Can the gaming industry catch up with the trend of AI and take off again

On February 16, 2024, Open AI released the text to video model SORA, which immediately attracted widespread coverage from global technology media and sparked an unprecedented wave in the content creator community. The launch of this technology seems to have exceeded the expectations of many Vloggers, as simple keyword prompts can generate 60 second continuous videos, reigniting concerns about "artificial intelligence replacing humans".

However, the application of this technology is not limited to the film and television industry, and has even expanded to the gaming industry, sparking many controversies. Recently, there have been reports that Valve has relaxed its control over AI generated content, and there are also reports that Level-5 (the producer of Monster Watch) has introduced AI content generation technology in the game development process. This brings a practical problem to the gaming industry:

Will the gaming industry usher in an artificial intelligence revolution?

Although the basic principle of SORA is to understand the laws of the real world through learning sample videos, it still cannot simulate the physical laws of the real world in detail, and there is still a considerable gap from complete simulation. Therefore, although SORA can generate images without clear data labels, this dynamic image with a distinct "AI flavor" may be difficult to apply to professional fields (including but not limited to education, training, and advertising) and achieve its expected benefits, except for enthusiasts who pursue curiosity gimmicks.

The current content generation AI is facing the dilemma of "heavy rain and small details" in most application fields, not only in graphics and video, but also in game development.

Although some artificial intelligence content generation technologies have brought tremendous productivity to the gaming industry, such as the Omniverse Avatar cloud engine launched by Nvidia and Convai in 2023, known as the "one-stop game NPC creation" AI tool. But with the demonstration and release of the technology at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, all expected media and audiences were disappointed.

In summary, this wave of AI creative content is similar to a series of new breakthroughs in internet celebrity technology in recent years, and eye-catching promotional videos are also copied, claiming to "reshape the industry" and "change the world". Before deciding to invest all potential into blockchain, metaverse, AI generated content, etc., we should take a step back and re-examine the entire project's possibilities from a global perspective.