Instagram ads vs Facebook ads: Which is better for your small business?

If you're a small business owner, you're always looking for ways to reach more customers and grow your business. One way to do that is by advertising on social media. But with so many social media platforms, which one should you choose? To assist you in making the best decision for your small business, we've created a guide comparing Instagram and Facebook ads. This guide will cover all the critical differences between the two platforms, including ad type, target audience, and cost. Keep reading to learn more about Instagram ads vs. Facebook ads for your small business!

What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are a type of advertising that allows businesses to promote their products or services on the Instagram platform. It is a unique advertising model that allows businesses to showcase their creative side with images, videos, and other visual content. Ads can be displayed in the main Instagram feed, Stories, or Explore section. They post a series of Instagram ad-specific content that can assist your adoption of the model. To learn more about Instagram ads and how to run a successful campaign, visit the Howsociable blog today.

Instagram ads are created using the Facebook Ads Manager tool. The tool allows businesses to create ads that are targeted to specific audiences. 

If you own a small business, you might wonder if spending money on Instagram ads is worthwhile. After all, with so many other marketing channels to choose from, why add one more to the mix?

The answer is simple: Instagram ads can be highly effective for small businesses. IG ads offer several advantages that make them well worth your investment.

A few of the reasons small businesses should use Instagram ads are as follows:

  • They're cost-effective: they're relatively inexpensive, so you won't have to break the bank to get started.
  • They reach a large audience: Instagram has a large and engaged user base. Over half of the one billion people who use Instagram daily are active users. With this, you can reach a large number of potential customers with your ads.
  • They're highly targeted: You can target your ads to users based on location, age, gender, interests, and even past behavior. This guarantees that your advertisements will be seen by people who are most likely interested in your products or services.
  • They're easy to set up and track.

If you're looking for a marketing channel that offers all of these benefits and more, Instagram ads are a great option for your small business.

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are a form of online advertising that allows businesses to target and reach their audience on the world's largest social network. Facebook ads can take many forms, from traditional text and image ads to video ads, carousel ads, and more.

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook provides businesses with a huge pool of potential customers to target. Facebook advertising campaigns effectively reach potential and existing customers on the world's largest social network. And with Facebook's sophisticated targeting options, businesses can create ads tailored to their specific audience. You can learn more about Facebook ads on the Growthwisely blog. Follow today to get all the tips and hacks you may need.

A few of the reasons why small businesses should consider using Instagram ads:

  • Facebook has a massive user base, meaning businesses can target their ads to a specific audience. 
  • Additionally, Facebook ads can be tailored to target specific demographics, interests, and even behaviors and are relatively inexpensive.
  • Another advantage of Facebook ads is that they can be very effective in driving results. Facebook ads can be used to drive website traffic, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and even make sales.
  • Facebook ads are easy to track, so businesses can measure their return on investment and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

If you're thinking about using Facebook ads for your small business, keep these advantages in mind. Facebook ads can be a useful tool for expanding your business and attracting your ideal customers.

So, which is better for your small business? 

There are pros and cons to both Instagram ads and Facebook ads. So it really depends on your business and your goals. 

When choosing between Facebook ads and Instagram ads, consider the following:

  • Reach: With over 2 billion active users, Facebook has a much larger reach than Instagram. However, Instagram is growing quickly, with over 1 billion active users.
  • Engagement: Instagram users are more engaged than Facebook users, meaning they're more likely to see and interact with your ad.
  • Cost: Facebook ads are generally cheaper than Instagram ads
  • Instagram ads are newer and thus may be less competitive (and expensive) than Facebook ads.
  • Targeting: You can target Facebook users by interests, demographics, and behaviors. With Instagram, you can target by interests and demographics.
  • Instagram ads are more visually appealing than Facebook ads and can be a great way to reach a younger audience. However, Facebook ads tend to be more effective in terms of actually driving results, such as website clicks or sales. So, it really depends on your goals as a small business owner. If you are mainly concerned with reaching a large number of people, Facebook ads may be the better option. But if you are more concerned with creating a visually appealing ad campaign, Instagram ads may be the way to go.


Before you invest in Instagram ads or Facebook ads, consider who your audience is and where they are online. You want to ensure you're investing your advertising budget in the right place to reach your target market.

Think about where your target market spends its time online. Do they use Instagram? Facebook? Once you know where your target market hangs out online, you can invest in ads on that platform.

Instagram and Facebook are great places to reach a wide audience, but your ads won't be effective if your target market isn't active on those platforms. Make sure you consider who your audience is and where they are before you invest in social media ads.

Research your target market and find out where they are hanging out online. Then, invest your time and money in advertising on those platforms. You'll be much more likely to reach your target audience and see a return on your investment.