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Native advertising is a global firestorm, promoted by many marketing people, it from the perspective of users, to create an advertising form accepted by users and independent communication, it breaks the traditional media, forms a new trend, then which tools can be used spy natives ads? Which are the best free native ads spy tool?

Why are native ads accepted and liked?

Because every native ad needs to customize, it from the perspective of consumers, marketing points for content, style diversity, native advertising is no longer a simple hard and fast rules, it provides users with valuable content, accepted by the user and the spontaneous spreading, the maximum benefits of advertising, this is the advantage of native advertising, it is also one of the marketers like using the way of media.

The three most popular spy tools are Poweradspy, BigSpy, and AdEspresso.

Which native ads spy tool is the best? Why is that?

1. Poweradspy

There are 5 million ad materials in 15 countries.

Features: the main spy social platform is Facebook, Has a filtering function, can filter a variety of advertising, including keywords, countries, etc Check out your competitors’ ads

Advantages: the basic monitoring function has been implemented to meet the needs of users

Cons: Poweradspy is a premium $49 basic app with a lot of missing features Poweradspy needs to be downloaded before the plug-in can be used.

You must pay $299 per month to use the native ads spy feature

2. BigSpy

There are more than 100 million ad materials in more than 40 countries.

Features: 1. Suitable for early market research: before making Facebook ads, use BigSpy to find out which brands have launched Facebook ads and how effective they are.

2. Select the ads you want: select the ads you like by country, presentation style, CTA type, ad category, and other aspects.

3. Look at competitors’ advertisements: to know the specific advertising situation of competitors, search brand words or any element of the advertisement to see all the advertisements put by competitors.

4. Use it for AD ideas: BigSpy has the largest library of AD material and can also download images used in ads.

5. Track and collect: you can collect and track the advertising effect.

6. Check out ads on other social platforms: besides spy on Facebook ads, BigSpy can also spy ads on other social platforms, such as Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Admob, Pinterest, Yahoo, etc.

Pros: 1. BigSpy can use some functions for free

2.BigSpy is completely online and does not require any plug-ins to be downloaded

3. BigSpy has the largest material library Bigspy’s screening filters are powerful

Cons: BigSpy’s marketing isn’t much, and many advertisers don’t know much about it

Free native ads spy tool

3. AdEspresso

It has 160,000 advertising materials covering 25 industries.

Features: 1.AdEspresso is a Facebook marketing tool that supports the creation and creation of AD campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

2.AdEspresso offers solutions for converting between multiple AD managers.

3.AdEspresso can perform AB test ads and analyze AD results.

Pros: AdEspresso is powerful in advertising management

Cons: you need to deactivate AdBlock before you can display ads. The main feature of AdEspresso is facebook’s marketing software, which helps Facebook post ads, but the spy part is unprofessional.

Conclusion: through the comparison of the above three software, the most suitable for spy native tool is BigSpy, it is free, and the function is great, it makes the advertisement more clear. As a free native ads spy tool, it has a huge database, with the largest ad material. It can quickly update the latest advertising, to help monitor the best effect of ads. Also, it is used to monitor the competition, it is a very perfect tool, you can try!