Father’s Day Ad Marketing Strategy in 2023

Are You Ready for Your Father's Day Ad?

Like Mother's Day, Father's Day is also a popular holiday for marketing activities. Father's Day gifts and Mother's Day gifts are often different. Therefore, sellers who are doing e-commerce need to make major changes in product research. However, the design of the Father’s Day ad will also have a greater impact on product sales and branding. Generally speaking, we need to check competitors’ Father’s Day ad for inspiration and copy their successful cases. BigSpy can easily help you complete these tasks.

At the same time, the marketing strategy of Father's Day ad is also very important. Often an interesting marketing strategy will help you get results quickly. The following are 9 marketing experts' thoughts on Father's Day ad marketing strategies. Maybe it will help you.

Check Competitors’ Father’s Day Ad
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Father's Day Ad Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy brought by 9 marketing experts

Robert Barrows
R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations

Many years ago, I handled the advertising for a very promotionally minded car dealership and we would run an  Ugly Tie Contest  for a Father's Day promotion.

The first prize was $500, but many people were very reluctant to part with even their ugliest tie, even though the prize was $500.The contest was very successful and a lot of fun, and it got some good press coverage.

The ugliest tie that won the first year was a tie that had a pattern of large green flies on it. From a distance, it looked like an ordinary tie. When you got closer, you could see that the pattern was flies.

Kristaps Brencans
CMO of On The Map

Regardless of the specific product being promoted, the best marketing strategies for Father's Day 2021 will focus around the current thoughts and feelings of consumers during this time, which overall encompass a strong sense of longing for a return to normalcy after a year of quarantine. These ads and campaigns should include plenty of positive imagery and emotions relating to family and togetherness, further showing the upward trend. 

Many of the most successful ad marketing strategies for Father's Day this year will also promote experiences rather than products, as out-of-the-house experiences have been scarce during quarantine. Given the boredom, monotony, and repetition we've all faced throughout the past months, ad campaigns marketing even the most insignificant trips or experiences are likely to see some buyers this Father's Day.

Nathan Murphy
Co-founder and partial owner of QuizBreaker

For 2021 e-commerce marketing, self-improvement will be a central area in both the copy as well as the ads themselves. Throughout the long period of quarantine we've all endured, there's no doubt a lot of self-reflection has occurred for many people, resulting in new goals and new challenges - and new products needed to take on those challenges. Much like New Years, this Father's Day will feature many people coming out of quarantine wanting to improve themselves in a multitude of ways, and ad campaigns will set out to inspire and motivate. Of course, the more you're able to inspire your target market, the more successful your campaign will ultimately be. This is a fantastic opportunity to establish your brand as a positive influence that cares deeply about the progress of your customers while also boosting sales revenue at the same time. 

John Ross
CMO of Test Prep Insight

I personally think Father's Day 2021 is a PERFECT opportunity to draft off of the optimism surrounding the COVID vaccine that is being distributed nationally. My best suggestion is to implement an email marketing campaign (or other advertising medium) based around the vaccine with a funny subject line that will catch people's eye in their inbox. 

For example, in our company's case, "VACCINATE Yourself Today! (Against Low Quality Test Prep Materials)". Getting people to just open your email is the hardest part, and sometimes a chuckle from a witty subject line is enough to open and start reading, or pay attention to a sidebar ad if you are going that route. So that would be my pro tip for Father's Day 2021 -- lean on the vaccine rollout as a means to lure people into opening your email with a snappy subject line

 Wellpcb PTY LTD - Head of Marketing

A simple discount for Father's Day may be enough to get some people's attention. Going further, you may want to consider giving away "top dad products."

Going further, you should consider holding a social media contest. You can only provide products. You will get some registrations, which can be targeted through email marketing in the future, which is excellent. However, it pays to build relationships with your customers (and potential customers) in this day and age.

This can be achieved by allowing customers to interact with your brand somehow, and social media is the perfect tool to achieve this goal.

For example, you can encourage them to share "favorite daddy moments," "daddy images," or even "dad jokes" in social media contests. Remember to think of an intelligent #hashtag, associate it with the campaign, and use it in their posts (for example, #mydadiscoolerthanyourdad). In addition, please encourage them to share posts with their followers.

Through social media contests, you can not only make them interact with your brand and share the game with their friends, but you can also establish an emotional connection with your brand.

Susan Thompson
Marketing Manager of Topp Casino Bonus

Send out a Father's Day Email Marketing Campaign
When it comes to a holiday marketing campaign, email marketing is always a good idea, and trust me it never fails. So if you already have an established email list, it will be even easier to accomplish. Figure out what kind of promotion you want and send out an initial email followed by several follow-up emails.  

Even if they are dumped in promotional folders or other filters, aggressive email marketing campaigns will increase your sales. It's one of the easiest and most proven marketing strategies so don’t miss out on a chance to take advantage.

And always remember to use a clickable subject line, clear calls to action and short content, when sending mails.

Advertise on social media with a Contest or Giveaway
Start by running a simple ad campaign on any social media platform you like. Social Media are easy to target and affordable. You can try advertising a contest or giveaway. Customers love playing games or having a chance to win free things, so running contests or giveaways will get you more clicks, likes, shares, and overall traffic. It will also help you build brand recognition and trust. Winning a contest is special, and your customers will respond by visiting your store more often.

Marketing director and founder of WeInvoice

For the upcoming Father’s day, I will hold a special social media contest on Instagram or Facebook. My strategy will be creating a branded, and using a special Father’s day sale hashtag to motivate my fans and followers to partake in this contest..

I have been thinking of asking them to share their dad’s picture and also add a short description of what makes their dad superior to others.. Therefore, in my opinion, running a contest on social platforms will be the best-in-class marketing strategy.

Here, I urge everyone to share their photos of last year's Father's day celebrations. In this memorable and amazing contest, I would like to add a special prize, which includes a discount or maybe a gift card on future purchasing from me.

Furthermore, on the auspicious occasion of Father’s day, my fascinating marketing move will be to arrange a special dinner for the fans and their fathers or give them movie tickets for free! 

Abby Herman
Snap Agency - Director of Strategy

When it comes to special occasions and gifts for loved ones, competition is fierce in the land of marketing campaigns. Everyone is trying to display their best products, services and special offers all at the same time. A good way to stand out is to offer help, when so many people are racking their brains in order to come up with a thoughtful gift for their loved ones. A gift guide is a great way to attract new customers, increase sales, and also grow your email list. A guide, also known as a lead magnet is super versatile because it can be adapted to any holiday, any special occasion, as all you need to change is the gift list to become relevant for the intended person.

As for Father’s Day, a gift guide can come in many forms, whether be for the “outdoorsy” dad, the avid reader, or a handyperson. This can make the life much easier for the person buying the gift (which could be from your store, or just a recommendation to another website), while also gaining a new customer that can return later for other gifts. In summary, a gift guide is a great way to serve your audience, attract new customers, and grow your email list which could generate repeat sales, as you start building trust with your potential customers. And the best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime to get started, and you can post it all on social media for free, and if your finances allow, invest in some paid ads for a much wider audience reach.

Co-founder of CocoSign

Statistics of 2019 will show us that nearly 40% of money spent on departmental stores and 33% was spent on online shopping on father's day. But, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people shop. Online shopping will be on the top this year. 

I first prepared an overview of my advertising plan in which the elements of the strategy like preparing guides were most important. After that, choosing the platforms will now be the decision that converts the audience. For example, my youtube marketing was always successful for conversions following Google and Facebook ads. Then I start developing a timeline, outlining my budget, and providing additional resources. 

So, what will be the best Father's Day ad marketing strategy for this year? 

  • This year, gift guides will be on top. Creating a Father's Day gift guide that showcases products with pictures and descriptions along with interesting facts about fathers. 
  • Focusing on "Father Only" specials designed to attract fathers and their children. For example, a gift card, extra discounts for attracting children, and more.
  • Research shows that half of the father's day shoppers are moms because of kids of small age. So the strategy and target audience will be also appealing to mothers. 
  • Hashtags for social media change every year, choosing the hashtag which is trending can lead brands to reach more audiences. 

No matter how people choose to market products for Father’s day, creating a marketing strategy that engages directly with shoppers looking for men's and father's day products can help you take benefit of the occasion.

Final Thought

You can organize an interesting marketing event for your product, like "Ugly Tie Contest", or you can give away movie tickets 🎬 for Father's Day marketing. But in the end, your Father's Day ads must be satisfied with your audience, and only then can they buy your products. The marketing campaign is to expand the reputation of the product, and the good-looking Father's Day advertisement is to increase the audience conversion rate. In order to make your Father's Day ads quickly improve, you should act quickly, use BigSpy to spy your competitors and open your way to earn money.