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Fashion items such as sunglasses should be one of the must-haves for everyone when going out. The current positioning of Sunglasses is not only a tool to block the sun and protect the eyes, but also a fashion look that users love. The popularity of Sunglasses has spawned many Sunglasses stores, and they usually promote and sell Sunglasses on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. If we want to quickly gain users’ love and create a hot Sunglasses ad, we must first design a successful Sunglasses ads creatives.

6 best sunglasses advertising creative case studies

BigSpy is an advertising creative collection tool, which comes from a big data company. BigSpy aggregates advertisements from 7 social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc., and helps users find better advertising ideas through search, advanced filtering and multiple sorting methods, helping us optimize our advertising campaigns and increase ROI. Below are 5 successful sunglasses ads I found on BigSpy.

Vaarose-luxury style

Many internationally renowned luxury brands have fashion items about sunglasses. This pink sunglasses is a classic luxury style commonly used for ladies. The color of the ad is concise and atmospheric, which quickly attracts users' attention.

According to BigSpy's statistics, this ad has received 24.2k likes in 54 days.

Leziff - Cool Feeling

It seems cool once was an exclusive term for boys, but now many girls also like this style. Pure black sunglasses with full red lips are standard for cool girls. This kind of distinctive sunglasses advertising pictures always make people shine.

AG Specs - Emphasizes the functional type of glasses

Blocking blue light and reducing the sun’s eye damage are the biggest reasons why many people buy sunglasses. European and American countries have the habit of sunbathing, as well as some outdoor workers, they will have the need to buy high sun protection sunglasses. Therefore, highlighting the functionality of sunglasses in advertising creativity is also a good way to create sunglasses advertising.

Just like in this picture, the difference between sunglasses and ordinary glasses is drawn in a comic way. Although some users will be attracted by the beautiful sunglasses, the users who really make purchases are more concerned about the practicality of sunglasses.

Topfoxx - cute style

The shape of the sunglasses is always the same. Now there is a pink cat ear sunglasses that will stand out?

Benzo Store - Premium Experience

Black lenses, metal single-beam frame, transparent inner core temples······The overall is simple and light, smooth and generous, with outstanding quality and delicate details. I think such a classic fashion sunglasses can attract the eyes of many users by putting it there.

Rainbow OPTX - break the usual

When it comes to sunglasses, everyone's first impression is black sunglasses, which can block the sun. Now Rainbow OPTX has launched sunglasses in 10 colors. With it, we see that the object will be added with filters of different colors, which is no longer the black of traditional sunglasses. Users are always more willing to try new things.

In addition to high-quality Sunglasses ad ideas, if you want to increase the advertising ROI, you also need to optimize the advertising audience and advertising budget.

Advertising Audience - AdTargeting:

From the above creative design of advertising, we can find that any sunglasses are targeted at a specific audience. For example, black sunglasses with a metal frame are targeted at men in their 20s to 30s. Then we have to do with this specific In addition to the user characteristics, you can also traget such users through detailed interests. For example, through keywords: "travel" and other more precise targeting of advertising audiences by AdTargeting.

Advertising Price - AdCostly:

When we set up a new campaign, or place Facebook ads in a new country, advertising bidding or choosing which type of advertising is more suitable will require a long period of A/B testing, but now there is a tool (AdCostly) can help us reduce the test time, because AdCostly will calculate the average bid of each country and channel based on different advertising interest keywords, making it easier for us to test advertising costs.


The above are 8 tips to increase the sales of sunglasses advertising, whether it is advertising creativity, advertising audiences, advertising costs, you can optimize them.