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Christmas is a traditional holiday in the West, but with the development of the world economy, Christmas is now a global holiday. Major businesses have also treated Christmas as an important holiday promotion. Christmas in 2020 is approaching, and businesses have begun to prepare for the brand promotion of Christmas, but the excellent creative ideas of holiday advertising always make designers feel difficult.
If you want to be unique in Christmas advertising, you must emotionally impress users. As a creative spy tool for advertising, BigSpy organizes the most popular Christmas advertisements in the past years and tells you how to design a Christmas advertisement with actual cases.

In general, an excellent Christmas ad campaign generally has the following points:

  1. Avoid too many commercial traces. Users like to purchase items on Christmas, but do not like naked advertising and sales. So when making Christmas ads, we must avoid too much commercial marketing.
  2. Give back to customers with heart: Christmas is an important holiday celebration, giving back to customers some larger discounts, or giving customers some exquisite small gifts can attract and impress users.
  3. Unique items: It seems that the way to celebrate Christmas is the same every year. Users always like new things. Use some new creative ideas to attract them.
  4. Reflect the brand characteristics: The purpose of making excellent Christmas advertisements is still to promote the brand, integrate the brand with Christmas Day, and impress users with a touching story.

The following is a collection of the most popular Christmas ad:

1. Vodafone Zoozoos – highlight the Christmas atmosphere

Vodafone Zoozoos Facebook ad - bigspy
Vodafone Zoozoos Facebook ad – bigspy
Vodafone Zoozoos Facebook ad - bigspy
Vodafone Zoozoos Facebook ad – bigspy

Vodafone is an Indian telecom operator, and ZooZoos is an advertising character produced by the Indian company Vodafone in a sports game, and it has been 10 years old. ZooZoos as the company’s iconic icon is used in multiple advertising scenarios.
Vodafone issued two Christmas celebration advertisements on Christmas 2019. The first advertisement was: a group of Zoozoos wearing Christmas hats and singing the Christmas song Jingle Bells vividly in the accompaniment. The second advertisement is: A group of Zoozoos put on the shape of a Christmas tree in Christmas songs.
This cartoon character vividly sings Christmas songs. A Christmas song full of innocence is enough to express the blessings of the holiday and sincere feedback to users.
Brands may not need too complicated designs when making Christmas advertisements. In fact, they only need to make users feel the festive atmosphere. According to BigSpy statistics, these two ads were posted on Facebook for about a week, and a total of 1.36M likes and 10k comments were obtained. A simple holiday greeting is the best Christmas gift.

2. Christmas Wonder Shop – Magical Christmas Dress Up

Christmas Wonder Shop Facebook ad - BigSpy
Christmas Wonder Shop Facebook ad – BigSpy

There are many beautiful costumes for Christmas, but no matter how exquisite and beautiful Christmas hats are, they are a bit the same for users. Users are always attracted by novelties. Christmas Wonder Shop is a shop for Christmas costumes. On Christmas in 2019, they launched Christmas pants. It can be said that this is something we have never seen before, and it seems very good to wear these pants to go to the gym. . Wearing these pants is like “Be different from anybody else” as the advertisement says.
The advertisement for this pair of Christmas pants began in November last year until the end of September 2020, and has been liked by users.

The annual Christmas shopping is a must-have activity for every family, but how to stand out among the many decorations? The most important thing is that it is unique enough. The cookie-cutter Christmas costumes are outdated. Everyone is pursuing a unique personality, so Christmas costumes must be won by novelty.

3. Vivo – Focus on the current holiday status

Vivo Facebook ad - BigSpy
Vivo Facebook ad – BigSpy

The Christmas advertisement released by Vivo in 2019 starts from the unique phenomenon of modern society, directly hits the pain points of users, shows the social phenomenon of people being too addicted to the online world, and calls on people to care more about their family and friends.
This advertisement looks at the contemporary holiday status from the perspective of a little girl. Most families pay more attention to their performance on social media during the reunion day of Christmas, hoping that they will have more sense of participation on social media. Thus ignoring relatives and friends in real life. Therefore, Vivo launched the #TurnOffToTurnOn campaign in the Christmas advertisement, hoping that people can put it on their mobile phones to care about their relatives and friends.
This ad has been posted on Facebook for 38 days and has received 93.2k likes. This ad uses the intuitive feeling of a little girl to impress users and let them feel the beauty of Christmas.

4. McDonald’s – Guarding the Innocence

McDonald's Facebook ad - BigSpy
McDonald’s Facebook ad – BigSpy

Children are the most enthusiastic fans of Christmas. Christmas is a fairy tale and a mysterious existence for children. McDonald’s started the #ReindeerReady series of stories in 2017. In 2019, McDonald’s told a family story in the form of animation. On the occasion of Christmas, the father couldn’t bear his daughter’s disappointment and dressed up the dog as an elk to accompany his daughter. When they went to McDonald’s to buy elk food together, the scene transitioned from animation to real scene. The entire short story is nearing its end.
Christmas is full of fantasy for children, and what adults have to do is to protect this innocence. The elk story of McDonald’s touches people’s hearts with the simplest scenes. McDonald’s got 20.8k likes in 37 days of placing this ad on Facebook.

I hope McDonald’s will continue the elk story in 2020, and impress us with heart-warming stories!

5. LADbible – Real Christmas Day Preparation

LADbible Facebook Ad - BigSpy
LADbible Facebook Ad – BigSpy

More and more people no longer pay for the exquisite advertising pictures. Instead, they prefer real-life pictures and the holiday preparations that people make for Christmas in reality. Just like this ad said, everyone is surrounded by such a moment, they are so passionate about Christmas.
LADbible’s Christmas advertisement has no exquisite design or perfect planning, but just like the colleagues in this advertisement, she placed an oversized Christmas tree and Christmas chair decorations in her place, with the greatest sincerity To welcome the arrival of Christmas. This true joy of welcoming Christmas is the emotion that moves users the most.
According to BigSpy statistics, LADbible’s release of this ad received 5.6k likes and 1.9k shares within 1 day. Christmas ad creativity may only need a sincere welcome to the holiday season.

A tool to find Christmas ads – BigSpy

BigSpy is the best social media spy tool. If you are still troubled by creative advertising, then BigSpy can help you. You only need to enter keywords and click search to find ads that have already been placed on social media. The above are the most popular Christmas advertisements of 2019 that I found on BigSpy. I hope I can help you with a little help in the coming Christmas 2020.

find Christmas ads tool - BigSpy
find Christmas ads tool – BigSpy

In fact, from the Christmas ad I found, we can find that if you want to make an ad that is liked by people, it must be able to impress users emotionally, grasp a certain holiday heart of users, and enlarge it, for example: celebrating the joy of Christmas, People’s indifference to the reality of festivals, children’s innocence and so on. In addition, we can use hashtags to reach more potential advertising audiences, and most importantly, we must avoid too much commercial marketing. Finally, you can also use Christmas emoticons to bring consumer emotions into the festive joy of Christmas.