Best Ads Of 2019 From BigSpy

The world of advertising marketing is becoming more and more mature. 2019 is a year of hot marketing, and more and more advertising channels and methods are being produced. We looked at the development of advertising on different channels from BigSpy to understand the latest advertising trends and competitor strategies. BigSpy tracks a total of 1 billion advertisements in 14 channels every year. Here it gathers the creative ideas of major social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.

Advertisements need to impress users in order to have better conversions. Here we find the best 10 ads in 2019 from BigSpy to bring you better advertising inspiration.

1. Samsung – Impress users with emotion

Samsung ad - bigspy
Samsung ad – bigspy

There are hundreds of thousands of deaf people in India. They do not have the ability to listen and speak, and deaf and mute people cannot express their needs. In 2019, Samsung launched Good Vibes, a two-way communication application that allows them to communicate with family members, friends, or anyone via smartphone.

This is a new technological invention, and it is also a manifestation of social progress. Let technology help more people in need and help the disadvantaged in society. Samsung used a three-minute video to interpret the plight of deaf-mute people affectionately, and Samsung mobile phones can help them complete basic communication.

This ad on Samsung’s mobile phone was very successful. According to the data given by BigSpy, it has gained 1.8M likes and 128.3k shares after 97 days on Facebook ads. This advertisement uses the method of emotional marketing, starting from the heart of consumers, exploring their characteristics and real needs, so that consumers feel the same. This ad impressed the user with affection and allowed the user to accept the product naturally in the ad.

Reason for recommendation: The reason why the emotional marketing of Samsung’s advertisement is so popular is that they closely combine the product with warmth and the taste of home, conveying the brand’s desire to care for the society.

2. TOYOTA – reflect product performance

TOYOTA ad - bigspy
TOYOTA ad – bigspy

On October 31, 2019, TOYOTA posted an advertisement on Facebook, using the material of the picture. The picture content is a car driving on a rough mountain road. The slogan of the advertisement is: Keep chasing the next summit.

According to BigSpy data, this ad has been posted for 93 days and received 3.5M likes. This ad does not mention any car’s performance data indicators, but its pictures and copy show the super high performance of the car, which is the success of the ad.

Reason for recommendation: TOYOTA uses a car that climbs a rugged mountain road and continues to chase the next peak of the advertising copy to show users the superior performance of Toyota. In addition, the copy that continues to chase the next peak describes the driving force of Toyota Motor in the mountains, and also establishes the brand’s image of constantly improving and surpassing itself. The picture and copy work perfectly together. The picture shows the direction of the car, and the ad copy sublimates the core concept of the whole picture.

3. Huawei – Technology changes lives

Huawei ad - bigspy
Huawei ad – bigspy

Due to its stylish design and superb quality, Huawei mobile phones have been loved by many users in the mobile phone market. And Huawei has not stopped its research and development. In 2019, 5G R&D investment alone is expected to exceed 1.2 billion euros. Huawei provides end-to-end 5G functions including chipsets, devices, cloud services, and networks, hoping to provide customers with better equipment and services when 5G arrives.

Finally, on December 8, 2019, Huawei released the 5G foldable phone, which is a milestone in the mobile phone market. It can be folded into an 8-inch tablet computer with a split-screen, allowing you to play games and watch videos at the same time!

Reason for recommendation: Huawei’s 5G technology is a new technology that can bring more convenient and faster experience to the world. Now that this technology is available, Huawei’s 5G mobile phone has been made, and users are curious about it. And the launch of new technology is the best proof of the brand.

4. love2chiitan- create contrast

love2chiitan ad – bigspy

This is an advertisement to promote sports equipment. General sports equipment advertisements are demonstrated and explained by professional sports personnel. Let us understand the advantages of sports equipment and use it from a professional perspective. However, this advertisement did the opposite. It was demonstrated by a doll. Through its many attempts, we can appreciate the advantages of this sports equipment and make it easier for users to accept this equipment.

Reason for recommendation: Judging from the BigSpy data, this advertisement comes from the Twitter channel and received 380.4k likes in 68 days. Let the dolls use the fitness equipment, which looks very interesting and allows users to easily accept the products in the video without appearing too blunt in advertising. In addition, let the dolls demonstrate the use of sports equipment, and it will not make non-professional fitness people feel a sense of distance. Making contrast makes it easier to impress users and allow users to accept and try to use the product.

5. Star Wars – Use popularity to attract users

Star Wars – bigspy

Star Wars released an ad, which is a highlight of Star Wars’ new movie, which uses the Star Wars brand to promote the new movie.

Reason for recommendation: Using popularity is an effective and fast way to attract users. Brands can use more well-known brands or current events to create momentum for themselves when they are marketing and promoting. This is a good way to quickly open the market. If the brand already has a reputation, it is also a good way to cooperate with well-known brands.

6. Nike – Encouragement for dreams

Nike ad – bigspy

Many successful brands have exclusive classic slogans, mentioning Nike, the most representative, of course, “Just Do It” is none other than. Simple English sentences are simple and simple. Since their introduction in 1988, they have been powerfully shocking. In line with Just Do Its slogan, Nike’s advertising has been encouraging the persistence of dreams. This time the advertising theme is also an affirmation of dreams.

Recommended reason: Nike’s advertising has been very successful, its marketing is the object of many brands to imitate and learn. The current advertisement still maintains its consistently positive style. This video ad received 83.4k likes in only 7 days. It represents the affirmation of users to stick to their dreams, and it also has a deeper understanding of the Nike brand.

7. xiaomiindia – unique design

xiaomi ad – bigspy

Xiaomi launched a new mobile phone with a full glass on the back, which fully displays the beauty of the glass back under the sun and the sea. Xiaomi is a very popular mobile phone brand in India, and now it has launched a new design in India, and this design is not available on other mobile phones. Users will pay attention to the new design and decide to purchase.

Reason for recommendation: Xiaomi’s new mobile phone with full-screen glass is unique, which is attractive to users. And its advertising design maximizes the beauty of glass design.

8. Beauty Studio – The temptation of food

cake ad – bigspy

This is a video ad for making a cake, accompanied by a piece of rhythmic music. The advertiser shared the process of making the cake, and the food has the power to heal people. Using the cake making process as a creative material to give users a sense of participation. It is a happy thing for users to see a beautiful cake being completed a little bit.

Recommended reason: Compared with the advertising video of big brands with wonderful clips and cool special effects, the content of this video is relatively simple. But it was such a simple 3-minute video, which got a total of 3.3M likes. Advertising content does not necessarily require gorgeous scenes, and users can be impressed with simple materials.

9. iPanda – cute animals

panda ad – bigspy

iPanda is a Facebook Page dedicated to sharing pandas. Now the protagonist of the advertisement is 5 pandas, and the content is their interaction with the breeder. These five pandas have been playing with him while the breeder is feeding, and they look very cute.

Recommended reason: This advertisement is accompanied by cheerful music and watching the panda’s interesting performance makes us feel a relaxed atmosphere.

10. Etihad Airways – a future full of expectations

Etihad Airways ad – bigspy

On December 31, 2019, Etihad Airways sent a question: Where can we take you in 2020? Then under this question, using the technology of 3D video, I made a feeling that an airplane was flying far from the sky. After the plane flew over, the screen appeared: Happy New Year!

Although this video is only 13 seconds, Etihad Airways’ 2020 travel problems, the video of the aircraft flying and the Happy New Year subtitles let users feel the expectation of the future, the joy of the coming of the new year, and the brand puts the user’s needs first Service attitude.

Judging from the advertising data provided by BigSpy, this video was posted on Facebook for 2 days, and it only got 762.8k likes in just 2 days. Etihad’s questions about 2020 and the 3D aircraft video ads allow users to easily feel that the new year is coming, and easily bring users into the state of anticipation of the new year.

Reason for recommendation: This video ad easily impresses users, allowing users to feel the joy of the coming of the new year, looking forward to the coming year, and at the same time promoting the brand to customers so that customers will consider Etihad Airways when planning their travel.

At last:

The above are the 10 best ads in 2019. In 2019, they all got users’ likes. These advertising ideas have their own new ideas, which are worthy of our study and research. Of course, you can also find more excellent advertising cases from BigSpy to make your ads more easily liked by users.