4 Best AD Spy Tools in 2020[2020 update]

For marketers, it’s important to run the marketing, design the target web page, and create the AD copy, which results in good results in terms of traffic and conversion.
As an affiliate marketer, you often test by breaking up different AD copy, target pages, and offers.
In this article, we’ve listed six of the best Facebook AD spy tools in 2020 to help you keep tabs on Facebook ads your competitors are running.


The best thing about Adplexity is that it’s a complete AD spyware tool for mobile, desktop, and native intelligence. Therefore, it is the best AD spyware you can use to monitor your competitors’ AD campaigns.
It’s the only service on the market that monitors Android apps, mobile networks, pop-ups and redirects for wi-fi and carrier traffic.
Adplexity gives you the chance to discover hidden AD collections specifically targeting mobile traffic from around the world. It covers every major country and many “low-competitive” countries. It provides ultra-fast searches and returns results in fractions of a second.
You can monitor ads running on thousands of Android applications. It can even track AD campaigns on pop-up ads. You can find ads that promote affiliate offers. Continue to download each login page directly from its user interface. You can get in-depth data and filtering options for each AD series.
The Adplexity desktop allows you to locate all popular devices, including Windows PCS, Macs, iPhones, Android phones, iPad, and Android tablets. You can see how long the campaign has been running, the target pages used, and so on. You can find features suitable for others on all major desktop, native, and mobile traffic sources.
In summary, Adplexity is the best competitive intelligence tool for monitoring desktop, mobile and native advertising campaigns.
Pricing: a paid plan costs $199 per source per month

2.Anstrex Native Ad Spy Tool

Anstrex is one of the best Native Ad Spy tools and gives you all your competitive intelligence data. It has a large database and even updates regularly.

It provides an easy-to-use interface that helps you easily find successful native advertising campaigns in any category. Anstrex provides excellent filtering options that make searching so simple.
Anstrex instantly previews the landing page. You can have AD network details. Ads can be filtered by different metrics, such as (Alexa ranking, daily performance, ad-strength, and Gravity).
You can even download the login page. It covers mobile and desktop platforms. You can analyze native ads in different countries/regions, categories, and languages.
With Anstrex, you can get all the information, such as how long the ads have been running, how many platforms the ads have been running on, and so on.
This is a good time saver because you can analyze a large number of native ads in a few seconds. Anstrex allows you to track your competitors’ affiliate marketing campaigns in your niche. It provides excellent search and filtering capabilities.
All in all, Anstrex proves an incredible native ad-spying tool that makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition.
Pricing: payment plan
Standard: $39. 99 per month
Customization: $49. 99 per month
Ultimate: $59. 99 per month


PowerAdSpy is a Facebook ads spy tool. It allows you to see your competitor’s target audience age, interests, and geography.Poweradspy is used on the google extension, and its operation is more complicated than other tools.

PowerAdSpy has a massive database. It allows you to search through their database of over 50,000,000 real-time world ads, with over 1,000,000+ monthly updates in as much as 15 countries so far.
It offers an easy way to review what type of ads your competitors are using. You can view the complete AD (Original Copy) as well as the current interaction It has (such as likes, comments, comments). And shares).
PowerAdSpy allows you to:
Filter Ads according to your niche
Debunk your Competitor’s strategies such as running ads, landing pages, etc.
Take what he takes the best-running Facebook ads within seconds
Bookmark the best ads and keep them safe for future work
It has powerful search options
With PowerAdSpy, you can search for all the popular ads based on Keywords, advertisements, and Domains.
PowerAdSpy comes with powerful filtering options.
You can filter popular ads based on AD positions (newsfeed, side column, etc.)
You can filter popular ads based on AD types (images or videos)
One can filter popular ads based on Gender (Target Audience)
You can filter popular ads based on Age (Target Age Group)
You can filter popular ads based on a relationship such as single, single, married, divorced
One can filter popular ads based on location. In fact, it’s the best tool to search for native ads.
From one single dashboard, you get detailed analytics about AD reach, social engagement, and latest trends.
PowerAdSpy comes in three different packages (monthly plan) such as Basic, Standard, They also offer a five-day trial at $7 for Standard/Premium plans. It offers a day trial at $1 for the Basic Plan.
Pricing: Paid the Plans.
Basic: $49 Per Month
Standard: $99 Per Month
Premium: $249 Per Month


It’s the #1 ads spy tool, Bigspy is having a huge database that almost covers every ad type, niche and also any country. It has more than 100 million ads from more than 40 countries and regions and more than 40 AD types, And is growing. You can easily social media ads and funnels in a matter of seconds.

Key Features:
You can search Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Admob, and Pinterest, Yahoo for all kinds of advertisements on different platforms,
It can be different types, different countries of all kinds of advertising campaign your campaigns
Top Stores Shopify spy ads,
Including Product Database, and Trending Products
And it has a free version
Of course, these advertising data does not mean that we can do network marketing, but this is only part Of our marketing. Let’s take a look at using a free trial adspy tool, There are four ways to study advertising data.
a. Advertiser
This feature allows you to find out where your advertiser is serving ads. Imagine you decide to advertise a product. All you have to do is insert the domain name in the advertiser search field.
You can then view demographics, all ads (text, banner ads, native ads), and information about publishers, even their sites.
Tip: We recommend that you sort yours cremates by exact search, as it will show you the best ads first!
b. publisher
If you want to show ads on specific platforms, like Facebook ads, this section is for you. For different platforms, you can search for information for the same advertiser, AD type, And the advertiser list.
You can check all the ads placed on it, the duration of the AD, and other details.
c. Keywords
This section is great for researching specific ads. For example, you can view the information for the keyword “shoes” in the image below.
You can also choose the ads that are most interesting to You.
Searching by keyword is a very useful tool if you want to see advertisers in a particular market.
d. Keyword exclusion
Many tools have keyword search capabilities, but keyword exclusion is just as important, it can make searching more precise.
Users only need to enter the excluded keywords, and then click submit to achieve a more precise search.

e. Advertising performance tracking
BigSpy can track user response for each ad for 30 days. BigSpy is the only tool that can track the effectiveness of ads. BigSpy uses charts to show the number of likes, shares and comments on ads in the last 7 days and the last 30 days.