How can I use Instagram to promote my business and followers?

Instagram is a global social platform where there are 1 billion active users every month, and Instagram has more than 500 million daily users using Instagram Stories to showcase themselves and view other users.

Developing your own brand on Instagram can improve business, increase followers, discover potential users, and generate benefits. What do you need to do to improve your business and followers on Instagram?

1. Open an Instagram business account

To promote a brand on Instagram, you can first open an Instagram business account, or convert your personal Instagram account to a business account.

We can also view the top Instagram brand through BrandFollowers, and you can always see successful Instagram brands on BrandFollowers, learn branding techniques, and build a brand image that suits you.

2. Profile settings

A special easy-to-remember brand image has a big impact on users discovering your brand. It’s best to use the same avatar on all social media accounts, which helps users better identify your brand.

Your CV is the place where you can click on the link, just under the name and description at the top of your Instagram page. Always include a link to your online store or a target login page in this location.

Describe a simple and clear introduction to your business and highlight the brand’s strengths.

3.Instagram post

Hashtags: Text and images on Instagram can add hashtags, adding a popular tag, more users will find your post.

60% of top brands use the same label for every post because consistency helps to enhance your brand image.

Time: The best time to post on Instagram depends on your industry. Test to find out which time period your users have the most online users. Posting a fixed time is more conducive to contact with followers and helps followers to increase brand memory.

Video: Although Instagram is known for photo sharing, videos on Instagram are more popular, and Instagram users like videos.

In fact, the time spent watching videos on Instagram in 2017 increased by more than 80% year-on-year.

Image: The information that users get through pictures is convenient and memorable. Beautiful pictures are more attractive to users, and Instagram is a social platform that brings this advantage to the extreme.

When promoting a brand on Instagram, it is to show your product with aesthetics, package every detail of the product in your brand, and show these details one by one.

The Instagram format automatically turns the image into a square within a frame of 612 x 612 pixels. When choosing a picture, consider a square, otherwise, you may lose the overall appeal of the photo.

Post at least 2–4 images and one video per day!

Content: The text is not heavy on Instagram, but a guiding language, or a famous saying, will serve as a finishing touch to make your photos more soulful.

4. Increase user participation

The user participation rate of Instagram has surpassed that of other social platforms (facebook and twitter). When Instagram increases user participation, the following methods can be used:

Test multiple theme tags to see which one is right for your product

Promote all products to see which products are most popular with users

Create multiple posts for your most popular products

5.instagram advertising

Each element of the ad should represent you as the company’s identity. The visual effects, the information provided, and textual tone of the ad is important.

In the Instagram ad, pay attention to the following five things:

Target audience: Instagram can accurately target and target audiences by creating custom audiences and Lookalike audiences on Facebook Ads Manager.

Marketing goal: Instagram ads currently have 5 marketing goals, namely drive online sales, promote your app, raise brand awareness, generate leads

Drive online sales: Beanpole Outdoor discovers more potential customers and drives conversions for company websites by placing on Instagram (Video Ads).

Promote your app:OFO brings efficient app downloads through Instagram, enhances branding, gains brand exposure at a lower cost, and gets app downloads and first rides.

Advertising Creative: Instagram ads currently have 5 ad formats, Photo Ad, Video Ad, Carousel Ad, Stories Ad, Collection Ad.

Photo ad: Image ads enable brands to showcase products and services through eye-catching images

Video ad: Instagram users like a short, fun video.

Carousel ad: Carousel ads allow users to swipe through a series of images or videos (such as carousels) using a call-to-action button to connect directly to your website.

Stories ad: Instagram story ads are full-screen ads that appear between user stories

Collection ad: When users see ads for your brand, they can choose to buy products directly from the ads.

Ad serving regions: Instagram ad serving advertising regions include: Asia Paciflc, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin america, North America, North America (Canada)

Business Size: Agency & Partners, Brand, Small Business

Call-to-Action Buttons: Each marketing target corresponds to several different CTA. Joining cta will encourage users to click into the ad.

Ad Spy Tool: We can also use the Instagram ad spy tool to view current Instagram ads. View your competitor’s ads by filtering and searching. Find the most popular ads by sorting.

And find good advertising ideas, download them on BigSpy.

6. Promote the increase of followers

Set up your brand’s Instagram

  • It contains links
  • Write a valid resume 
  • Keep your name and image consistent

Publish content that attracts followers

  • No hot sale
  • Use your creativity to change your product photos
  • Maintain high resolution and visual appeal
  • Including interesting life photos
  • Offer exclusive promotions 
  • Promotion and sharing activities

Increase your Instagram audience

  • Research and contain relevant tags
  • Invite ambassadors to share your brand

Encourage participation to build relationships

  • Write effective captions
  • Hosting an exclusive match for IG followers
  • Respond, yell and post like followers

Measure your growth

  • Use Iconosquare to view valid methods and then repeat
  • Create an optimized release schedule around busy hours
  • Set realistic goals for growth

7. Partner with Influencers on Instagram

Find the product-related Influencers on Instagram, and these Influencers Follow each other and work together to promote the brand.

8. At least 2 times come live in a month

Open a come live on Instagram, better connect with followers, generate interactions, promote products, and let users have a deeper understanding of the brand.

The above 7 commonly used methods can help you better complete Instagram marketing, promote my business and Increase followers.