Basic Steps for a Successful Facebook Ad Marketing Campaign

As the leading social media, Facebook has become a significant part of the business field. An increasing number of businesses have created Facebook Page for their companies and started various Facebook advertising. Basically, there are two steps contribute to the success of Facebook Ad Marketing. 

Find out best ads creatives 

According to Facebook statistics in 2019, Facebook has almost 1.66 billion daily active users. A large amount of information has been posted or being posted on Facebook, how to stand out from the mass of information and ads published every day becomes an important issue. Doubtless, choosing the right ads is a key point. 

Like the successful marketing case about Danbury mint, in their Facebook advertising, they chose carousel as main ads form, by showing up to 10 images or 10 videos in a single ad with festive colors. Their ad campaign had been running until Valentine’s Day since January 2018, and finally achieved 5X return on the advertising campaign. 

In fact, there are many spy tools to be helpful. Such as BigSpy, it is a widely mentioned ad spy tool for its huge database of over 167 million ad creatives. Marketers can search out the ads from their competitors, find interesting ads, or simply browse the daily featured ads to catch the advertising trends. It is a worthwhile tool for people to catch inspiration. 

Target the right audience

Additionally, with a massive pool of people visiting Facebook daily, few businesses can ignore the traffic from Facebook. However, to maximize return in limited time, marketers must know the right audience and target only those who are potentially interested in their products. 

There is a typical case about the success of Akulaku marketing campaign. In the collaboration with Nanigans, they decided to target high-value consumers who are considering buying their products, and users who have previously used the company’s apps as advertising audiences. With the right strategy, they finally increased app installations by 50% and doubled the return on advertising costs. 

BigSpy is featured with audience analysis as well. Users can find more details about Facebook ads. With a simple click on the detailed insight, people can find the demographics details about the ads, such as age, gender, and location. By checking the group of audience, it would help marketers determine their target audience for particular products, and contribute to a successful marketing campaign.

In conclusion, to achieve a successful Facebook ads marketing campaign, marketers should attach importance to ad creatives and targeting audiences with ad spy tools or in other ways.