How To Analyze Competitors Facebook Ads?

Doing online marketing and analyzing competitors’ advertising is a very interesting thing. In fact, if we are doing social advertising marketing, we may focus on social platforms such as Facebook, Tiwtter, and Instagram.

Do competitor analysis, and by knowing the knowledge and curiosity that others in your field already know, you can learn a lot about how to improve your marketing strategy and start making significant progress.

Take Facebook ads as an example today, let everyone study how to analyze competitors facebook ads?

1. Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly activities, so how lucky it is to advertise on Facebook. After all, there are so many overseas users who can see it. As a marketer, I am still very proud.

2. Of course, for Facebook advertising, Facebook officially launched a strategy to make advertising transparent, such as: Facebook info and ads, we can see competitors’ ads, and then analyze competitors’ ads.
There is also a Facebook ad library recently launched by Facebook.

How to view competitors’ advertising strategies through the Facebook ad library, you can view another article
What we are talking about here is that we use a Facebook ads spy to spy on competitors’ ads, then analyze competitors’ Facebook ads, and then make corresponding advertising strategies based on their products.

This tool is the Bigspy ads spy tool. Of course, Bigspy can not only spy Facebook ads, but also spy ads such as tiwtter, Instagram, admob and Yahoo. If you have friends who are doing shopping, you can also use bigspy ads spy. Shopify spy, which also helps us analyze competitors’ ads.

So how do you use Bigspy’s Facebook spyware to analyze competitors’ ads?

First, we need to find ads from competitors:

We open the Bigspy official website, go to the Facebook navigation bar, and then select the corresponding country, classification and time-out list according to your product.

On this page, we can see how many people like Facebook ads, likes, and comments. Of course, if you think that one of the advertising ideas is very good, you can directly click on the Facebook page to learn from competitors’ ads.

Then, after we find the competitor’s ads, we can save these pages, and then based on our own products, find the advantages of competitor Facebook advertising, and what type of ads users like, which makes it easier for us to do it quickly. Sell ​​Facebook ads that users like.

Finally, we can even use our successful Facebook ads to target future prospects and visitors. If you want to develop your online marketing strategy with tips that are not known to everyone, then this is the perfect solution for analyzing Facebook marketing.