With the development of the Internet and social media network, advertisement is everywhere. How to draw a creative advertisement and stand out from your competitors is significant to the marketing departments. Briefly, studying from unlimited ads creatives and spying on your competitors is necessary and efficient for marketing promotions.

1. Overview of these two ads spy tools

BigSpy is an ad spy tool for people working for marketing campaigns, advertising and search engine optimization. With this tool, people can search and download their interested ad materials which they can draw creative inspirations for their new campaigns. Moreover, they can track the ads and have access to the details of the ad about related business or their competitors.

AdSpy is a great searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. It allows marketers to keep innovating and spy on the competition. With its various search options, it also more possible to find the information for your marketing campaigns.

2. The main features of these two tools

1)Description of database

Both of these two tools guarantee users a big database globally, while there are some differences between them about basic characteristics.

  BigSpy AdSpy
Main channels Facebook, Instagram, AdMob,
Twitter, Pinterest and Yahoo
Facebook, Instagram,
Coverage Global coverage Global coverage
Data pick Intelligent technology Intelligent technology
Open API available
Language supported English English
Ads volume Over 165million Over 84 million

2) Advanced search & filtering

Both BigSpy and AdSpy support with outstanding function-advanced search with various filters, while they also decorate with individual features.

  BigSpy AdSpy
Ad text Title, text, advertiser Info Comments, advertiser name,
URL, landing page URL, landing page text
Targeted audience Gender/age
Media type Video/image/carousel Video/photo
Created time
Seen time
Affiliate Networks 9 networks Around 100 networks
Marketing objectives
CTA types

3)In-depth analytics

After searching out the result, both tools present detailed information about the ads with distinct key features.

BigSpy AdSpy
Landing page
Trend Likes, comments, shares Likes
Original ads
Ranking selection Seen time/Likes/ shares/ comments Seen time/ all impressions

4)Other individual function

Comparing with AdSpy, BigSpy has additional features. It serves with Facebook featured ads which daily picked, as well users can find out what other people paid attention to. If users find out their interesting ads, they also can mark it and keep tracking. Users can find it in “my track” and catch the completed information and trend of the ads.

3. Pricing

  BigSpy AdSpy
Pricing Free/ $9/ $99 Free credits/ $149
Monthly payment
Refund Within 24 hours

4. Conclusion

Undoubtedly, both tools provide timely and requisite data for marketing campaigns. while with the wide focus on different platforms, like Twitter, AdMob, Yahoo, and Pinterest. BigSpy has a greater database and caters to integrated multichannel campaigns.

Importantly. It serves with featured ads which daily picked by intelligence, as well the ads tracked by thousands of people, so it would result in more convenience to keep creative and trendy in advertising. However, AdSpy is user-friendly with its detailed features, for instance, it serves with greater filters selections and more relevant search with impressions.

While regarding the price, BigSpy is more affordable, after all, only $99 can cover a pro plan and access all 164 million creatives.