PPE vs WC Facebook Ads | Page Post Engagement vs Website Conversion

When placing advertisements on Facebook, we must face a difficult choice. Which one should choose Page Post Engagement or Website Conversion, PPE, or WC? PPE and WC have two different advertising goals! How are they different? Let’s take a look at them one by one.

What is Page Post engagement?

PPE (Page Post engagement): engagement means message writing, thumb up. Share these Social Proof. The target is to find the most interested users who have signed up for thumb up.

PPE requires a large amount of social interaction. PPE advertising aims to interact with the audience and focuses on behaviors within the Facebook platform, such as how many likes, how many comments, and how many shares. PPE ads are designed to identify the most interactive products.

PPE advantages:

First: collect social proof

PPE ads are used to collect social proof, get a thumb up, share and leave messages, and increase users’ trust in products. PPE ads can also be used to test products and find ads with high interaction rates.

Second: cheaper

The CPM is only 0.6-1.8, which is super cheap.

Because the PPE is cheap and suitable for testing products, it is possible to run data relatively cheaply with the PPE until it is determined that the product is viable.

PPE can cover 1,000 times for less than $5, that is to say, the budget of $5 per day can cover 1,000 people. Compared with the CPM of WC that often costs more than 20, PPE can prove the feasibility of the product with lower cost and more data.

The PPE disadvantages:

First of all, cheap means that you can get a lot of users at a very low cost, and notice, cheap also means that these are low-value users, low conversion probability. If the WC has a conversion rate of 1%, the PPE maybe only 0.1%. The quality of the audience covered by PPE is certainly not as targeted as WC ads, and Facebook seeks out those audiences most likely to thumb up, share, or post messages. Of course, we can’t rule out the case that some audiences just need this product and are willing to buy it.

Second, high interaction rate does not equal good sales

This is a disadvantage, high interactive advertising does not necessarily lead to good sales. It may lead to some sales, but understand that sales are not the goal of PPE advertising, and Facebook doesn’t care if you make a sale or not.

Since interactivity is the goal of PPE ads, and Facebook only optimizes ads based on interactive events, sales have little impact on PPE ads. You can understand as: wrong direction, efforts in vain!

Third, don’t be fooled by the sheer volume of play

You might be tempted to hit video ads that have millions of views, and you’re like, wow, is this crazy to make money?

This is not true. For a CPM of around 0.6 PPE, it only costs $600 to reach 1 million people. So really make money or not only in their own mind.

PPE vs WC Facebook Ads | Page Post Engagement vs Website Conversion - BigSpy
PPE,Page Post engagement

What is Website Conversion? What’s characteristic?

WC: it refers to the transformation advertisement, which is targeted at the transformation. The “transformation” mentioned here can be “View Content”, “Add to Cart”, “Purchase”, etc. When you select “View Content”, FB will help you select the users who like to click the advertisement most.

WC ads targeted for conversion (to install Facebook pixels) include the following:

◎View Content: the audience sees the Content of the product page;

◎Add to Cart: the audience sees the content of the product page and adds the product to the Cart.

◎ Purchase: the audience actually produces shopping behavior.

WC advantages:

Generally speaking, when the operation of advertising is relatively stable, WC advertising is recommended, because:

First: the purpose of advertising is always sales

To advertise WC is to tell Facebook that conversion is the goal of my ads, and Facebook will try to find the audience most likely to click on ads to view product pages, add to shopping carts, or make purchases.

Second: more accurate data

WC ads should install Facebook tracking pixels, which will track the behavior of the audience and provide more accurate data for subsequent advertising.

Once AD groups generate some sales, Facebook will know who the buyers are, and as you increase your budget, Facebook will spend more on that audience, and the transformation will get better.

WC’s unique machine optimization from other ads means it can amass previous data and use the data it already has to find more similar users. FB tells us that if you want to enable machine learning on FB, you must accumulate 50 transformations in a week. If your goal is “View Content”, then 50 “View Content”. If it is “ATC”, then 50 “ATC”.

WC disadvantages:

First, the cost of WC is relatively high

Wc’s CPM is generally higher, which is a shortcoming, but it cannot be fully counted as a shortcoming. Because high fees bring high conversion rates.

Don’t stop ads just because your account is expensive to start testing with WC. FB has a machine learning phase that allows Facebook to start automatic optimization at the end of the machine learning phase by completing about 50 optimization events in a time window.

Facebook helps us optimize these events and gather more accurate data to help us create similar and customized audiences. With the operation of advertising, the performance of advertising data will be more stable, the cost will gradually decrease, and the later income will be more.

Second, the success of WC requires the cooperation of products and other aspects

The failure of WC may be due to other problems such as product waiting list. The premise of WC is that we must have good products, good landing pages, and advertisement creation and positioning.

Third, does targeting the Purchase mean that the Purchase will be found?


First of all, it’s much easier to find a user who wants to View Content than it is to find an Add to Cart user than it is to find a Purchase user.

This is why FB optimization is easy to achieve results with View Content as the target. However, it is difficult to take “Purchase” as the optimization target, which requires a high enough budget to accumulate enough data.

PPE vs WC Facebook Ads | Page Post Engagement vs Website Conversion - BigSpy
WC,Website Conversion

Ps: machine learning

With both PPE and WC ads, don’t interrupt Facebook’s machine learning with drastic changes. Otherwise, Facebook will restart the machine learning phase and need to regain about 50 optimization events to achieve more stable AD performance and lower AD costs.

Machine learning considerations: advertising fluctuations in the machine learning phase can be large, and BigSpy recommends not making major changes to the AD group during the machine learning phase of the system, as this could cause the system to restart the machine learning phase without gaining any meaningful information.

Do not operate frequently. Frequent operation of advertisements will interrupt the machine learning of FB. The following operation is a big change, which will interrupt and interfere with the machine learning process.

In addition, machine learning is not a panacea, nor does it mean that it can be successful all the time. If you accumulate enough data, but the advertising performance is not good, you should abandon this audience and change the product or the audience.

Is it better to use PPE or WC for Facebook Ads?

I don’t think everyone agrees on whether to use PPE or WC for Facebook ads.

For me the WC might work better, for you, the PPE might work better, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all argument.

The point is test, test, test… Only by testing can you know what kind of advertisement you are most suitable for. Don’t choose by preference or intuition.

But there are a few tips to help you decide whether to use PPE or WC.

If you don’t know which one to use Facebook ads, you can do this: for a period of time the PPE test, take a look at the product of the interaction effect, using the low price to cover more people, there is a certain data, understand what is your audience, according to the specific data, the use of the WC advertising objectives, then adjust the offer, a more accurate test, expand the crowd, facebook’s advertising benefit will be better.

In addition, if the product is very good and the advertising creativity and copy are also popular with users, WC advertisements can be directly made to watch the content, add to the shopping cart or purchase into the target.

If the conversion is good and the audience likes your product, the cumulative likes, comments, sharing, and other interactive data will generally be good, in which case it seems that PPE advertising is not necessary.

Finally, it is strongly recommended to do more testing. Only through objective data can we determine which advertisement works best.

I often use BigSpy to check ads for different campaign objectives.

PPE vs WC Facebook Ads | Page Post Engagement vs Website Conversion - BigSpy
BigSpy - Spy PPE and WC ads

Also, if you want to know how your AD material is optimized and what kind of marketing campaign objectives your competitors are using for their ads, use BigSpy, the best Facebook ads spy tool.