Spy on Ad Creative & Optimize Your Ad Creatives

We all know that the most commonly used and most effective marketing method in the 2019 propaganda method is advertising marketing. At present, the mainstream advertising marketing promotion platforms are: google, facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest.

Among them, google’s main advertising type is ppc, which displays advertisements through keyword search; facebook and twitter are social media advertisements, and these advertisement types are information flow advertisements.

Regardless of the kind of advertising, if you want to get more traffic, you can’t do without advertising creativity. The advertising creativity is more eye-catching. What kind of advertising ideas do viewers prefer?

Spy on Ad Creative

To make more engaging creative ideas, the first step is to learn and imitate good ideas. A good idea may be a flash of light, but most of the excellent advertising ideas are the works that the marketers have earnestly studied, worked hard to create, and carefully modified, and then presented to the audience and recognized by the audience.

Commonly used tools for spy ad creative are: facebook ads library, bigspy, socialpeta, adbeat.

The facebook ads library is a recently launched tool from Facebook that is free to use, but the facebook ads library only looks at the ads that the sponsor is advertising.

Bigspy is the best free ads spy tool. It can be used to monitor faebook, google, twitter, pinterest, instagram, yahoo, 6 platform ads. There are more than 200 million data inventories, and new ads are updated every day. Bigspy can also download creatives.

Socialpeta is a paid tool that contains more features, basically covering all the current mainstream advertising platforms, and the data is better and more accurate.

Adbeat is an intelligence tool for google advertising, search query for google advertising information on adbeat. Give suggestions for google ads.

Use spy tools to find the ads that are most popular with users, then learn and analyze its creative ideas and learn to imitate. Let’s take bigspy as an example to find the most popular game ads:

bigspy game

The first game ad that users like most: the picture style used, titled “Warriors of Fate: FREE ONLINE”; the remaining three game ads are videos with a length of 15s, and the content of the three ads is copied. Is: “The most addictive game on mobile!”

Every successful advertisement has its own reasons for success. We must be good at discovering the highlights of the advertisement and learning it!

Optimize Your Ad Creatives

A perfect advertising idea is not a one-time process, it needs to be carefully modified, tested and improved. The benefits of creating a good advertising idea are endless. So, don’t be frustrated because the current advertising idea is not perfect, it is a good idea to optimize your advertising ideas.

1. Optimize advertising content based on industry and demographic characteristics

Different types of people like different advertising content, for example: men like cool and handsome things, women like cute and beautiful things.

2. Optimize creatives based on ad placement

The ad location included in Facebook:

Feeds (both mobile and desktop)

Right Column (only supports desktop)

Instant Articles (only mobile, need to be served with dynamic message slots)

In-Stream Videos (only mobile)

Ad placement and marketing goals limit the format of the ad. For example, when the app is installed, you can’t use the Facebook right side ad slot. Full-screen ads can only be served on the Facebook mobile side. But don’t worry about this detail, these restrictions will have clear hints when using official ad management tools.

3. Advertising format

There are multiple ad formats on each platform, and the three most common ad formats are:

Image Ad, single image

Video Ad, single video

Carousel Ad, showing multiple images or multiple videos in a single ad

How do I choose an ad format and location?

The trend for users to use social media is to mobilize and videoize, and if you’re good at making video, give priority to video formats. Secondly, we need to consider reducing the production cost, because the creative (referring to the picture or video + text, etc.) is often required to test, and the PK is the best performing creative in many tests.

In addition, the advertising platform optimization method of the Facebook advertising platform, that is, according to the user characteristics that have achieved the performance of the advertisement (referring to the key actions of the user joining the shopping cart or downloading the app), to find more similar users, with the accumulation of the performance data, the advertisement The delivery will be more and more precise.

Therefore, in order to complete the study as soon as possible, the conditions of the restrictions should be minimized at the outset to produce more conversions. For the position, the personal recommendation is to select the automatic placement of Automatic Placements, and after generating enough conversions, further analyze the performance of each position and remove the unreliable slots.

4. Choose the right campaign objective

The advertising creative conversion effect brought by different campaign objectives is also different. For example: choose Reach as objective, facebook to show ads to more users as much as possible; choose Conversions as objective, facebook will show the ads as much as possible to the transformed people, the advertising crowd is reduced, which may lead to the test of advertising creativity Ineffective.Want to know how to choose the right campaign objectives, you can click on how to choose the right campaign objectives

5. More testing

The optimization of the material of the facebook advertisement is actually found in the test once and for the next optimization, the common test comparison:

a single image ad and a single video ad;

One video ad with another video ad;

a single square video ad compared to the same video ad (portrait);

a video ad with a carousel with two videos;

An ad with a headline and an ad with a different headline;

Ads with an immediate call-to-action and ads with a download-to-action

The test advertising idea that performed well in the first round will continue to be invested in the next round of advertising creative testing, and always find the best advertising creative.

Advertising creativity has an important impact on the effectiveness of advertising. The learning and testing of advertising creativity must be maintained. The optimization of advertising is never ending. Marketing is a process of constantly challenging ourselves.