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Free plus shipping is an introductory sales method for e-commerce that has rapidly emerged in the past few years. Until 2021, this marketing method is still used by many companies because it is profitable. The specific performance of free plus shipping is that the products purchased by the user are free, but the user needs to pay a certain mailing fee. For users, this is a way to experience a new product for free and at a low price. For merchants, free plus shipping is a clever strategy. To be honest, who doesn’t like free items? E-commerce advertisers can use this strategy to add more attractive products. Making a free plus shipping Facebook ads can quickly promote products, open the market, and find potential users.

Free plus shipping Facebook ad facts revealed:

All products under the free plus shipping model are priced at $0, so how do advertisers profit?
The free plus shipping business model operates the store’s products for free, but e-commerce advertisers profit by increasing the delivery rate to the final price.
For example, if you find a bracelet on Aliexpress that sells for $5 with free shipping, then use the free plus shipping model to create an ad on Facebook, and you can set the product price to 0.01 and the shipping to $10. This is the fact of free plus shipping Facebook Ads.

Free plus shipping facebook ads policy:

First of all, it is stated that free plus shipping facebook ads will not cause Facebook to block accounts, and Facebook does not prohibit this type of ad. But when creating this type of ad, you still need to pay attention to the following:

1.Free plus shipping facebook ads product price description: Facebook limits the minimum price of products sold is 0.01 US dollars, so we can not show false descriptions such as 0 US dollars or completely free in the advertising pictures or copy.

2.Although free plus shipping Facebook ads are most attractive to users in that the product is free, we cannot overuse the word Free, and we need to mention the shipping cost after we emphasize that the product is $0.01.

3.Please do not use ad copy: “get this product for free”, “we guarantee to give away the product for free” and other deceptive ad copy.
The ad copy can be used: “Get this product for free. You only need to pay for shipping.”; “We provide this phone case for free. You only need to pay for the shipping cost.”

Successful free plus shipping Facebook ads case:

How does free plus shipping Facebook ads make money successfully? We learn how to implement successful cases on BigSpy. BigSpy is an ad spy tool. There are hundreds of millions of creatives collected here, and we can accurately search for creatives through a variety of keyword searches and advanced filtering methods. Now are 3 typical free plus shipping Facebook ads cases I found on BigSpy.

1.A convincing reason – Successful Meditate

Successful Meditate is a digital marketing agency, and now they give away books for free on the grounds of “giving back to old customers”. The book was originally priced at US$39.95, and in return for the customer, it only sells for US$0.01 today. If you already have a certain user base, repaying old customers and free plus shipping Facebook ads will be the perfect match when promoting products.

2. Detailed product introduction

This is a free plus shipping Facebook ad that sells electronic watches. The focus of this ad is to introduce in detail the production unit of the watch (developed by the University of Edinburgh to increase user trust), and many important functions of the watch (monitoring of human body signs, etc.), And slogans to promote consumption (Just need $0.01, what are you waiting for!). These detailed product descriptions, as well as the discounted price of $0.01, quickly impressed users. According to BigSpy’s statistics, this ad was launched for 2 days and gained 5.5k likes.

3. Exquisite pictures and details display

A daily necessities-coffee machine, it can be said that most users’ daily necessities, now it is sold for 0.01 US dollars, will you be impressed? Exquisite pictures show the product details of daily necessities, and the absolutely superior price is the way to impress users.

How to make free plus shipping facebook ads get the most profit:

1. Perfect advertising product

Nowadays users are very smart. They are used to all kinds of routines on the Internet. If you sell a data cable for almost $0.01 for free, but charge 15 dollars for shipping, how about this simple and clear scam? Who can’t recognize it? The user can clearly see that you have added the price of the product to the shipping cost. Therefore, to make a successful free plus shipping Facebook ads, you must first learn product research.
How to find successful free plus shipping products in BigSpy?
Open the adspy page, enter the keyword “$0”, select the time as the most recent 1 year, and then sort by the advertisement Heat, you can see how to choose a successful free plus shipping product.

Obviously, we can find that successful free plus shipping products are no longer suitable for some seemingly cheap products. We can choose to position higher-end products in the minds of consumers, such as rings, watches, coffee machines, etc. Then look for lower-priced original products from Aliexpress, Shopify, and other platforms to sell.

2. Nice pictures and clear prices

When making free plus shipping Facebook ads, a beautiful picture, and low price are our absolute advantages. According to statistics, 80% of users said that they would attract products because of pictures. Therefore, in order to attract users, pictures are still the key. And if the price of $0.01 is stated in the picture, the probability of attracting users is higher.

3. Urgency of time

In order for users to truly believe us, free plus shipping Facebook ads must have a sense of urgency in time. Only when users feel that they don’t have to buy it, they will make up their minds to buy products faster.
Therefore, in the advertising copy, we must have time warnings, such as “Limited time Only today”; or prompts to urge purchases “what are you waiting for” and so on.

The above is the basic introduction of free plus shipping Facebook ads. I have to say that 2021 is still an important time for the free plus shipping model to come into play. If you are still worried about how to start selling on Shopify sites, create a free plus shipping Facebook ad Maybe it’s a good way, and if you want to see a lot of successful free plus shipping creatives, then BigSpy can help you.