How to advertise on Facebook?

How to advertise on Facebook? 1 minute to learn about Facebook delivery skills It is understood that Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users, and a huge amount of users behind it is huge traffic. Today, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular native advertising platforms for many advertisers.

Of course, Facebook’s advertising format is very rich, and can be divided into multiple types according to different dimensions. For example, according to the placement, it can be divided into: information flow advertisements, sidebar advertisements.

According to the performance of the advertisement, it can be divided into: video advertisement, full-screen advertisement, carousel advertisement, image advertisement, and boutique column advertisement.

First, today’s BigSpy editor analyzes Facebook’s advertising characteristics in the dimension of advertising performance.

1, Facebook video ads

Facebook video ads
Facebook video ads

Nowadays, the role of a short video in advertising marketing can not be underestimated. The vivid and interesting video creativity invisibly narrows the distance between users and products, allowing users to understand the product form.

The BigSpy author suggests that Facebook video ads can start from the following points:

(1) Video with a short time is more effective than a video for a long time. Most of the best-performing videos are 15-30 seconds. Of course, if your video is particularly interesting, then the duration can be extended to about 2 minutes.

(2) If Facebook’s video is not activated, the default is silent playback, so the video content should not only be streamlined, but also study the content of the first 2-3 seconds to improve the appeal to users.

(3) Recommended aspect ratio: 1.33:1, 4:3, 1.375:1, 1.77:1, 16:9, 1.85:1, 1:1, the video size cannot exceed 4G, and the proportion of text in the video thumbnail cannot be More than 20%.

2, Facebook full-screen advertising

Facebook full screen advertising
Facebook full-screen advertising

Facebook launched an interactive full-screen ad called Canvas. According to Facebook, the full form of Canvas is “Carousel ads”, which allows users to click on and swipe the screen to get more interesting products or brand photos. information.

In the above advertisement, there will be a mini-website around the product. The website includes slides, graphic information, and video, which can realize interaction such as click and slide. Throughout the process, according to Facebook, according to data feedback, the average user stay time is 31 seconds, and the longest is more than 70 seconds. For an advertisement, it is a good length of time. In general, 53% of users watch it. More than half of the content.

You may have questions when you see this. An advertisement brings out a website and it is displayed in a variety of ways. How much does it cost? In fact, the cost of producing full-screen ads is not high. Facebook has built a web interface that can be previewed in real-time. It does not require any code design and does not cost anything. Overall, sellers have more choices when it comes to telling their own product stories, and they have improved their interactivity.

BigSpy Facebook full-screen ads have two suggestions:

(1) The recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels

(2) It is recommended to put the product’s carousel pictures, full-screen pictures, videos, etc., and also do hyperlink processing on the pictures, so that users can easily jump to the homepage of the website or the purchase interface of the products.

3, Facebook panoramic 360-degree video advertising

Compared to traditional video ads, when users watch 360-degree video ads, they can change the viewing angle by dragging and dropping. The cool 360-degree video brings users an immersive experience.

BigSpy’s 360-degree 360-degree video ad for Facebook is recommended as follows:

Compared with traditional video, the biggest feature of panoramic 360-degree video is the display of space panorama. The user experience is immersed in the surround effect of watching no dead ends, and the user converts from traditional passive appreciation to active exploration. Of course, the duration is recommended to be controlled within 15 seconds.

4, Facebook carousel advertising

Sellers can use carousel ads to display 3-5 images or videos in a single ad slot to display products or apps. Although it is not as dynamic as video ads, users can choose to view images by sliding pictures or videos.

What if there are not so many products? That’s fine. Disassemble a product map into several image displays. You can also use the carousel layout to showcase product forms.

If the order in which the images and videos are placed has no effect on you, try uploading 10 images together so that Facebook’s algorithms sort them according to their participation.

BigSpy edits suggestions for Facebook carousel ads:

(1) When users browse Facebook, they receive thousands of messages every day. Successful advertisements must be able to quickly attract their attention. Therefore, the first picture in the carousel is very important. This card must be focused and quickly trigger the curiosity and resonance of the target audience.

(2) With carousel ads, sellers can display multiple products in one ad unit or use a carousel image to tell a story. Show different product perspectives or explain product details to provide users with the information they need.

(3) The aspect ratio of the picture is recommended to be 1:1 or 16:9. If the text content in the image exceeds 20%, the delivery may be reduced or may not be served.

5.Facebook image ads

Facebook image ads
Facebook image ads

Image ads use slightly more text than the above two types of ad text. If a single image wants to be competitive in the face of dynamic video and carousel images, you must work hard on the copy.

BigSpy’s editorial Facebook image ad suggestions are as follows:

(1) The text content of the picture is the same as that of the carousel. It is not repeated here.

(2) The recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels, the picture ratio is 1.9:1, and the text content in the advertisement image must not exceed 20% of the image area.

To learn more about Facebook ad size, please click: Facebook ad specs

(3) Pictures must not describe virtual features, such as the “Play” button that symbolizes the video function, or the “Close” button that cannot be turned off. Don’t add misleading buttons to get a click, so Facebook won’t be reviewed by ads.

6, Facebook boutique column advertising

Facebook boutique column advertising
Facebook boutique column advertising

A boutique bar ad usually displays an image or a video and then displays multiple product images. When a user clicks on a boutique bar ad, Facebook will direct it to a full-screen ad, giving the user full-screen immersive browsing experience. This form of advertising looks like a movie, and level is a moment of improvement, but I remind it that it only works for mobile ads.

Bigspy’s editorial advice for Facebook’s boutique bar is as follows:

(1) The recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels and the aspect ratio is 1.9:1. The recommended video aspect ratio is 16:9 or 1:1, and the High Profile format is preferred.

(2) The boutique bar advertisement is most suitable for e-commerce to display the video and picture material of the product, and has done dynamic product advertisement (DPA), which is especially suitable for sellers with catalogs.

(3) Increased product browsing, and can quickly load product browsing, users do not need to leave Facebook to the app, greatly reducing the user’s browsing threshold.

Second, the basic steps of Facebook advertising

1. Create a Facebook business account instead of a personal account
Creating a Facebook business account for your business and creating a brand page doesn’t mean that individuals can’t create accounts, but an active Facebook brand page is what consumers expect to see.

2. Optimize your company brand information
Please ensure that customers can find information about you on the brand page, such as your website address, contact information, customer reviews, and business hours (if you have a physical store) and so on.

3. Create your advertising account
Facebook brand page creation is optimized, you need to create an advertising account. There will be an ad manager in the account. If you want to manage multiple ad accounts or give others advertising management rights, you’ll need to use a Business Manager account.

4. Find a Facebook ads spy tool to spy your website or product in the same industry.

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