Table of contents

  • What is BigSpy?
  • How to gain ads information with BigSpy?
  • How to find hot ads/featured ads?
  • How to save ads?

A. What is BigSpy

BigSpy is an ad spy tool for people to draw creative inspirations for their new marketing campaigns. As a huge database covering more than 850,000,000 ads from 9 mainstream platforms, it typically serves with two functions, searching and tracking.

B. How to gain ads information with BigSpy?

1. Working with the dashboard

1)Find ads to meet your criteria

Find ADSPY at the top navigation. Click it to select a category (gaming apps, non-gaming apps, or eCom ads). Put keywords in the search bar, if you don’t have a keyword in the mind, leave it blank.

Find ADSPY at the top navigation

Narrow down the result by adding or removing tags and filters including category, platform, countries where ads run in (Multiple choices supported), OS type, creatives’ type/format/dimensions, languages (Multiple choices supported), engagement, CTA types (Multiple choices supported) and last-seen date. A Theme filter is exclusively available for gaming-app ads and a COD option exclusively for eCom ads.

  • Tips:
    • Click Original ads to visit ads that are original
    • Click Only new ads to see the most recent ads

One note: each time you set a keyword or filter, page, or sort, your remaining queries will decrease by 1, so it can save many queries if you save the common filters and apply them in one click.

2)Find ads from a certain advertiser

We support several ways to find advertisers:

  • Search by their names
  • Enter the URL/ID of the social page of an ad. Click the title of the ad to be redirected to all ads from that advertiser.
search by name

3)Find ads with a certain landing page URL

BigSpy also supports searching by the landing page URL. Simply copy the URL and paste it into the search bar to find more relevant ads.

searching by the landing page URL

2. Read ad information

To view the original post of an ad, click "..." on the upper right corner of a feed then Original Post.

search by original post

To view the landing page, click the thumbnail or the CTA button.

search by CTA

Information you will find on the feed:

-Popularity, Impression, and Engagement

To view more information, click “View More”, and you will find:

-A launch calendar that shows the duration of an ad

-Shopify analysis, Product profit, FB engagement, AD audience for eCom ads

Information you will find on the feed
more information, click “View More”

C. How to find hot ads/featured ads?

The engagement data of the original post advertisement is a natural performance indicator, and the interactive value will continue to change with the increase of time.

BigSpy selects the best growth (the one with the highest growth in the sum of engagement value) from many original advertisements and provides it to customers called featured ads.  

featured Ads

D. How to save ads?

All you need to save an interesting ad is to click on the star mark and add it to your Favourite list. Remember to give it a label for efficient sorting. The star mark will turn yellow if you manage to place an ad into your Favourite list.

Save and tag your favorite creatives, and you will create your ad library.

save Ads

To find your Favourite list, hang your mouse on the username and go to "My Saved".

find your Favourite list

We provide dynamic information for your favorite creatives within 90 days of the advertisement. If it is discovered by the system more than once, it will be recorded as "discovered", otherwise it will be recorded as "not found". In addition, if you are a paying customer and have collected the original post advertisement, we will automatically track the change of the engagement value of the original post advertisement for you.

Questions / Feedback

If you have ANY questions about BigSpy, feel free to contact us by clicking the chat bubble button in the bottom right corner and we will be right there with you.