What Can The Best Ads Spy Tool Bring Us?

Advertising has developed into a certain scale, now more and more companies choose to use advertising to get more traffic, but, how to put the effect of advertising better, how to use the least money to get more traffic?

The best ads spy tool — BigSpy, is an efficient advertising monitoring system. BigSpy not only provides advertising effectiveness assessment services but also provides integrated, all-channel operational analysis for enterprises. In the early, middle, and late stages of advertising, we can put forward the most effective Suggestions. Only when we have a good idea can we have a better advertising effect.

What data support does ads spy tool provide in the early days of advertising?

In the early stage of advertising, we need to know which effective platforms can be used for advertising, such as Facebook, youtube, twitter, Google, and other popular advertising platforms. Different products need to be launched on different platforms, such as a social platform on Facebook.

It is suitable to provide the type of advertising shopping, food, games, and other entertainment advertising. BigSpy can provide a variety of AD delivery types on these platforms.

In the early stage of advertising, one of the things we need to do is to analyze the effect of the competitors. Don’t you want to know which platforms the competitors have put advertisements on? How about the effect of these advertisements?

BigSpy can do it!

In the early stage of advertising release, we need to make a report according to our company’s actual situation, including the release platform, advertising budget, release effect estimation, etc. BigSpy will analyze the existing market advertising data based on big data and give reasonable suggestions.

What data do we need to monitor in advertising?

A good ads spy tool monitors media release data in advertising, monitors and analyzes them, conducts timely investigation and processing of some abnormal data, and assists in the communication among customers, media, and advertising companies.

In the process of advertising, we need to pay attention to the following data: place, time, people, advertising page display style, click display ratio, jump, and so on.

At this point, the ads spy tool needs to pay attention to the following points: whether the placement area is correct or not, and whether the placement is conducted according to the advertising schedule. Better ads spy tools can still do this: through IP monitoring, UV data inspection, click effect analysis, find out abnormal click IP, and conduct shielding.

After the ads are released, BigSpy offers the following services:

After the advertisement is launched, a good ads spy can tell us how effective the advertisement is. We can directly see from BigSpy’s data: the number of fans growing, users’ comments, advertisements displayed for many times, and how many customers are attracted by our advertisement. Through these data, we can further analyze the advertising style and content that users like better advertising, so as to achieve better advertising effect and better advertising effect with less money.

BigSpy, The best ads spy tool, is not just a monitoring tool, it’s a service. The new integrated omnichannel advertising operation analysis tool can not only help advertisers to select media more quickly and optimize advertising ROI but also guide users to carry out various marketing activities through these data to further improve advertising sales. Overall, BigSpy offers an integrated solution for advertising.