Game Developer’s Guide to the Chinese Market – PART4 – Summary

This article is jointly published by the The Polish Institute in Beijing and Indie Games Foundation Poland. This is the third part.

Many Polish game developers still consider the Chinese gaming market distant and exotic, however, being the largest gaming market in the world, it offers a wide range of opportunities. Just like every other regional market, the Chinese gaming market, too, possesses its own unique features, and takes time and energy to master.

Successful endeavors of many Polish gamedev companies and the huge popularity of games such as Cyberpunk 2077, Frostpunk, Ruiner, or Starforce, are proof that there is a place for Polish games on the Chinese market. However, success requires a large dose of patience and great caution on the part of Polish companies, and above all a conscious and sensible approach to the subject.

Before taking a full leap, companies should first familiarize themselves with unique features of the market and properly assess their own products, to make sure they make the best of their opportunities and minimalize their risks.

They should also bear in mind their endeavors are supported by a network of institutions, including the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Polish Institute in Beijing, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Centre for the Development of Creative Industries and the Indie Games Poland Foundation, that do their best to provide them with the chances they need to start their expansion to the Chinese market.


About the Author

Damian Jaskowski is a Chinese gaming market expert working as Expert PR Manager for East Asia at 11 bit studios and Chinese Market Coordinator at the Indie Games Poland Foundation.

Damian began his research of the Chinese gaming market in 2016, when he joined the Polish Institute in Beijing.Acting as the Institute's Creative Industry Expert, Damian established relations with numerous representatives of the Chinese gamedev community.

Thanks to his insight and expertise in the Chinese gaming market and gamedev industry, Damian was tasked with writing the first version of the Chinese Game Market Report, issued by the Polish Institute in cooperation with the Indie Games Poland Foundation in 2018. The report became an invaluable and reliable source of information on the Chinese market for many Polish companies.

Since both the Polish and Chinese gamedev industries and gaming markets have gone through significant changes over the course of the past five years, Damian was again tasked with compiling an updated version of the report to give Polish institutions and game developers an even better understanding of the recent developments on the Chinese market, and better prepare them for the journey across the Great Wall they're about to embark on.