BIGSPY VS ADSPY: Which One is the Best?

Choose BIGSPY or ADSPY-BigSpy

With the increasingly fierce competition in digital advertising, advertising marketing data analysis tools are increasingly used by advertisers.

1. What are BIGSPY and ADSPY?

To dominate the market, you need to understand your competition, and spying tools are also the best solution. Spending time and money on the right ad spying tools can help you stand out from your competitors. BigSpy and AdSpy are marketing intelligence tool, which can help you find competitors or the newest ad creative.

BigSpy is an ad spy tool for people working for marketing campaigns, advertising and search engine optimization. With this tool, people can search and download their interested ad materials which they can draw creative inspirations for their new campaigns. Moreover, they can track the ads and have access to the details of the ad about related business or their competitors.

AdSpy is a great searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. It allows marketers to keep innovating and spy on the competition. With its various search options, it also more possible to find the information for your marketing campaigns.

2.Main function comparison between the two products

1)Description of database

Both of these two tools guarantee users a big database globally, while there are some differences between them about basic characteristics.

BigSpy AdSpy
Main channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob,
Twitter, Pinterest and Yahoo
Facebook, Instagram
Coverage Global coverage Global coverage
Data pick Intelligent technology Intelligent technology
Open API available
Language supported English English
Ads volume Over 165million Over 84 million

2)Advanced search & filtering

Both BigSpy and AdSpy support with outstanding function-advanced search with various filters, while they also decorate with individual features.

BigSpy AdSpy
Industry ✔ (Ecom, Game, App)
Keyword Search ✔ (Ads Info, Ads Text, Advertiser) ✔ (Ads Text, Comments, Advertiser , Landing Page Text)
URL/ID Search ✔ (LandingPage, Fan Page ID, Facebook Post ID) ✔ (URL, Landing Page URL)
Targeted audience
Media type Video/image/carousel Video/photo
Created time
Seen time
Affiliate Networks 9 networks Around 100 networks
Marketing objectives
CTA types
BIGSPY VS ADSPY: Which One is the Best? - BigSpy

BigSpy lets you perform an advertising location search. You can see search based on Landing page URLs, ID, Advertising Info, Title, and Text. With the keyword exclusion search, you can input unwanted keywords to exclude ads related to that keyword.

BIGSPY VS ADSPY: Which One is the Best? - BigSpy

AdSpy lets you search based on a targeted audience or demographics to enhance your results further. You can select the gender – either male or female or both male and female. Also, you can search by choosing the age range, countries, and languages.

They both have a powerful filter but a few differences.

3)E-commerce analysis

E-commerce users are an important user group of such tools, and many of its functions are to meet the needs of e-commerce users. E-commerce users pay attention to affiliates, hoping to find more updated advertisements.

BigSpy AdSpy
Total Ads of E-commerce 160 million unknown

BigSpy supports three industries, e-commerce is one of them. AdSpy has no industry distinction, and is unified in terms of data.

4)Affiliate rules

BigSpy AdSpy
Commission 20% 50% in the first 3 months
Apply for Need not apply Need to apply
Register product Not needed Need

BigSpy does not require you to register a product and apply to join the membership directly, and will get a 20% commission forever. To join AdSpy membership requires application and purchase of products, but the commission for the first three months is 50%. And AdSpy give members 50% commission for the first three months, but no commission afterward.

So AdSpy members will have more pressure in the early stage, unlike BigSpy, which may be more durable.

5)In-depth analytics

As advertising data tools, BigSpy and AdSpy have a lot of in-depth information from different angles.

BigSpy AdSpy
Demographics ✔(Beta)
Landing page
Original ads
Ranking selection Last Seen/Created Time/Like/Comments/Share/Heat/Duration Date (recent on top)/Date (oldest on top)/Likes/Love/HahaWow/Sad/Angry/Shares/Longest running
BIGSPY VS ADSPY: Which One is the Best? - BigSpy
BigSpy-Track Ads
BIGSPY VS ADSPY: Which One is the Best? - BigSpy
BigSpy-Track Ads

Tracking ads can see whether ads have been discovered in the past 7 days and 30 days. At the same time, part of the data supports continuous tracking and you will see changes in the data of likes, comments, and shares. You don’t need to guess what your competitors are doing, but you can get data-driven insights to help you optimize your marketing activities.

3. Pricing

BigSpy sets up multiple packages for different functions according to the number of queries. AdSpy has only one standard package.

BigSpy AdSpy
Pricing Free/ $9/ $99/$399 Free credits/ $149
Monthly payment
Refund Within 24 hours Within 24 hours
BIGSPY VS ADSPY: Which One is the Best? - BigSpy
BIGSPY VS ADSPY: Which One is the Best? - BigSpy

BigSpy has four packages, you can choose different options according to your needs, while AdSpy is relatively simple and only has one package at $149 per month. BigSpy does not charge a package but AdSpy does not.

4. Disadvantage


  • Free plan has limited features
  • The software provides advertising data from a small number of affiliate networks
  • You can’t filter ads based on demographics


  • You cannot filter ads based on marketing goals
  • AdSpy has a limited resource base
  • The tool only provides data from Facebook and Instagram
  • Although AdSpy is cheaper than some similar alternatives, it does not offer a free plan and there is no trial option either

5. Summary

Both tools provide timely and requisite data for marketing campaigns. Undoubtedly, BigSpy has a larger database to meet the needs of integrated multi-channel activities. At the same time, BigSpy can be used to follow different platforms such as Twitter, AdMob, Yahoo and Pinterest.

Importantly. It serves with featured ads which daily picked by intelligence, as well the ads tracked by thousands of people, so it would result in more convenience to keep creative and trendy in advertising.

While regarding the price, BigSpy is more affordable, after all, only $99 can cover a pro plan and access all 160 million creatives.

For this comparison, we recommend that you choose BIGSPY. BigSpy not only has an extensive advertising database, but the software also supports multiple advertising networks. In addition, it also offers a free plan and multiple price levels, making both more flexible.

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