How to find competitors with BigSpy?

BigSpy is a huge ad database, which allows you to discover potential competitors or known competitors in the market through a huge amount of advertising creative data. Master and adjust your strategy to the market by looking at your competitors.

  • BigSpy advertising data covers tens of millions of products or websites in different industries
  • Powerful Filtering Helps Find Competitors
  • Analyze competitor ad creatives and ad strategies

1. BigSpy advertising data covers tens of millions of products or websites in different industries

BigSpy currently mainly includes three industries, the e-commerce industry, game APP, and non-gaming APP. When you view an ad, the first thing you see is the owner of the ad, who posted it and is looking for performance.

Why does BigSpy cover more products or websites? First, BigSpy supports 8 major advertising platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Admob, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. These advertising platforms are popular traffic and advertising platforms on the Internet, and most advertisers choose them for advertising and marketing activities. Second, BigSpy has a powerful data capture and processing system, updating tens of millions of advertising creatives every day.


2. Powerful Filtering Helps Find Competitors

BigSpy supports keyword search, and you can also exclude certain keywords or exclude certain competing products during keyword search.

In the results, you can further filter through different sorting methods. Sorting according to relevance can match accurate advertising results. Sorting according to the number of impressions can find advertising ideas with a large amount of advertising. According to the first viewing, you can find the latest advertisements. These are all ways to further see active, newest, and best-matched competitors.

In addition to different sorting methods, users can also target competitors by searching for the country in which the ad was discovered.

Through the above three methods, I believe you can already accurately find your competitors in BigSpy.


3. Analyze competitor ad creatives and ad strategies

After finding a competitor, we can further examine the competitor's ad creative and strategy.

First, we can filter out all of its ads by looking at only one ad. Then take a closer look as follows.

  1. First look at the number of all advertisements in the selected time period, and compare the number of advertisements in the past 7 days and the past 90 days or even all the advertisements to judge whether the advertiser has been vigorously advertising recently;
  2. Combine timing and new ads to find new ad creatives from advertisers;
  3. Combined with the original post to discover the news feed ads placed by advertisers on Facebook;
  4. Combined with the country, creative type, etc., to further judge the advertising area and type most commonly used by this advertiser;

Through these solutions, users will have a better understanding of the advertising strategies of competitors, whether they are e-commerce, game apps, or tool apps. From allowing yourself to make the right decision.

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