Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament: Awkward Misunderstanding

Recently, a Japanese player of the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card game shared his experience participating in a certain competition on Twitter. The player stated that during the competition, he encountered a female novice player who told him, "This is my first time participating in a Yu-Gi-Oh! event, and I'm worried that my deck isn't strong enough." Unfortunately, the female novice player left midway through the event.

The player expressed that "Yu-Gi-Oh!" can indeed be challenging for newcomers, and he hoped that male players would be gentler towards female players during competitions. "If my opponent is male, regardless of his skill level, I will defeat him easily. But if my opponent is female, I will treat her very gently."

The tweet went viral on Japanese social media and was eventually seen by the female player mentioned in the story. However, the girl revealed that she left midway not because she was upset about losing, but because the venue had an unbearable smell.

The girl said, "I saw this message because it went viral, and I checked if it might be about me from the context. But I left midway because I couldn't stand the smell at the venue. It was really bad, and it had nothing to do with losing."

It is worth mentioning that in 2019, Konami issued new competition guidelines stipulating that participants must maintain hygiene at official competitions to prevent any disruption to the proceedings.