Free Tool Spy On Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads


There have been people who have called for Facebook to disclose personal privacy and provide privacy to the buyers of the ads, just like what ads we usually browse and recommend ads to us on our Facebook page.
As a global social platform, Facebook has created one of the most special free tools our marketers can use: the Facebook ad library.

A bit of history

This idea is not new, and there used to be something similar. That is, there is an “Ads” link on the top left corner of every Facebook page where you can see active ads on that page.

In the process, the link disappeared without any notice, but this time it was replaced by something more useful. That is the Facebook advertising library.

How to use the Facebook ad library? Please refer to the Facebook ad library article:

Then. How does the Facebook library work?

Search by page name
Start typing the page name in the search field and you will start to see possible matches.

Page transparency
You’ll get information about page creation time, name changes, and some basic content about the page owner.

Political or important issue
If the page has any ads in a reasonable area, you will see the total amount spent on it. If the page contains active ads, you’ll also see the cost for the previous week.

So now we can use the Facebook library to spy on your competitors’ Facebook Ads.
So, apart from this approach, are there any other ways to spy Facebook ads?

The answer is yes. Another way is to use the Facebook ad spy tool. The advertising spy tool mentioned here is bigspy ad spy.

Spy On Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

At present, bigspy ads spy is free, so friends who need it, sign up and experience, after all, maybe someday charges, you need to pay to use.

Bigspy Key Features:

You can search Facebook,admob and pinterest for all kinds of advertisements in different platforms ,

It can be different types, different countries of all kinds of advertising Analyze your campaigns

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Including Product Database, and Trending Products

The most important feature is that it’s free

Another feature is that bigspy launched feature ads, which helps us quickly distinguish which ads are better and which ones are worth learning.