Idvert vs BigSpy

Idvert is the Market Intelligence platform in the industry that provides a full range of offer data analysis, including social and DSP advertising offer.

Provide the latest, hottest, the most comprehensive advertising offer analysis data and money page (landing page) downloaded, which can help you make marketing decisions, save time & cost, and get more revenue.

Bigspy is a free facebook ad spy tool. It is a powerful product that helps users to understand the marketing and advertising patterns of competitors from multiple angles, dimensions, and levels. It also helps us to produce better advertising ideas.

Bigspy is a free ads spy tool, it makes ads more transparent, and spy on competitors facebook ads,it can monitor facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads, Instagram ads, Yahoo ads and other types of ads to find the latest ads.

So what’s the difference between Idvert and bigspy?

Features BigSpy idvert
Total Ads data 160 million+ 100 million
Social media platform Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, Pinterest
Browser Google, yahoo
Ad search title, text, advert meta keyword
Ads exclusion  ✅
Filter by Campaigns  ✅  ❌
Filter by CTA type  ✅  ❌
Filter by E-commerce software  ✅  ❌
Ads sort  ✅  ✅
Collect ads  ✅  ❌
Track ads ✅   ❌
Featured ads  ✅  ❌
Competitor Intelligence  ✅  ✅
Free  ✅  ❌
Pricing Basic$9, All$99  $99 and $199