How To Login To My Existing Shopify Store?

【Shopify】I have been created a Shopify store, how do I login to it?

Someone asked why every time I login to Shopify, all the previous settings are gone? Or every time it opens, it’s a new store. Why is that? This article will explain it to you in detail.

Q1: Why do all the previous settings disappear after logging into Shopify, and a new online store appears after opening it?

When we login to Shopify, if we click Sign up now or Start free trial, a new store will be created at this time, which will cause all our previous settings to be lost, and it will be a new store every time it is opened.

shopify free trial

Q2: How to login to shopify correctly?

  1. Open the browser and enter in the address bar.
  2. Click Login in the upper right corner and log in with the account you registered last time.
  3. If the current browser has logged into Shopify, and the browser has saved the login account information, after opening it, it will be the interface after login, just select your store to access it.
  4. If the current browser has not logged into Shopify, or the browser does not save the login account information. At Email, enter the email address of the Shopify account information you created previously. Or if your previous store was logged in through the following methods, you can also directly select the corresponding login method. Here we take email login as an example
shopify login

Q3: How to find a registered store and login shopify correctly?

  1. Whether you log in with an account and password, or log in through a third party (Google login, Apple login), you need to keep the last method of logging in to Shopify.
  2. If you have multiple stores, you can click on the avatar in the upper right corner and click Stores to select a store.
  3. To facilitate opening it next time you log in, you can save the browser’s bookmarks.

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