Appgrowing vs BigSpy

Appgrowing: Globalized Mobile Advertising Intelligence Analysis Platform

App Growing lets you know your competitors’ products, just like your own products.

Bigspy is a free facebook ad spy tool. It is a powerful product that helps users to understand the marketing and advertising patterns of competitors from multiple angles, dimensions, and levels. It also helps us to produce better advertising ideas.

So what’s the difference between appgrowing and bigspy?

Features BigSpy appgrowing
Total Ads data 160 million+ 6,350,573
Social media platform Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Pinterest Facebook, Twitter
Browser Google, yahoo Google
Country 40 16
Ads search  ✅title,text,advert meta  ✅keyword
filter  ✅Campaigns, ad creative, industry, CTA type,
Categories, E-commerce software, country, time
 ✅country, platform, time
Ads exclusion  ✅
Ad sort  ✅ last seen,first see,like,comment,share  ✅
Collect ads  ✅  ❌
Track ads  ✅  ❌
Featured ads  ✅  ❌
Competitor Intelligence  ✅  ❌
Free  ✅  ✅