How To Get Customers Through Facebook’s New Advertising Rules?

We all know that Facebook launched new advertising transparency this month, which is the Facebook ads library. If you want to know about the advertising library, you can refer to How To See Facebook Ads?

Now that we have mastered the new Facebook policy, there are three ways to help us create potential customers and win new business.

This is good for us to study the prospects of our own industry. I suggest that friends who are marketing should delve into your future customers, that is, everyone who is currently marketing by Facebook.

If they already advertise on Facebook, you don’t have to completely imitate these advertising data.

You only need to analyze how you can do better than their ads.

So where do we need to analyze these advertising data?

Analyze their Facebook ad copy, creatives, landing pages, etc. Of course, you can tell where they can improve. If they are interested, please advise them.

Study your competitors and find out what your competitors are doing?

Check out their Facebook page and their client’s Facebook page.

If they do something wrong, these advertising accounts let you do it, can you do better?

Or are they doing something that you think you should implement more valuable for your customers?

So please study your industry well.

View ads from other companies in your industry and write a white paper that can be used to generate leads.

Talk about the good or bad you see in advertising, and any other trends.

Everything has to see the good side, especially the development of new things, and many marketers hate this new development. There will definitely be some negative factors.

For example, everyone can now easily view and copy ads.

But as digital marketers, we must constantly develop and update our marketing strategies.

Therefore, finding out all the marketing methods that can take advantage of this is very beneficial to our marketers.

For example, now you can easily view and copy competitors’ ads with the free Bigspy Facebook ads spy tool.

In addition to using the Facebook ads library, you can use other tools to win some business.