommended. 

4. Attach importance to the content 

As mentioned above, choosing the right format is a key step during the whole process, but the content is also a significant part of creating an ad. As an increasing number of business owners promote their business there, it is competitive to stand out of millions of ads, so a piece of attractive ad content would be crucial. 

At first, advertisers can find professional agencies on FACEBOOK for Business, when you check some successful cases, you can find some tools or partners of Facebook. In the case of Lumē, it cooperated with digital agency Harmon Brothers to create ads. They chose to continually present customized messages to different types of audiences, for instance, they introduced products to new audiences and highlighted the features to their loyal customers. It fulfilled 7-times sales growth with the help of Harmon Brothers. 

Otherwise, you can rely on some database of ads creatives. In the database of spy tool- BigSpy, it contains 670 million Facebook ads. It would be helpful when you are lack of advertising inspiration. It provides a free trial of Facebook ads, so you can just log in it and make advanced searching to get some inspirations. 

    5. Keep sensitive to your competitors 

Everyone knows that business competition is growing fierce, you still have to keep sensitive to the competitors. Regarding the ads creating process, you may refer to some details about your competitors for smart decisions. Such as the demographics of audiences, and the advertising performance of competitors. 

You can check the information of our rivals for reference with spy tools, recently it is quite accessible to different spy tools. As for BigSpy, you can find the advertising performance of your competitors with a few clicks. After setting keywords and filters, you may search out your interested ads, just tracking it and checking the detailed insight, it would present the demographics information, and the data of audience engagement. It would be helpful to your effective advertising. 

Final words

Advertising on Facebook is still promising and indispensable, so how to create an effective ad deserves a long-term study and research. Besides the professional guidance from Facebook, specialized tools would be good partners as well. So keep studying the new features of Facebook ads, and choose the right tools for persistent efficiency.