What are the effective facebook advertising marketing strategies?

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I often hear people say that Facebook’s advertising effect is getting worse and worse, Facebook advertising is already going to death, and Facebook is no longer suitable for advertising. Are these claims true?
Of course not, facebook advertising is still the advertising overlord of social platforms. Facebook’s monthly activity is more than 2 billion, and Facebook has a lot of advertising styles, with six or seven million advertisers, which proves that Facebook’s advertising marketing is still effective. Means, mainly depends on how we operate facebook ads!
Create general steps for advertising, make good content, test the crowd, then start budgeting and get higher clicks. The effectiveness of facebook advertising usually depends on three parts: advertising content, advertising crowd, and click. How to optimize facebook advertising marketing strategy from these three aspects.

facebook advertising marketing strategy

Effective advertising content strategy:

Facebook’s advertising content has a variety of presentation styles, including videos, pictures, Carousel and so on.
Pictures are the most convenient to create, and also the most direct sense of the sense of experience, when doing picture content, pay attention to some tips:
For example: the choice of color. Facebook is best not to use blue and white, because the background color of facebook is blue and white, there will be no visual appeal. Other colors: Green is fresh, natural and vibrant. Yellow is a warm color that makes people happy. Pink is a cute feeling for girls.
The use of characters: According to research, in a picture, if a cheek appears, it is easier to attract the attention of the user, so that the user has a sense of substitution.

Video: Video is the most popular presentation style today, and Facebook is more friendly to video ads. More sponsors also like to use video ads.
When making a facebook advertisement, you need to pay attention to it: the content of the advertisement should not be too long, and it can attract customers, and the duration is about 15 to 30 seconds.
The content of facebook advertising skills: can be a small story, users love to watch a story, the story is always the most attractive. The most popular video of 2018 is a story of souls interpenetrating.
It can also be a fun little animation. The most popular game video in 2019 is a very short animation that is funny and interesting.

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Other more advertising content needs everyone to explore one by one, currently a very hot content spy tool, bigspy. It has more than 100 million pieces of advertising data, you can find the most popular advertising content from bigspy, you can also download these pictures and videos for learning and reference.

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Effectively cover more ad crowd strategies:

Want to cover more effective people:

The first method: test

More test, create multiple test audiences, from the different countries, different hobbies, different ages and other aspects, the same advertising, see the advertising effect, this is the most time-consuming and costly practice, but also The most accurate way of data.

The second method: use reach coverage
The campaign goal Reach, which means that the ad covers as many people as possible, and the ad impressions are spread to as many people as possible.

The third way: use CBO (Celebration Budget Optimization)
The CBO can help reduce the challenge: the overlap of the audience leads to a budget that can’t be spent. This is a problem that is often faced. CBO can alleviate this problem Putting a budget in the campaign, when an ad group has a highly overlapping audience, the budget is assigned to another. Ad groups try to find the lowest CPA opportunity in their respective ad groups, which is a priority.

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Effective high click strategy:

The clickthrough rate is too low:

the clickthrough rate is too low, it may be that the crowd is not positioned correctly, or the advertisement may not attract users. In addition to these two common reasons, there are still possible reasons: the fatigue period of advertising. The fatigue period of the facebook advertisement refers to the phenomenon that the advertisement has been displayed to the target audience many times, the frequency of advertisement display rises, and the click rate of the advertisement decreases.
If you always see the same ad to the target audience, it will make the target user bored.
In the facebook ad manager, one indicator is the frequency of the advertisement. If your number exceeds 3, then your ad is displayed too frequently in the same audience. You can set the frequency limit to 3, or change one. Target audiences, or run new ads, or exclude people who have participated in ads.

The click cost is too high:

the click cost is high, except for accidental replacement of the creative, other methods:
The first option: set a bid limit.
The second method: using the advertising target is ppe (Page Post Engagement), compared to the wc (Website Conversion) bid, ppe’s bid will be much lower. The ppe coverage population is the post-interactive population of post. Ppe vs wc facebook ads, each has its own advantages
The third method: eliminate overlapping audiences, increase bids for precise target groups, and lower prices for low-intention people. Refine your target audience to those brands that are perfectly transformed. Key metrics are improved when content, tone and actual product resonate with the target audience.
The fourth option: using cbo, implementing cbo means that Facebook will automatically search for the best chances of achieving results in the AD group and allocate the AD budget in real time.

Content, audience, and click are the three important indicators of facebook roas. Only when all three parts are completed, can we have more profits. Want to learn more about facebook advertising, use bigspy,a free ads spy tool. Bigspy can help you search for the most popular ad content, in which countries to advertise, what advertising strategy to use, and how many people like them. Help you better grasp the advertising information and grasp the facebook marketing strategy.