An overview of BigSpy and how to apply it to find the right ads creatives and track ads.

Table of contents

What is BigSpy

How to find ads creatives

   Method 1: search keyword+set filters

   Method 2: view the featured ads

   Method 3: view the people tracked ads

How to track ads

What is BigSpy

BigSpy is an ad spy tool for people to draw creative inspirations for their new marketing campaigns. As a huge database covering more than 160,000,000 ads from over 40 countries, it typically serves with two functions, searching and tracking.

How to find ads creatives

Method 1: search keyword+set filters

Click ADSPY on the navigation toolbar of the main page, then you can access to the searching page with six platform classifications (Facebook, Instagram, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest and Yahoo)

If you are interested in a specific product or advertiser, start by searching the keyword. 

You can filter the results by Positions, Marketing Objectives, Countries, Created Time, Last Seen Time. Creative Types, Categories, CTA Types, ECommerce Softwares.  As well you can filter by setting Affiliate Networks, and enter the exact affiliate id and offer id in Affiliate filed. To exclude some keywords, it can be put in Exclude as result to reach an exact result.     

Remember that you can also sort the results by Last Seen, First Seen, Like, Comment and Share.

After clicking Search and getting the results, you can click the title of ads, and find the original ads on the platform.

Or click the ad creatives to obtain the information like the Period, Performance and the Trend in the Last 7 days or 30 days. Click the Download button, then you can download the creatives.   

For more details, you can click Detailed insight to access landing pages for the final URL. If you search with setting Affiliate Networks, especially when you filter with Affiliate Empire and Insparx, you can obtain more details, such as Affiliate ID and Offer ID.

The instruction above also works for the other five platforms, except it serves fewer filters than those on Facebook.

Method 2: view the featured ads

Featured ads are daily trending ads picked by big data and intelligence.

Click Tracked on the navigation toolbar of the main page, and stay at Featured Ads

It presents featured Facebook ads daily picked intelligence. You can view hot ads daily in the latest 30 days.

It can be shown by sorted in Last Seen, first seen, like, comment and share.

After clicking the ads, you can access the details of the ads.    

Method 3: View the people tracked ads

To catch the ads creatives other people pay attention to, you can check thousands of users tracked ads by clicking Tracked on the navigation toolbar and find People Tracked.

You can check by filtering the time (Today, Yesterday, 7 Days and 30 Days) and six platforms to reach accurate results. It also can be sorted by orders like last seen and first seen.

How to track ads

When you find an interesting ad, click the Track button to track the performance curve or ad scheduling and obtain detailed records.    

Then you can access My Tracked and find the ads you marked there. It can be filtered by setting the tracking time and platforms. After all the settings, it is easy to view the tracking records.  

Questions / Feedback

If you have ANY question about BigSpy, feel free to contact us by clicking the chat bubble button in the bottom right corner and we will be right there with you.