Baby Ad Marketing with 5 Effective Tips

Baby products are currently one of the most profitable in the e-commerce industry. The most common products include toys, daily necessities and food. However, because it is used by babies, the quality requirements for the products are high, and they need to be made of less harmful materials. Because of this reason, the cost of baby products is higher, and sellers are more profitable.

However, sellers often encounter many problems when placing baby advertisements, such as the choice of delivery platform, the expression of advertising creativity and copywriting, the choice of advertising audiences, and advertising budgets. These problems not only affect the advertising, but also have a direct impact on product sales. In order to improve the effectiveness of advertising, BigSpy has conducted a reasonable analysis of baby advertisements with five tips to provide help for advertisers.

Find Suitable Products For Advertising

The most popular baby products are toys, clothes and food. Why recommend these three products? Toys have no shelf life and can be sold at any time regardless of season. This is the best guarantee for sellers. The toy is lighter, it can be guaranteed at a low cost during transportation and can be delivered safely. Clothes are also commonly used products for babies. This includes not only clothes worn by babies, but also a series of products for caring for babies. They are all indispensable for caring for children. Baby food based on milk powder is a popular product all year round, but the quality of milk powder must be strictly controlled. Excellent milk powder sellers can earn millions of dollars. If you need more product inspiration, using Amazon BSR tracker - AmzChart would be a good idea. Hundreds of product categories can help you quickly choose the right baby products with Amazon sales rank chart.

Find Suitable Distribution Channel

For a successful advertisement, the choice of delivery platform is very important. If you choose a platform with very few competitors, and you find that your competitors' ads are less effective, then this is destined to be the wrong path. According to the adspy tool-BigSpy search, baby ads are placed most on Facebook, Instagram and AdMob. Instagram accounted for 63.25% of baby ads. Facebook and AdMob accounted for about 17% of baby ads. Therefore, Instagram could be the first choice for baby advertising. Facebook and AdMob can also be alternative platforms for your advertising.

Find Suitable Ad Creative & Ideas

Have you given creativity to your advertising? As we all know, an excellent or interesting advertisement can attract more people's likes. Bigspy is an advertising spy tool. By entering keywords, you can quickly get excellent advertising cases. Below are 3 successful baby ads I found on BigSpy.

Baby Cute Sofa Chair. This is a very good product. The advertisement uses cute style, which fits the baby's positioning very well. The colorful baby sofa chairs with cute babies can't help but make every viewer want to buy one. According to BigSpy's statistics, this ad received a total of 203.8 K likes. And the release time is very long, but the effect is still very good. Using a cute advertising style is the best way to sell baby products.

Audience review as an advertisement copy will make the advertisement more infectious. Baby wearing, as a very commonly used baby product, is very helpful to a mother. It is very effective to describe the practicality and comfort of the product through a mother's description after using the product.

Hey, add some emoji to your ad copy and it will be very effective with funny videos. BabyHub has launched a video of the baby bathing in the swimming circle. Every child has a great time and they use a lot of happy emojis in the copy, which is really good. What I like very much is that their videos record a lot of cute babies' happiness when they use them. For mothers, it is very important for the baby to be happy.

Target Accurate Baby Audience

Who should be the audience of baby ads? We will definitely think of young women between the ages of 23-44. So how can we get an accurate user portrait? AdTargeting is an audience analysis tool that can quickly query the user's overall data on Facebook and Google based on keywords. These data can help you quickly get close to the audience. The following are user portraits of baby products that were queried using AdTargeting.

Of course, there are some long-tail interest words that we can put in the keywords of advertising. More baby-related interests can use AdTargeting to query.

# interest Audience path
1 Baby bottle 34,347,457 Interests>Additional Interests
2 Infant formula 25,635,475 Interests>Additional Interests
3 Breastfeeding 163,449,870 Interests>Additional Interests
4 Baby transport 35,824,523 Interests>Additional Interests
5 Breastfeeding 163,449,870 Interests>Additional Interests
6 Breast pump 30,711,632 Interests>Additional Interests
7 Philips AVENT 15,306,290 Interests>Additional Interests
8 Diaper 114,088,740 Interests>Additional Interests
9 Baby shower 80,330,931 Interests>Additional Interests
10 Infant bed 26,141,740 Interests>Additional Interests

Understand Cost Benchmarks & Make Reasonable Bids

When all the advertising content is ready, we begin to prepare for the big project, because this involves capital investment. Often, the advertising budget formulation process takes a lot of time to test, but the test results are not satisfactory and a lot of money is consumed. In order to solve this problem, you can use ADCostly to evaluate the advertising budget. ADCostly summarizes the average CPC and CPM data of a certain interest, and the details of the country are also described in detail. The cost of baby advertising is as follows. The Philippines and Malaysia would be good target countries.


The baby advertising market is very large. How to create excellent advertising content to increase product sales is very important. Using the above 5 suggestions, your baby products can also earn $10,000 a day. For more advertising suggestions, you can use Bigspy. Here are more advertising tips.