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The use of emojis in Facebook ads has become a common method used by many businesses to attract users. Emojis have enriched the way people communicate. Using emojis in Facebook ads allows advertisers to convey emotions in a simple, direct, and clear way, allowing users to accept faster Brand communication content. Emojis are an important information carrier in interpersonal communication on the Internet. Many companies use emojis to enhance the fashion of their marketing materials and show the company’s trend of keeping up with trends.

Benefits of using emojis in Facebook ads

1. Increase engagement rate of posts

Because the use of emojis can reduce the promotional nature of advertisements and reduce users’ resistance to advertisements. According to statistics, using the correct emojis in Facebook ads can increase post engagement rates by 50%.

2. Attract users’ attention

Have you ever wondered the difference between using emojis and not using emojis in Facebook ad copy? The AdEspresso team did this test. They used the A/B test to post 2 ads on Facebook, the others remained the same, only emojis were added to the copy of one ad. As a result, the click-through rate of ads with emojis increased by 12%.

3. Let users quickly and correctly understand the meaning of ad text

Psychologists say that in the process of expressing attitudes and emotions, speech only accounts for 7% of language behavior, while non-verbal information transmission reaches 93%. In the lack of voice language in Facebook ad copy, emojis become a bridge between brands and users. Compared with simple text, emojis more clearly reflect the original emotions of users. Emojis can overcome the obstacles of spatial distance and help users understand the meaning of advertisements.

4. Feel the emotion conveyed by the advertisement

Although there are many kinds of writing in the world, the language difference is huge. Despite many differences, the facial expressions are consistent. For example, the expression when happy is smiling, the expression when sad is sad. Using obvious emojis can let users quickly feel the emotions conveyed by the advertisement, and using a smiling emoji 😊 can let users feel positive emotions.

Big data analysis of Facebook ads emojis

BigSpy counts the proportion of emoji used in ad copy in 2020. From the figure below, we can see that more than 5% of Facebook ads use emoji. It shows that many advertisers have realized the importance of emoticons and tried to add emojis in the ad copy to keep up with the trend and shorten the distance with users.

Which emojis are used most in e-commerce advertising?

80% of e-commerce companies choose to advertise on Facebook. According to BigSpy statistics, in e-commerce advertising, the 10 most used emojis are:
😊 : convey happiness
🔥 : It means that something is hot.
👉 : Indicate the location of important things.
❤️ : The feeling of love.
👍 : Often used to praise certain advantages.
✅ : Indicate certain characteristics serving users.
😍 : Like something.
😘 : The performance method of being close to users.
🚀 : It means it is growing rapidly.
🎁 : Free products.
From BigSpy’s statistics, we can see that none of the ten most commonly used emojis convey negative emotions.

Correct use of Facebook advertising emojis

1. Use BigSpy to view competitor ad copy

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Emojis for Facebook ads - BigSpy
Emojis for Facebook ads – BigSpy
ad spy – BigSpy

2. Use emojis with negative emotions carefully

From the Top 10 e-commerce ad emojis counted by BigSpy, we can also see that in Facebook ads, emojis expressing positive emotions are more popular with users, so we must be cautious in using emojis with negative effects.

3. Add emojis that meet the context (don’t change the original style of the copy just to add emojis)

It is undeniable that it is fun to use emojis on Facebook. Bright color and a happy smiling face will appear in the monotonous news. It is easy to attract your attention and attract you to click.
However, this does not guarantee that all Facebook ads are suitable for emojis. If there is a B2B company that provides professional data services, there are cute and funny emojis such as 😉, 😂 and so on in Facebook ads. I think this will was a disaster.
Before using emoticons, companies must understand who the product’s audience is. For example, companies that focus on B2B, or audiences at the age of middle-aged people, or even grandmothers and grandpas, will be confused.
But if your audience is young people, or even millennials, the naughty and cute emojis are a direct way to impress them and will effectively increase the engagement rate. This is a comparison of Facebook brand advertisements from BigSpy. We can see that adding emojis to the ad headline and text makes the ad popularity 189 higher.

4. Different countries have different meanings for different emojis

Misuse of emojis in certain advertisements may cause users to misunderstand the meaning of the advertisement. People from different cultural backgrounds may have different interpretations of the same emojis. For example, the emoji of “Face with Tears of Joy”😂 is the most frequently used emoji by Apple users in the United States. It became popular worldwide in 2015 and was even elected as the “Oxford English Dictionary” vocabulary of the year. But some people think it expresses a positive emotion, while others hold the opposite view.
There is device compatibility. The display effect of the same emojis on different platforms may be very different. Therefore, consider thoroughly before using emojis in Facebook ads.

5. Convey the right emotions

A line of language without emotion is just stating a fact, but adding an emoji has a different meaning. People can quickly experience the emotion in the text and bring it into the context created by the text.

For example, the ad copy in the picture:
If you delete emojis, it will appear as: “30 BEATS, UNLIMITED LICENSE 6 [FREE] BONUSES RELEASE MUSIC THAT SLAPS. LIMITED TIME REMAINING”. From this sentence, I can understand that it is selling music for free.
But when emojis are added to the copy, its presentation style is: 30🔥 BEATS, UNLIMITED LICENSE✅ 6 [FREE] BONUSES🚀 RELEASE MUSIC THAT SLAPS 💣 ⚠️ LIMITED TIME REMAINING ⚠️ . From here I can feel the popularity of music, unlimited free and limited activity time. These emotional feelings make me urge to place orders quickly.
This is the way emojis convey the right emotions, and it is also the charm of their hotness.

Finally, I still recommend using Facebook. I believe that after reading this article, you have a deeper understanding of emojis for Facebook ads. Of course, you can also go to BigSpy to learn more about it.