adspy, fb ad library, bigspy, audience, meta, facebookNew Features in BigSpy – ADSpy Audience Analysis

New Features in BigSpy – ADSpy Audience Analysis

BigSpy has introduced new features with audience analysis filters, supporting the gaming, tools, and e-commerce industries.

The platform offers audience filtering based on gender and age groups, showcasing a remarkably detailed granularity of filtering options and comprehensive coverage across various age groups. Once users select the audience conditions of interest, the platform displays ad creatives that meet the specified criteria.

Users can access specific audience data and distribution statistics in the details of the ad creatives. This includes audience coverage, graphical statistics, and audience details based on geographical regions.

It's worth noting that while Facebook's AD Library has added audience analysis data for the European Union region, BigSpy's audience information is sourced from it with even more refined statistics. This results in display outcomes that are not only based on genuine data but also presented in a user-friendly interface with rich information.

Therefore, this module not only provides authentic and objective information for users assessing and judging the effectiveness of ad placements but also enhances the readability of the results.