How to spy on competitors facebook ads 2019

When advertising on facebook, we learn a lot of marketing methods and advertising knowledge. We also check good advertising cases and monitor the facebook ads of competitors. How to spy on competitors facebook ads? What are some easy to use tools?

Facebook ads to understand

As we all know, facebook is a social network where users can send messages and share information with each other. Facebook already has 2 billion monthly active users, which means it has enough people to advertise on facebook.

On facebook, whether a good advertisement can achieve the expected effect or not actually depends on multiple latitudes, such as:

Advertising target selection

Advertising location selection (News feed, advertising right bar, mobile)

Advertising crowd positioning

The advertising bidding model

Advertising copy material

The form of advertising

Data tracking and analysis of advertising effectiveness

Then we analyze the competitors’ advertisements from the above aspects.

How to find the easiest way to know your competitor’s ads:

1. Visit your competitors’ websites regularly

2. Search and click on your competitor’s brand name, link, and even leave a comment on his fanpage often on facebook.

3. Repeat the above two steps a few times, taking advantage of facebook’s powerful recommendation feature, and you’ll find that facebook will display your competitors’ ads in your news feed or right sidebar.

In this way, when using facebook, we can see the basic information such as the display style, display location and material used by competitors’ facebook ads. So is there any tool to help us know more information about competitors’ ads?

What tools can we use to help us spy on competitors ads?

Facebook AD library: a new feature that facebook will launch in 2019.
Function: find the competitors are advertising.

Function: 1. Search and filter function: find the advertisement you want by searching the name of advertisement, and basic filter function.

2,Adspy has one feature: search through reviews. Check for positive or negative feedback through adspy’s comment search.

3.Social platforms supported by adspy include Facebook and Instagram.

Cost: $149 per month

Function: 1. Search and filter function: search/filter by age, gender, relationship, keyword or content on target page.

2.Poweradspy requires a plug-in to be installed for use.

3.Poweradspy includes facebook, instagram, Google and youtube.

Cost: poweradspy costs $49 to $249 per month.

Function:1.Find Successful Campaigns and Filter by Keyword, Advertiser, Publisher and Affiliate Network

2.Facebook advertisements were divided into mobile, desktop, native, push, ecommerce and carriers

3.Find the most suitable advertisement from multiple angles of using equipment and advertising types.

Cost: native facebook ads cost $249 per month
Mobile&desktop &ecommerce needs $199 per month
Push ads and carriers cost $149 a month

Functions: 1. Bigspy has excellent filtering functions, which can screen the country of release, advertising industry, advertising ideas, cta types, e-commerce Objectives, and advertising time.

2.Ranking function of bigspy: bigspy can rank all the advertisements searched. There are five ranking methods: Last Seen, First Seen, Like, Comment and Share. Use the ranking function to find the most successful ads of competitors.

3.Bigspy can track the effectiveness of competitors’ advertising campaigns and download their advertising ideas.
4.In addition to facebook, bigspy can also monitor ads on rival social platforms, such as twitter, AdMob, Pinterest, Instagram and Yahoo.

Cost: bigspy is completely free and can be used online.

In what ways do we use tools to spy on competitors facebook ads?

Below, we will introduce the competitors’ data and tools we need to know:(take the spy tool bigspy for example)

Step 1: determine the advertising channels

Currently, mainstream advertising channels include facebook, twitter, instagram, Google and so on. Each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A free ads spy tool — bigspy, can view all the current mainstream platform advertising information, just need to choose the platform, search keywords can search competitors on the various platforms advertising.

A free ads spy tool -- bigspy

Step 2: check out your competitors’ ads

Bigspy, can help us to check the brand before put into all of the advertisements, in addition to the style of advertising, the advertising creative, document material, etc., we can also see the brand into the ads received after thumb up, comments, and users of the brand were much praise, and how many users pay attention to the brand information, etc.

check out your competitors' ads

Step 3: Advertising time

Every advertising idea has its own life cycle, and people’s focus may change at every time. Advertising marketing should also change with the users.

Bigspy can search for ads in every time period. You can explore more USES of bigspy.

Step 4: advertising title

Headlines serve as a finishing touch in an AD or a quick way to get a user’s attention.

A good title has already finished half of the advertising, in today’s highly information-based society, all kinds of media has become increasingly fierce market competition, information fragmentation, “see article titled“, “5 seconds effect“, a thing can attract users, only need 5 seconds, so, the importance of the title does not need to do more.

The biggest role of bigspy is to extract these important information, so that we can better understand the advertising and marketing methods of competitors and analyze them from multiple angles.

Step 5: advertising pictures, video, etc

Eye-catching advertising pictures and video can make more users pay attention to the advertisement and then click into the advertisement. A good advertising picture video can also help users better understand the advertising content and help users remember the product.

advertising pictures, video

Step 6: advertising copy

The importance of copywriting: initiating communication and manufacturing transformation

The rule of copywriting: build awareness first, in order to stimulate interest, do not exaggerate the value of the user aversion.

Four routines: 4W1H, subversive or curious

Two key points: use Numbers, use words with high recognition

Step 7: cta types

Each AD USES different types of ctas and produces different effects. Here are some common types of ctas:

Ctas should be short and to the point

Highlight the benefits of the product

Use action words to motivate customers to take action

Use negative words

Use passionate words

Ask potential customers questions

Create tension

Using a digital

Use A/B scheme to test the CTA display position in the advertisement

We can see what types of ctas our competitors are using through bigspy.

Finally, the purpose of studying the advertisements of competitors is to enable us to make better advertising ideas, learn from the excellent parts of the competition and improve our own level. This is the biggest significance of bigspy itself, and it is also the driving force for us to keep moving forward.

How to spy on competitors facebook ads?We recommend a tool, bigspy, which is a free facebook ads spy tool. It is a powerful product that helps users to understand the marketing and advertising patterns of competitors from multiple angles, dimensions and levels. It also helps us to produce better advertising ideas.

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