The Number of Quests in Starfield, Skyrim, and Fallout 4

Undoubtedly, Bethesda has been one of the top developers in the open-world gaming genre. The studio's creation of Skyrim elevated the open-world experience to new heights, making the name Bethesda widely recognized. Following Skyrim, Bethesda developed Fallout 4, which further solidified their immense success. Last year, Bethesda released Starfield, which, despite some controversy, undeniably showcased Bethesda's design philosophy for open-world games.

Recently, dedicated players on Reddit compiled the number of quests in these three games, providing an insightful comparison of Bethesda's works.

Starfield features 19 main quests, with over 200 side quests in the game.

The base version of Fallout 4 boasts 191 quests.

Skyrim offers 273 quests.

Although Starfield has not yet reached the heights of Skyrim and Fallout 4, this quest chart effectively illustrates Bethesda's commitment to adding vast amounts of content to each game.