Anstrex vs BigSpy

Asterix: spy on top advertisers currently dominating push notification ads andbuild winning campaigns today by spying on your competition

The only ad intelligence tool that you will need for spying on native ad campaigns as well as push notification ads.

Bigspy is a free ad spy tool, it makes ads more transparent, and spy on competitors facebook ads. It can monitor facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google ads, Pinterest ads, Instagram ads, Yahoo ads and other types of ads to find the latest ads.

So what’s the difference between anstrex and bigspy?

Features BigSpy Anstrex
Advertising data 163,987,541 10,401,875
Social media platform Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest other networks
Browser Google, yahoo Google, yahoo
Native Ads  ✅  ✅
Display ads  ✅
Search title,text,advert meta  ❌
Filter Campaigns, ad creative, industry, CTA type, Categories,
E-commerce software, country, time
Country, Language, Ad Network
Ads sort  ✅
Ads exclusion  ✅
Download ads  ✅
Ads track  ✅
Featured ads  ✅
Free  ✅
Pricing $9,$99 $54,$74,$124