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Instagram is currently the third-largest social media in the world. This is an advertising platform that has developed rapidly in recent years. There are now millions of advertisers on Instagram, but do you have a thorough understanding of Instagram advertising? Do you know how many ad formats are there on Instagram? What are the requirements for Instagram advertising specifications? How to make a successful advertisement that meets Instagram requirements?
Below are three commonly used Instagram advertising specifications and successful advertising case analysis.

Instagram image ad

Instagram is a very interactive mobile application with a very strong social stickiness, which makes Instagram users a large number, super traffic can make the effect of image advertising twice the result with half the effort.

Instagram is an image social app with the best user experience. When you open it, you will find that every image in it is a piece of art. Image advertising is still at the core of Instagram.

Instagram image ad specs requirements

Instagram image ads support multiple Instagram ad slots, including Instagram Feed, Instagram Explore, and Instagram Stories.

Ins image ads have the same specs

  • All Instagram image ads only support mobile devices
  • Instagram pictures only support 2 formats: jpg or png
  • Recommended resolution: upload the highest resolution image that meets the aspect ratio requirements
  • Recommended image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels or 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Image size: minimum width: 500 pixels

The difference specs:

The biggest difference between Instagram Feed and Instagram Explore is: Instagram Feed can display 2 lines of text, Instagram Explore only displays one line of text.

Requirements for Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories is a full-screen vertical advertisement. The photo story will be displayed for 5 seconds, or until the user swipes away the story.

Picture aspect ratio: 9:16 and 16:9 to 4:5

Instagram image ad usage scenarios

No matter what your business goals are, Instagram Photo Ads is your right-hand man to enhance your brand and business awareness. Photo ads are concise and clear, allowing you to show touching brand images and attractive copywriting.

Photo Ads uses simple and beautiful creative materials to tell the brand story. Can use square or landscape format photos.

The difference between Instagram Photo Ads and other types of ads

Compared with other advertising formats, Instagram Photo Ads is relatively simple to create, faster to update and iterate, and has low trial and error costs.

Instagram Photo Ads excellent advertising case

On BigSpy, I searched for the most popular image ads on Instagram in the last 90 days. Among them, the number one advertiser is chicmeofficial. Its advertisement has been placed on Instagram for 46 days and has received 1.6M likes and 1.3K comments. This is a picture of women’s clothing. It uses 14 hashtags to help this advertisement get more display.

There are tens of millions of Instagram ads collected on BigSpy. You can find successful advertising cases using a variety of search and filtering methods. This is a collection of advertising cases placed by real advertisers. It will give you more creative inspiration for advertising.

Instagram Video Ads

Video Ads not only have the same immersive visual experience as photo ads, but also have excellent dynamic pictures and sound effects. You can share square or landscape format videos up to 60 seconds long.

Instagram Video Ads specs

Instagram Video Ads supports three Instagram advertising placements, including Instagram Feed, Instagram Explore, and Instagram Stories.

The same advertising requirements for 3 ad placements

  • Please upload the source video with the highest resolution to ensure that there are no black borders on the top, bottom, left, and right of the video.
  • Most file types are supported. It is recommended that the video adopts H.264 compression format, square pixels, fixed frame rate, and progressive scan.
  • The audio uses a stereo AAC compression format, and the bit rate is not less than 128kbps.
  • If the text content of the video thumbnail exceeds 20%, its delivery may be reduced.
  • Maximum video file size: 30MB
  • Video size minimum width: 500 pixels

The video ad size difference between the three ad placements

 # Instagram Feed Instagram Explore Instagram Stories
Video Captions: Optional Optional Optional
Video Length: 1 to 120 seconds 1 to 120 seconds 1 to 120 seconds
Video Sound # # Optional
Text: Two rows of text will display Only one row of text will display No text
Other  #  # Instagram Stories Video Ads that are 15 seconds or less will automatically play for the full duration. Ads that are more than 15 seconds will be split into separate cards

Instagram Video Ads usage scenarios

Statistics show that online shoppers are avid consumers of online video. One-third of them will actually buy the product after watching a video ad. So, if you are an e-commerce advertiser, then video advertising is a higher conversion option.
The emotional impact of video ads is greater than that of image ads. Compared with other formats, they are more attractive and can better tell your story and attract people’s emotions.

Video ads are very suitable for promotion and education because they convey information through audio and visual elements. Video ads on Instagram are no longer than 1 minute, so you have the opportunity to let users understand your brand, business, or products more closely. Also, shorter videos are usually more effective, especially if you highlight your brand in the first few seconds of the ad. Furthermore, short video advertising is also a hot trend nowadays.

Successful Video Advertising Case

On BigSpy, I searched for the most popular video ads on Instagram in the last 90 days. Among them, the number one advertiser is secret.wood, whose ad was placed on Instagram for a day and received 1M likes and 22.4K comments. This advertisement is always 24 seconds. During these 23 seconds, the advertiser showed a ring that glows at night from multiple angles. This is an Instagram Stories video advertisement.

Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram Carousel Ads can increase the depth of marketing activities, allowing users to swipe to view more photos or videos (up to 10) in a single ad. Users can swipe left and right to view a series of pictures or videos, and use the CTA button to jump directly to your website for purchase.

Instagram Carousel Ads Specs

Instagram Carousel Ads supports 2 Instagram ad slots, including Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories.
With the carousel ad format, you can display up to 10 pictures or 10 videos in a single ad, and you can set a unique link for each picture or video. Because there is more creative space for advertising within a single advertisement, you can highlight different products, display specific details of products, services, or promotional activities, or use multiple carousel advertising pictures to tell the brand development story.

Instagram Carousel Ads Requirements:

Instagram Feed Instagram Stories
Minimum number of cards 2 2
Maximum number of cards 10 10
Landing page URL required  #
Maximum Video Duration for carousel videos using the default experience 120 seconds per card 120 seconds per card
Maximum Video Duration for carousel videos using the option to have a fixed number of cards # 15 seconds per
Ratio 1:1 9:16 and 16:9 to 4:5
Recommended resolution at least 1080 x 1080px 1080×1920
Aspect Ratio Tolerance 1% 1%
Text Two rows of text will display maximum Text Length: 2200 No Text
Headline One row of text will display Text Headline
Maximum Number of Hashtags in Text  30 No

Instagram Carousel Ads usage scenarios

Instagram’s limited-time dynamic carousel ads allow advertisers to use multiple advertising ideas to reach their target audience. You can use this flexible advertising format to share complete brand stories, multiple products, or use interlocking narratives.

You can use carousel ads:

  • Display a variety of products. Display different products on each carousel and add links to guide users to different landing pages, which can provide customers with more choices and attract them to buy products.
  • Promote the various features of a single product. Use carousel advertising pictures to show product details from different angles, allowing customers to deepen their understanding.
  • Tell the brand story. Use a series of pictures or videos to tell a great story.
  • Explain the process. Give users a detailed introduction to how the company operates.
  • Create a larger display space. Display a large banner image across the border to create an immersive advertising experience.

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Successful Carousel Advertising Case

On BigSpy, I searched for the most popular carousel ads on Instagram in the last 90 days. Among them, the number one advertiser is dudewithsign. Its ad was posted on Instagram for 8 days and received 2.4M likes and 8.8K comments. This advertisement is composed of 5 pictures. The theme of this advertisement is how to prevent COVID-19. This is an advertisement about facts.