How to Find Winning Products: 8 Key Steps for E-Commerce Success

Finding Winning Products is the goal of every e-commerce practitioner. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, market competition has become particularly fierce. Having popular products over the long term can help businesses cater to consumers' changing needs and preferences, thereby enhancing the seller's brand recognition and loyalty, increasing sales, and improving consumer word of mouth.

Success Stories of Winning Products: A Case Study Showcase

MonkeWorld, a brand that specializes in stress-relief toys, has made a name for itself on the TikTok platform with its unique and engaging products. Through a viral marketing strategy, MonkeWorld quickly sparked a trend on TikTok, attracting a significant amount of user attention and engagement. This innovative marketing approach not only brought effective advertising results for the brand but also led to impressive sales performance on the Amazon platform.

Amazon Sales Data

  • Monthly Sales Volume: 1700+
  • Monthly Revenue: $86,000+
winning product-MonkeWorld

Advertising Campaign Data

  • Promotion Channel: TikTok
  • Campaign Dates: January 9, 2024, to January 11, 2024
  • Estimated Impressions: 210.3M
  • Likes: 2.1M
  • Comments: 3K
  • Shares: 2.8K

You can click the link to watch the advertisement video:

8 Steps to Help Find Winning Products

1. Market Trend Analysis

Use tools like Google Trends or Social Mention to track and analyze rising market trends. These trends can provide you with valuable insights, indicating which product categories may become popular with consumers.

2. Competitor Research

Analyze your competitors, especially those who are already successful. Look at their hot products, learn their marketing strategies and customer feedback. This can not only help you discover potential hot products but also allow you to avoid entering an overly saturated market.

3. Consumer Demand Analysis

Obtain information directly from your target consumers through surveys, social media monitoring, and participation in online community discussions. Understand their needs, interests, and pain points to find problems your product can solve.

4. Utilize E-commerce and Social Platforms Data

Study hot products and categories on large e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. These platforms often publish trend reports based on consumer buying behavior, which are valuable resources for discovering hot products. At the same time, browse popular social platforms like Facebook, TikTok, etc., to observe consumer preferences, judging the popularity of products by likes and comment feedback.

5. Supply Chain Research

Establish contacts with reliable suppliers and maintain good communication. Understanding their latest products and technology can help you discover product opportunities that have not been fully exploited by the market.

6. Keyword and SEO Research

By using professional keyword research tools, we can gain insights into user behavior on search engines and grasp market trends. Understanding the search volume of a keyword reveals its search trend, helping us to more accurately predict user needs. When selecting keywords, we not only focus on search volume but also consider the level of competition. Choosing keywords with high search volume but low competition means we have a greater chance of standing out in search engine results, and attracting more traffic.

7. Small-Scale Market Testing

After selecting potential hot products, test market reactions through small-scale advertising and sales tests. Use platforms like Facebook ads or Google AdWords for targeted testing, analyzing click-through rates and conversion rates to evaluate the product's market potential.

8. Rapid Iteration and Adaptation

Quickly adjust your product selection and marketing strategies based on market feedback. In the e-commerce field, market trends can change rapidly, so businesses that can adapt quickly are more likely to succeed.

By following these steps, you will be able to more systematically identify and validate potential hot products, thus standing out in a competitive market. Remember, continuous market research and a keen insight into consumer needs are key to discovering the next hot product.

Use BigSpy to Find Winning Products

With BigSpy, you can easily find products that interest you. Next, I will explain the specific steps to you:

If you already have a specific product category in mind, enter related keywords to search; if not, no worries, you can directly complete the following steps.

how to find winning products with BigSpy

First, choose the type of website you want to browse, such as Shopify or other platforms.

Next, select your marketing goal, such as "Shop Now" or other shopping-oriented options.

Then, to view the latest products, you can select a time range of the past 7 days.

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After completing these steps, you will get a selection of recently popular products, making it easy to discover recent Winning Products.