Where is the new trend or outlet for advertising?

Asia has the largest number of Internet users in the world, and the average time spent by Internet users aged 16 to 24 on the Internet is 7 to 9 hours per day.In other words, apart from sleeping, Asian Internet users spend more than half of their time online in a day, so the Asian market is a major battleground for future advertising.This is a major opportunity for advertisers who want to explore the marketing path in the Asian market.

In fact, through various social media, brands have multiple channels to reach consumers, allowing customers to learn about the brand, discover new products, browse other users' comments, and even directly contact the company.However, the Asian market includes many different countries, different languages, and different market habits, and different social media also have different gameplay. It can be said that the entire Asian market is rapidly changing, so it is crucial to grasp the latest trends in media.

Next, BigSpy will lead you to understand the latest media trends, helping advertisers to stand on the cusp of opportunities and ride the waves.

1. TikTok market continues to grow

TikTok is sweeping Asia unstoppably and has become the most downloaded mobile app in Southeast Asia in September 2022. In October of the same year, TikTok's global daily active users exceeded 1 billion!Whether in the B2B or B2C field, TikTok comes with its own traffic, providing advertisers with a wide audience.TikTok has an algorithm function that ensures that advertising content is maximally displayed to target users, which can assist advertisers in attracting more potential customers with a combination of high-quality content, intelligent algorithms, and a wide audience.

In the above chart, it is obvious that TikTok's conversion volume is over 10,000 per week, and the industry distribution is mainly in application software, games, and merchandise. There are also some popular keywords that can better retrieve high-quality content.In specific content, it can also be seen that some interactive information (likes, comments, sharing, etc.) can allow you to better analyze it, and of course, you can also enter the landing page to view it.

2. Social media e-commerce is the future trend

On Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, WeChat Mini Program, and Grab, we can see brand product advertising images, and clicking on these images can directly jump to the merchant's purchase page, seamlessly switching from social entertainment to online shopping.This emerging shopping method is called S-commerce, or social media e-commerce.S-commerce successfully simplifies the shopping process for customers from planting grass to consumption, allowing for intuitive growth in marketing effectiveness.However, it is important to note that different social media platforms have different market potential, and brands need to choose the right social media platform.For example, if the brand's target audience is Generation Z, then choosing an Instagram store will not be wrong.However, if the brand's target audience is more diverse, it may be a more secure approach to start with a Facebook store.If you don't know how to find the right one for yourself, you can search in the vast, which includes various channels, website types, and various product selection analysis tools.

3. Digital audio and video become a new trend

Digital audio is expected to become a new trend driving development in Asia.Currently, music and short video software are developing rapidly. Short videos (tiktok) gather many influential internet celebrities and experts in different fields, as well as daily life experts to share their knowledge and experience. Music platforms have abundant high-quality music resources.These high-quality streaming platforms can attract a large number of loyal users.For example, Spotify has 515 million monthly active users, of which 210 million are paid users;Amazon Music also has more than 200 million paid members;and YouTube Music, as an important distribution channel for new song MVs, has doubled its subscriber base in recent years.

4. Internet celebrity marketing may become a strategic market focus

Internet celebrity marketing can effectively reach specific audiences, mainly through resonance and empathy to establish deeper connections with target audiences.In countries such as Singapore, internet celebrity marketing has achieved remarkable results in the fields of food, beauty, fitness and health.In Southeast Asia, e-commerce giants such as Tokopedia and Zalora have also integrated internet celebrity marketing into their marketing activities.According to study, the internet celebrity marketing platform market in the Asia-Pacific region will grow by more than 30% between 2019 and 2025.Internet celebrity marketing is one of the most important marketing tools in Asia now and in the future.

5. User experience content is a strong breakthrough for brand building

Compared to brand "self-promotion", consumers clearly trust the real usage experience and feedback of other consumers, which is also known as User Generated Content (UGC).Brands want to create UGC by providing incentives to encourage users to produce brand-related content, or promoting official hashtags and creating interesting activities to encourage customers to participate and share their experiences.User-generated content is an effective way for brands to establish credibility and increase conversion rates.User experience content plays a very important role in brand building and can be a powerful breakthrough.By providing quality user experience content, brands can establish a good reputation, attract more users and continue to improve user loyalty, thus achieving long-term brand development.At the same time, user experience content can also help brands differentiate themselves from competitors, create a unique brand image, make a deep impression on users, and create long-term partnerships with them.

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