2024 BigSpy: Guide to Cutting-Edge Ads library Exploration Across Facebook,Google Ads, TikTok!

BigSpy is a powerful SaaS tool designed for advertising creative exploration, aiding users in discovering advertising inspiration and gathering intelligence on ad creatives deployed in the market for various industries. One of its standout features is the Ad Spy FB Ads Library tool, which allows users to retrieve ads categorized accurately and rigorously into three specific industries: gaming, tools, and e-commerce.

Noteworthy is its extensive collection of advertising materials from Facebook, likely attributed to its deep integration with the official FB Ads Library platform. BigSpy's ad material volume and timeliness are robust, offering two advantages over the official platform. Firstly, ad creatives remain searchable on BigSpy even if they experience a decline. Secondly, its search interface and interactive features surpass those of the official website. Additionally, its unique feature of retrieving original post information provides a visual representation of interactive data, serving as a significant highlight for assessing ad performance and original post design.

Today, let's focus on one of its modules: AD PAGES. Initially, the purpose of this module might not be immediately clear. However, after extensive research, we've gained valuable insights that we'd like to share with you.

AD PAGES consolidates thematic data from three channels:

  1. Facebook Channel: Analyzes core data based on social pages, with a focus on the Facebook Ads Library.
  2. Google Channel: Centers around companies featured in the Google Ads Library for core data analysis.
  3. TikTok Channel: Analyzes data based on companies featured in the TikTok Ads Library for core data analysis.

From the above explanation, we can understand its core utility:

  1. Facebook: By integrating the Facebook Ads Library and using FB's official page as the core, it displays information related to the page's interactions, such as likes and ad count. This information is valuable for assessing the advertising operational effectiveness of a Facebook page. Additionally, the details page provides a list of creative information, revealing specific ads being run.
  2. Google: For those familiar with the Google Ads Library, it is known for providing search results based on the advertising companies. BigSpy follows suit by integrating data based on advertising applications, enhancing the tool's functionality.
  3. TikTok: Data retrieval is conducted based on the companies deploying materials. While the native TikTok library may lack landing page information, BigSpy compensates by providing aggregated information based on their database, offering a coarse-grained overview. Despite this, the TikTok channel boasts a rich pool of creative materials.

In conclusion, BigSpy's AD PAGES module serves as a comprehensive tool for analyzing data from various channels, providing users with valuable insights into advertising strategies across Facebook, Google, and TikTok.