How does the Ad Creative Help Advertising Better?

Tips of Ad Creative Optimization by 18 Marketing Experts

As we all know, the material is one of the most important factors in order to create successful ads when advertising in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. We are all working hard to increase the ROI and complete better advertising creatives. Many people want to know how to create successful ad ideas? What are the necessary conditions for an excellent ad creative? As an ad spy tool, BigSpy provides a large number of good advertising materials.
I hope to  solve this problem: When you get an ad spy tool, how does it directly help you with your ads?

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Sandra - Think Impact

Catchy ads are usually dependent on the target market on how they will relate themselves to your ads. The ads success could be monitored through the response from the public by liking the as well as the analytics verify. You can stick to the cliches and relatable contents that could help the age group enjoy your ads. Ads ideas that include big artists and influential celebrities or famous lines and memes can also affect the viewership of your ads.

Daniel Foley - Hometree SEO teams

I am Daniel Foley, SEO Team Manager at HomeTree.   Being an owner of a digital marketing company, I strongly believe that product placement is very important for an advertiser to choose the best placement for their product in order to obtain more exposure.  The creators and marketers of certain products pay for their products to be in a television show or a movie to gain exposure, this is the best technique ever used by them.

The best tips I have for creating engaging and successful Facebook ads are:
Create A Video Ad instead of using an image, this is because videos drive 59% of all clicks when looking at paid ads on social media. This is because videos are more interactive for the user and much more efficient at gaining a users attention and delivering your message.
As well as this, keeping your advert short and snappy allows it to resonate better with the user and makes it more likely for them to watch the entire clip. Keeping the user engaged for the full duration will then increase the likelihood of them converting in the way the ad is designed for them to do. 

Ronald Dsouza - FJackets

It's the small changes that create a huge impact. After testing several creatives, we noticed that carousel ads with colored backgrounds perform much better than plain white background ads and even have better ROI. This is probably because ads with color tend to stand out more and grab the viewer's attention. This might not work for every product, but it's worth testing.

Brian - Breaking Into Wall Street

I’m the CEO and founder of the finance career platform Breaking into Wall Street, and in the beginning stages of my business, I was doing all my own marketing. 

When it comes to social media, the length of the ad should be relatively short and drop the punchline fairly quickly to introduce your product before people start scrolling. 

Highly creative and unique campaigns can successfully improve brand recall, but pay attention to competitors and industry behaviors, as highly creative ads are more successful in some categories over others. This is where an ad spy tool can come in handy - it helps you to keep an eye on the competition and see the types of ads that your competitors are utilizing successfully.

Keep ads image heavy on social media platforms to grab and keep the viewer’s attention long enough to build brand recall and increase engagement. 

Gilad - Huan

I'm the founder and CEO of Huan, a company that sells smart tags for pets so they can be easily found if they go missing. We have run many successful ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

What are the necessary conditions for an excellent ad creative?

Lead with your core benefit

Customers want to know how your product can help them. They don’t need to know every single feature about your product. So keep your ad copy short and lead with a core benefit that has the most appeal to your target audience. Then tell them what they need to do next, for example give them a link to your product page.

When you get an ad spy tool, how does it directly help you with your ads?

Use ad spy tools to study what kinds of images and text your competitors are using, what their offers are, and who their target audience is. You can use these insights to improve your ads and stand out from your competition.

Axel - AGBK

My name is Axel Gimenez. I am a freelance Director, Creative Director (+10 years experience) specializing in video and animated Social Media content. I work directly with brands as well as agencies.

ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONSHow do you create successful ad ideas?Successful ad ideas are created when you can distill your product or service to its essence. It must then connect to a human truth. Associating your distilled idea to a human truth makes your product or service's value instantly recognizable and relatable. 
With a strong concept, you can move on to designing the look and feel of the creative. Be inspired by what others are making. It is always a good idea to push the visual elements to engage today's savvy consumers.. However, make sure that it still ties back to the visual language of your brand.What are the necessary conditions for an excellent ad creative?To create the best ad creative, the client and creatives must collaborate. They must stand on equal footing as peers, so the transmission of ideas and collaboration is a true team effort. This means there must be total mutual trust and respect. This allows for out-of-the-box thinking to thrive.

Martina - BHMR

How To Utilize BigSpy To Skyrocket Your Ads' Effectiveness
In the ever-growing world of online advertising, the costs keep rising & customers keep getting more and more skeptical of marketing approaches.
With that in mind, is had gotten even more important to do your due diligence and analyze your industry's marketing tactics and how you can create ads that are way more effective at turning potential prospects into happy customers.
The next logical question you're asking is - "how can this be achieved and what steps should I take going forward?"
Well, not to worry!
Here is a quick step by step you should consider to increase the effectiveness of your social media advertising going forward!

1. Customer Research

The first fundamental step that every successful business should take is analyze the behavior of their customers regarding products similar to yours in the space.
Analyze how they react, what are the most common pain points that they mention, how impactful the product is on someone's life & the most important...why they buy it..
After you get a decent understand of these 4 main questions, you've already won half the battle!

2. Competitor Research

Now, it's time to look at the other end of the spectrum.
You can use extremely useful apps like BigSpy that let you dive in the competitors' marketing tactics and truly understand what is working, what has worked in the past & what WILL work in the future for you.
Look at the ad images - colors used, text fonts used, attention grabbing tactics utilizes.
Anything that catches your eye - take a note of it.
If you want to take it one step further, act like a consultant and critique the ad on what they can possibly change to make it even better.
Obviously, don't tell them how to make it better but add that to your own approach!
After analyzing the creative with BigSpy, look at their entire customer journey.
I'd recommend even buy or trying out their product to see if they have some re-marketing campaign ads going on or if they have some effective upsells/downsell sequences you can "replicate".
I understand how researching this can seem mundane and even at certain times useless but this research will turn your potentially successful marketing en-devours into CERTAINLY successful marketing en-devours.

3. Implement

Now is where the fun part starts! After you took into account all the important factors that you think make their advertising approach more successful, now it's time to apply it to your own business!
You want to obviously utilize the same reasons why their marketing is successful but apply it in a way where it's congruent with your own branding and consistent with the entire customers' experience.
Create ad images and headlines based on the competitors that will be the most attention-grabbing options.
Create ad copy that pre-frames the reader well going into the click and turn readers of the ad into interested potential buyers.
Create sales page copy that is congruent with the ad, agitates their problems & provide your product as a solution with your own unique angle & branding that differentiates you from your competitors.
After implementing, the only thing you have to do is OPTIMIZE, OPTIMIZE & OPTIMIZE.
Tweak ad creatives to maximize CPA, keep looking at other competitors, tweak your landing pages with adding/removing elements and stuff like that that might impact your conversion rates positively!

Hope you got some value from this article and looking forward for your amazing success using BigSpy!

Salva - Hockerty

I am Salva Jovells from

It is really important for us understanding what are our competitors doing, this is why we use Facebook ads library to check competitors. We have seen during the last years that creatives (both images and texts) from real customers or influencers work much better than any of our own messages. Customers are willing to read and see real experiences.

There are 3 things that matter most in an advertisement. 

1. The big idea of the ad

2. The first line of the ad

3. The creative

It's the creative that will be the initial attention getter..

Consumers go to each platform for different reasons, so your ad creative needs to satisfy the reason why the user is there in the first place.

People go to facebook to get news and connect with friendsPeople who go to instagram are looking for a more visual experience Creating a good creative is hard, anyone that's been advertising for a day knows that. It all comes down to testing, looking at what's working, both from your ads and others, and keep measuring success and leveling up.Here are a couple tips on making a good ad creative..

1. Make it make sense for the platform

2. Have something strange, or surprising in it to get attention.

3. Have a picture of people when possible

John - Webconsuls

The most effective ad copy typically revolves around solving a problem. It's important to employ best practices like high quality images, compelling text, call to actions, etc - but no matter how good the ad is most users will scroll past it unless it quickly shows how it can solve a problem they have. The exact setup will vary depending on the platform or placement, but ideally you want to show the problem, show that your product or service can help solve that problem, and then include social proof to convey that what you're selling is legitimate and has worked for others. 

Ad spy tools are an enormous help in creating successful ad campaigns because they help you hone in on how your competition is conveying how their product or service fills a void. There are typically many ways to say or show how what you're advertising works, and seeing how others in your industry approach that can help spark ideas you wouldn't think of without being initially prompted from a competitor's ad. Spy tools also help you stay current with trends. No matter how much of an expert you are, you need to constantly be learning to stay on top. No single person or business can stay up to date on every single digital trend, so having a tool that keeps trends consolidated into your industry or niche helps.

Jon - Fat Stacks

To get the best ad creative, you can give open ended customer surveys where you ask what their favorite thing about your product is and what problems it solves for them. Then you can use the most popular responses in your ad copy and creative to more fully resonate with buyers.

Q: How to create successful ad ideas?
A: Well, successful ad ideas mostly depend on your business and its targeted audience. Let’s consider one example for this; if your business is related to the food restaurant, it is best to target the foodie audience. Now once you reach or find them, here comes an idea part. Offer them some discounts or coupons or something beneficial for them and is forced to visit or place an order from your restaurant. Here, first, don’t think about the profit. Just try to build or get trust from the user. Once you get succeed on it, customers will never forget you.

Q: What are the necessary conditions for an excellent ad creative?
A: The only condition for an excellent ad creative is to understand your targeted audience properly and then create an appealing ad with great content and some offers (whatever is beneficial for the customer) to get maximum clicks from the ad. If you don’t meet with this, then high chances to get fail.

Q: When you get an ad spy tool, how does it directly help you with your ads?
A: Every tool can give you an overview, not the exact data. For example, if the spy tool suggests that 40+ age people are visiting your business more often than the other demographic people, it means you need to optimize your ad more specifically for this audience, but it never means that other demographic people are not interested in your business. They are, but the ratio of those people is low compared to 40+ people. So, every spy tool is necessary to get an overview of how it is going and how you can make it more profitable or optimize it?

Brandon - Double X Digital

Markets don't get saturated, they just get tired of the advertising that common within them. This is especially true when it comes to creatives. Make something that will stop the scroll and be appealing to your target audience.. 
Here are my examples of ads we are running right now to get clients for our own agency. 

Abby Herman - Snap Agency

It’s been a while that spying on your competitors can be a very efficient practice in order to gather inspiration for your next campaign. This is not unique to Facebook wither, as i have several clients that are Etsy shop owners and they use several online tools to check the highest ranking shops within their niche to see what they’re doing to be successful. Yes, material is definitely important and the secret is not just to be visually appealing (great looking templates designed in places like Canva), but they also have to be of great value. You need to show you are solving someone’s problem, making their life (professional or personal) easier with the product you are offering. When spying on competitors, this is the most used approach by them so it just goes to show that it works. And for us, the goal of spying on our competitors is not to copy anyone, that would be very unethical and not effective at all, but to make things better and also make sure we are within the current trends. 

Ian - Rebate Key

My name is Ian Sells. I'm the CEO and Founder of RebateKey. I've learned a lot about creating great ads over the years.

Ad creative is only as good as the strategy and brief. If you want to create ads that are compelling and which result in ROI, you have to understand your audience and have a clear idea of what your message is. If you don't have a good strategy or an understanding of your audience, the creative may not be convincing enough for people to click.

Stanley - Tate Law

I’m Stanley Tate, founder of Tate Law. We are an agency that helps students with their student loan problems. We've helped manage $400 million worth of student loans so far. Ad creatives are a proven and tested means to get the message across, whatever your purpose.

Ad creatives train your mind to understand the product. You can imagine the long process of creating the perfect copy for whatever product. That’s how much work is dedicated into making that ad copy.

Aside from that, ad materials transport you into the product in the most creative ways. Without ad materials, you would only be relegated on the product packaging. And guess what, even the packaging is a product of creativity, too.

Nowadays, ads also test the limits of marketing formats. How many words can one fit into a small banner that may not be visible on mobile phones? The ad team manages to whip out their word magic to make things happen for the product.

Chelsea - Honest Paws

My name is Chelsea Rivera, co-founder of Honest Paws. We’re a CBD company specializing in gentle, organic solutions for pets. Before starting my two businesses, I used to work as a freelance digital marketer. I have some thoughts on the role of creatives in ad work.
Know how to read the room. Advertising is ultimately still a creative pursuit. Yes, we have data to work with, and that may point us towards specific demographics we'd like to target. But the act of communicating with an audience ultimately rests on more intuitive decisions. Establishing a great end-user persona, and communicating with them on respectful, engaging terms is ultimately what sets great marketers apart. That said...
Trust in the data. Of course, we can't exactly make the best calls if our underlying rationale isn't solid. Being able to assess what made previous campaigns work, and what their moving parts are is CRUCIAL for anyone looking to crack that marketing code. Creativity is what puts you a cut above the rest, but data is what brings you within swinging distance.

Nina Krol - Outreach Marketing Manager at Zety

Q: How does the ad creative help advertising better

A:There are several ways to approach advertisement creation. The approach to creating a great ad hinges on your product and the audience you're targeting. Here are some ideas to consider.Innuendo that has a funny element can be a magnificent approach to attracting attention without spelling it out for them. Something humorous that the reader has an AHA! moment when they get the joke is great.Another avenue worth exploring is the addition of music. A jingle can stay stuck in the mind like peanut butter on your teeth. You can taste it hours later, so it’s memorable. Also, pop references that are relevant to your target audience can give your potential customers a cozy feeling that you get them. If you’re selling dentures, a reference to Kim Kardashian won’t exactly make them bite. A fun one: check out street art! If there isn’t much in your local neighborhood, search for it online. There are a lot of exceptional artists who know how to grab people’s attention, make them smile, or even shed a tear. Emotional engagement is always a great hook. Good for ideas!