How Does A Spy Tool Work For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an important strategy in business marketing. Especially with the wide development of eCommerce, marketers attach more importance to online advertising and promotion related by affiliates. Through affiliate marketing, the brand can attract more attention and popularity. It is efficient to reach more online purchasers.

What spy tools do for affiliate marketing

In order to achieve high-efficient affiliate marketing, the traditional ads which apply the same copied version into different cases tend to lose desired effects. With the increasing update of marketing modes, especially the application of spy tools, marketers can achieve more efficient affiliate marketing strategies. Nowadays, spy tools have been widely used, such as SEMRush for all-in-one SEO,BigSpy for ads creatives and competitors tracking, Adbeat for marketing strategies, etc. 

1. Spy on your competitors

Basically, marketers can access the information about ads copy and the targeted ads networks. Take BigSpy as an example, it is a widely mentioned spy tool with a big database. It extensively covers the ads on the main social media platforms, marketers can spy on their competitors, as long as their rivals post ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, AdMob, and Yahoo.

2. Study the interaction from customers 

Additionally, it is available to analyze the interaction from the customers. Spy tools would provide the data of social engagement which would be used to measure social media ROI. BigSpy also provides detailed data, such as the number of likes, comments, and shares, etc. Marketers can improve the performance of their affiliate marketing and realize a positive ROI in a short time. 

3. Analyze the demographics data

Importantly, some great spy tools present the demographics of ads. Through the basic picture of target audiences, marketers can adjust their marketing campaigns to improve affiliate marketing. Like the chart below, it is one part of detailed insight from BigSpy. It presents the demographics details of a Facebook ad. 

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is increasingly indispensable in ads marketing, while spy tools would be helpful to figure out more competitive advertising strategies and promote efficient affiliate marketing.